500 jeffery brass

This and the dimensional correspondence of measured original Schüler specimens to the RWS drawing shows this to have been a copy of the original G C Dornheim drawing, which has disappeared. 0000060330 00000 n 0000001238 00000 n Above are scans from the KYNAMCO booklet. This also indicates independent design by Jeffery and Schuler and intentional differences in the Jeffery cartridge. The same drawing also illustrates the hybrid profile proposed by Romey in 1997. There is no doubt that the latter is a .500 Schüler, manufactured by G C Dornheirn of Suhl (Gecado), and loaded with 118gr Smokeless NC Flake powder. Reloader 15 is not that slow, and 110-grains fills Jamison and Horneber .500 Jeffery brass to just below the base of the neck. Due to this popularity Kynoch are reproducing the ammunition to the specification and original dimensions of their predecessors, and are now making a further 10,000 rounds of ammunition to satisfy the market. 0000038610 00000 n | Mon - Fri | 8am to 5pm CST. All Rights Reserved. It would in many ways be preferable, to demonstrate conclusively the differences and to clarify the many misconceptions about these calibres, if both the Jeffery and the Schuler cartridges were to be adopted into TDCCs under their correct designations and with definitively accurate dimensions from the original respective manufacturer's drawings. Please click HERE for more information. 0000002879 00000 n 0000002036 00000 n Brands include Hornady, Lapua, Nosler, Remington, Silver State Armory, Nammo, Prvi Partizan, Winchester and mixed range fired.. trailer << /Size 31 /Info 7 0 R /Root 10 0 R /Prev 76978 /ID[<4f1f700322b5862e2f2497361a36ca31>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 10 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 6 0 R /Metadata 8 0 R /PageLabels 5 0 R >> endobj 29 0 obj << /S 48 /L 109 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 30 0 R >> stream 0000001065 00000 n There has long been argument over the origins of the .500 Jeffery cartridge and in particular whether it was designed by Jeffery, or adopted by him from the 12.7 x 70 Schüler, or whether Schüler adopted Jeffery's design. From www.realguns.com it states: "The 500 Jeffery made its original appearance in the mid 1920's as the August Schüler Company's 12,7 x 70mm Schuler. 0000001433 00000 n There has been an enormous amount of mis-information regarding this cartridge. H�b```�lV�\A ���ݯ �30�3�3. So there will not be a problem with the ammunition not fitting rifles in the current marketplace, and there will be no need to recall or alter any rifles, although some owners may like their gunsmith to check this for them. RWS and Dornheim had a working collaboration from the late 1920s until Dornheim was wholly absorbed by RWS prior to WWII, which would explain the existence of the RWS drawing, showing the intent to continue the manufacture of the Schltiler cartridge by RWS, which was undoubtedly thwarted by the war, since no specimens with the RWS headstamp are known. 0000057437 00000 n Reloading Brass. Proudly serving our customers for over 40 years, Midsouth Shooters can supply you with your pistol and rifle ammunition, as well as all of your shooting and reloading supplies. The differences in the shoulder position and shoulder angle are significant, and are highlighted in Kynamco Drawing K98/06. 0000038815 00000 n All shown at 200% scale below. The difference in the cartridges was brought about by the different rifle and loading systems adopted by Jeffery and Schüler. Jeffery picked up the cartridge, but because the Great War had ended just over a year prior and the Germans weren’t exactly revered in Great Britain, they added the Jeffery name to it. Non—CIP signator countries, e g USA and South Africa are making rifles to the original Jeffery dimensions and have to date taken over 5,000 rounds of ammunition and have ordered a further 10,000 rounds for delivery end 1998. 0000012164 00000 n .500 Jeffery Nitro Express.375 2 1 / 2" Nitro express.500 Nitro Express 3".375 H&H Flanged .500 3" Nitro for Black.375 H&H Belted Magnum .500 3 1 / 4" Nitro for Black.400/375 Belted Nitro Express .505 Gibbs.400 Purdey.577 3" Nitro Express.450/400 Magnum Nitro Express.577 2 3 / 4" Soft Nose.450/400 3 1 / 4" Nitro for Black.577 3" Nitro for Black %PDF-1.3 %���� 9 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 11 /H [ 875 210 ] /L 77284 /E 74261 /N 2 /T 76987 >> endobj xref 9 22 0000000016 00000 n Hand stamped case by Murray McNichol The following is from a booklet by KYNAMCO in 1998 regarding the 500 Jeffery cartridge. (2) Fleming, W. "British Sporting Rifle Cartridges", Armory Publications, Oceanside CA, ISBN 0—939683-11-3, 1993. Only about 200 of these were made. Kynamco Drawing K98/06 gives a detailed overlaid comparison of the shoulder profiles of the .500 Jeffery, from the Kynoch drawing, and the 12.7 x 70 Schuler shoulder is 0.8 mm larger in diameter than the Jeffery case at the mid-point of the Jeffery neck cone. For DJ (Casey) Lewis, on PMP brass. It is however an unnecessary further complication to an already complex problem. The historical background and technical considerations with these notes answer these questions. 0000001814 00000 n | By Pixelstack. 0000000785 00000 n OF .500 JEFFERY CARTRIDGE FOR INSERTION IN TDCC'S. Through extensive negotiations, VA Silent Arsenal acquired Bertram Brass USA to fulfill current market needs and to bridge some gaps. It relied on the extractor springing over the bullet head and a recess was cut into the chamber face to accept this. Make the ammo you want with Rifle Brass from Hornady, Berger, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, and more for sale at Midsouth Chamber reamers and head space gauges to the original Kynoch/Jeffery specifications are available from Arthur Smith, Arms Restoration Services Tel/Fax 01206 272354. Midsouth Shooters knows it all starts with the right Rifle Brass. The lore of the calibre has spanned 60 years and is again enjoying a resurgence of popularity. The shooting public do not want a 12.7 x 70 Schüler or a hybrid wildcat - they want a .500 Jeffery, to the original dimensional and ballistic specifications. It can be seen that this is much closer to the Schüler than the Jeffery profile, and it is also known that cartridges using this profile give the same hard chambering problems as the Schüler case profile. *The CIP maximum COAL is 3.468” for this cartridge. This explains the existence of the Kynoch drawing as a loading drawing for the case giving final external dimensions, and a detailed manufacturing drawing of the bullet, which would have been of Kynoch manufacture; German solid bullets of the era were very thin jacketed and would not have been acceptable to Jeffery or their customers. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories. Delayed Shipping - Order Editing - Local Pick-ups – Backorders. We applaud the previous owners for their hard work and look forward to offering great products and service. For Email Specials, Giveaways, Newsletters, and More, Enter your email address here! 0000003368 00000 n 0000005424 00000 n angle was reduced to assist its entry into the chamber. 0000002918 00000 n We will be happy to answer any of your questions and ensure that you have the right supplies and equipment for a day at the range or in the field. Site designed by Thrive Creative Group, LLC. Cordite, due to its stranded form, was invariably loaded into un—necked cases, over-wadded with a glaze board disc of case body inside diameter to retain the strands at the base of the case and the case was then finally necked over the wad for bulleting. Buy 500 jefferey Rifle Brass for Reloading at Midsouth Prices. 0000002586 00000 n I have scanned the cartridges in question in detail for comparison. Shipping Delay - Currently 7 - 10 business days delayed. The first documented reference to the Schuler cartridge is recorded(1) as a letter of 18.11.28 offering it to a customer on New York. 0000060114 00000 n With its submission to CIP it will allow owners of both original and new rifles to be confident the ammunition made for this calibre will fit and serve the user as well as the original Jeffery cartridge. Reloading Supplies, Shooting Supplies, Reloading Tools. 0000001085 00000 n CASE FOR CIP ADOPTION OF KYNOCH DRAWING BK82/132, All Rights Reserved. Drawings of cartridge and chamber will be sent to all the major reamer manufacturers. 1-800-272-3000 I load for a friend, and in his 24-inch barreled rifle Woodleigh softs backed by 111-grains of RL-15 average 2316 fps and Woodleigh solids backed by 108-grains of RL-15 average 2303 fps as measured 15-feet from the muzzle. The following is from a booklet by KYNAMCO in 1998 regarding the 500 Jeffery cartridge. No examples are known with a K or KYNOCH headstamp, the only headstamps known (from the pre-WWII era) being an enigmatic ".500" and "x Schuler 500 x GECADO". This dual use of the basic case probably explains the lack of any complete calibre designation (such as ".500 Schüler" or ".500 Jeffery") in the headstamp; both firms promoted their respective versions as a ".500" – Schüler did not use the metric designation in his promotion of the calibre, this appear to have been adopted by RWS in the early 1940s. The fundamental difference between the two weapon systems has been forgotten by modern gunmakers and the subtle difference between the cartridges were brought about by the different systems. 0000012086 00000 n August 21, 1928, AS DEFINITIVE DIMENSIONAL SPECIFICATION Powder Valley is your Reloading Superstore.. We are the largest provider of all brands of reloading brass because we offer great service and wholesale prices. From a commercial point of view the 500 Jeffery cartridge to the correct original Kynoch English dimensions will fit the few original Schüler rifles, the original Jeffery rifles and the varying non-standard size chambers found in a few modern rifles made in the last 7 to 8 years. (1) Techel, H. "Die Btichsenmacherfamilie Schuler in Suhl" Patronensammler-Vereinigung e.V., Sonderdruck Mitteilungblatt 1990

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