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Another area where it differs from the SD-1 is the addition of a dual-stage overdrive circuit which pushes harder than most pedals. Try it out and see why pro-level guitarists love it. Next to the gain, tone, and volume controls you also have an HP/LP switch. If you’re already familiar with overdrive pedals and you want something that offers far more control over your sound than smaller pedals offer, then the Fender Santa Ana Overdrive Pedal is ideal. The result is a unique pedal with two independent gain circuits that you can use independently or in unison. You’ve got volume, drive, and tone along with some toggle switches. You should also definitely check out audio demos for each pedal to help you make an informed decision. The Electro-Harmonix Crayon Full-Range Overdrive (76) is a full range overdrive that busts out a really rich tone that adds so much more to your sound. If you’re playing a valve amp it’ll push the tubes into that sweet spot and give you an “overdriven” sound. Pro tip: crank your amp hard and then kick this thing in for all out chaos! NB: When we use the word “saturated” we mean when your tubes are being driven to the point of break up. It’s by far one of the best overdrive pedals as each circuit is completely unique, effectively providing you with two pedals in one. If you like your sound a little more on the darker spectrum but want to switch to a brighter sound at a moment’s notice, you’ll love the Bright switch, which instantly adds an injection of high-end to your sound and helps cut through the mix. Many guitarists have made demos of this pedal, but if you want to hear how it sounds in a song you should check out this video made by Pete Thorn, who has toured with artists such as Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, and many more. This is basically the sound of your amp but with better response and a grittier drive! But for now, check out the full range of overdrive pedals over at PMT online today or call in to your local PMT store to try out a bunch for yourself. This slim pedal, which is no bigger than a chocolate bar, fits easily on your board and provides you with 2 different overdrive sounds. This is one of the best overdrive pedals for pro-level players and tone purists. You can add everything from a subtle boost to all out saturation depending on what you need. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. It might not sound as distorted as something like a Marshall in-a-box, but because of that it does provide you with a nice amount of punch, making it great for double-tracking to achieve a punchy wall of sound.

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