Connexions Cares

We want to serve!

We want to serve our community in practical ways to share the love of Christ. God designed us with various passions and talents.

We can use these to impact lives in our community by doing various things to allow people to experience Jesus in what we do for them. We believe actions speak louder than words.

 Your willingness and participation can help transform people’s lives. The project possibilities are open for growth and development. We are here to facilitate a connection between you and our community. We love people because Jesus loves people. We are here to change lives, one at a time.

If you would like to get involved in any of our projects, please contact us:

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Our Current Campaigns Include:

Remember Campaign

Our Ongoing Projects Include:

Orange Revolution

This team get their hands and feet dirty by doing outdoor projects in the community. We clean up and do maintenance around Homestead Lake once every 3 months. There is no experience required and this is open to everybody.


Underprivileged teenage girls can miss up to 1 week of school per month (3 months a year) due to their monthly cycle. We provide toiletry packs to 1 local High School, to encourage these teenagers to attend school with their dignity and hygiene intact. Shopping, packing packs, and delivery occur once a month.


Many service delivery employees feel over worked and under paid. We feel that they need some spoiling and encouragement. We will be visiting one service station each month, to deliver a treat, build relationship with the staff and support them with friendship, prayer and love.

Baby Love

This project links up with a community project, Tambo Memorial Baby Packs. We make, collect and buy toiletries, clothes, blankets etc for babies born in under- privileged circumstances. The new mom will receive a fully stocked starter pack in the hospital so that her baby can start his/her little life with dignity and love.


This project provides sandwiches to two local Primary schools, to feed children in need within the school environment every day. Our team assists by providing the bread, jam, peanut butter and margarine, making the sandwiches and delivering them to the schools daily.

Hunger Solutions

This project is aimed at feeding hungry people in our community. We distribute Rise Against Hunger Rice-Soy fortified meals, cooked or uncooked. Each packet of food can feed 4-6 people and is a well-balanced, nutritious meal, for only R18. The meals are bought from a non-profit organisation in Johannesburg. You can be part of this project by donating money for us to buy meals, distributing meal packs or cooking the meals and distributing them.

We also run a soup and bread distribution point in Government Village. We aim to feed as many people as possible every Thursday with the soup and bread donations. We trust that other companies or individuals will add on to these donations to enable us to add on more feeding days and increase the base that we can supply meals too.

Books for Africa

We collect books, stationery, teaching aids and anything else that can assist with promoting and assisting education and support of rural learners in Zambia. The needs range from preschool to Gr12 learners, even adults with a lack of education and understanding of basic reading, writing and other educational skills. We endeavour to equip them with the tools required to practice their educational skills. These learners do not have access to the items we are collecting and are stunted in their educational growth. Most of them have never even seen a library. All donations can be dropped off at Connexions Church and will be distributed by the project leader and other volunteers. We welcome new and used books, stationery and educational aids as long as they are in a good condition.

Tops and tags

We are collecting plastic bottle tops and bread tags to change lives forever Instead of throwing away tops and tags, collect them, bring it to Connexions Church and place them in the Connexions Cares donation bin situated in the foyer. There is no limit to this project. The more tops and tags we can collect, the more people in need of a wheelchair, who cannot afford one, will get an opportunity to be mobile. It takes 480kg of tops and tags to donate 1 wheelchair.

This is an easy way to recycle and change lives! Don’t throw it away, throw it our way!

Our Past Campaigns Include:

Tops and tags

We collected plastic bottle tops and bread tags to change lives forever. Instead of throwing away tops and tags, we collected them, brought it to Connexions Church and placed them in the Connexions Cares donation bin situated in the foyer.

There is no limit to this project. The more tops and tags we can collect, the more people in need of a wheelchair, who cannot afford one, will get an opportunity to be mobile.

This is an easy way to recycle and change lives! Don’t throw it away, throw it our way!

Seeds for Life


We collected vegetable seeds to enable the Lesotho Project to teach the local people how to grow their own vegetables, harvest and continue the cycle to have a self-sustainable project that will serve each household and those in need. The price of seeds is too expensive for many people. This is why they cannot plant their gardens which is very often their only source of food and income.


We collected Bibles and money to buy Sesotho Bibles for the local Lesotho people who show the desire to have their own Bible to feed themselves and their families with the Word of God. This is a very valuable asset to them but a very scarce and expensive one.

Senior Citizen Campaign 2020

We collected and distributed non-perishable food, toiletries and cleaning material for 2 old age home facilities in Benoni.

192 units received what they desperately needed during the lockdown period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each facility has trusted caretakers that made sure all goods were fairly shared amongst the residents and that they received what they needed the most.

Winter Warmers

Feeducate and Isithunzi received stock to fill up their pantries and delivery packs. Each child in our 3 project beneficiary schools received a packet of instant soup. We collected over and above the amount of cappuccino sachets required and were able to give the staff members of 5 schools something warm to drink.

Project Leaders:

Nadia Smith

Campaign Impact:

2649 school students
310 school staff
1 community member
4000 Feeducate lunches
60 Isithunzi packs

Core Objectives:

Collecting items to support the Feeducate and Isithunzi projects, and also to spoil each child and staff member in the 3 beneficiary schools.

Date Of Inception:

Feb-Apr 2019

Project: Love Life

Project Leaders:

Nadia Smith

Core Objectives:

Collecting baby items for 3 local organisations

Date Of Inception:

July-Sept 2019