Connect Groups

Our Connect Group model is designed to help you make new friends, building lifelong relationships with like-minded people. Our Connect Groups are hosted in homes all around the city. We gather together to discuss the Word, encourage each other and pray together in a fun and social environment.

Connect Groups run in four terms per year. Each term is a commitment of 10 weeks. Registration happens at the beginning of each term.

Three Types of Connect Groups

Application Groups

Sharing the practicality of applying God’s word to our lives.


Breakthrough Groups

Specific focus on what God says about different situations we all face in life.

Interest Groups

Connecting with people who share and engage in similar interests.

Our Application Groups


We meet every Tuesday at 10am.
All senior ladies are welcome.

Emir & Carolise

We meet every alternative Friday at 6pm.
Everyone is welcome.

Frikkie & Patricia

We are a young adults group.
We meet every alternative Friday night.
All young adults are welcome.


We meet every Wednesday at 10am.
All senior ladies are welcome.


We are a Bible study group.
We meet every Wednesday at 7pm.
Everyone is welcome


We are a Youth group.
We meet every Friday at 6:30pm.
Grade 8 – 12 are welcome.


We are new believers group.
We meet every alternative Friday at 6pm.
All new believers are welcome.

Our Interest Groups


We are a Zumba group.
We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm.
All ladies are welcome.