barnes bullets expansion velocity

Mag. Assuming a bullet leaves the muzzle at a given velocity, the answer is air resistance, which has more effect on larger caliber bullets. I’ve had great luck with Fusion bullets in 223 Rem. The second thing I asked was how “far” is fast?” Muzzle velocity is one thing, but we all know bullet velocity is a lot like us. The fact is one of the most significant aspects of ethical hunting is the ability for a hunter to achieve proper shot placement. He drove us all to a shooting range with solid benches for zeroing. — or any other high velocity cartridge — really spit bullets too fast for their own good? He returned later to buy more mom with 25 gr.HP. I say yes! Why You Should Support Ron Spomer Outdoors. What causes a bullet to drop? . Mag. It has a specific BC associated with that mass. Secondly modern bullets like the Barnes expand even better at higher velocities. Regarding bullet velocity, a fast bullet means less drop at the target. A Berger Hunting VLD does not dump its energy into the ground or tree on the other side of the animal. Barnes does state under each chart that “Berger bullets typically produce better accuracy when shot in a throat designed for VLD style bullets.” This indicates that even Barnes knows that their results are very unusual although we are not sure what they mean by “throat designed for VLD style bullets.” There are no throat designs made specifically for the VLD that I am aware of in any hunting or competition rifles that have proven to be more successful than typical throat configurations. It’s pretty obvious which will flatten the bullet more. You can clearly see from Barnes’ images of their bone in ballistic gelatin that the Berger Hunting VLD penetrates through bone and then fragments into the area of the animal’s vital organs. But the rifle wasn’t the problem. For this article I was able to use Bryan’s G1 BCs for all the bullets listed except for the Barnes 7mm 150 gr TTSX. Makes for a long track. This may not be an accurate comparison to bullets striking game, but it sounds right to me. The problem is, the exact opposite is actually the case. You might think the lead-core variety mushrooms more quickly than a solid-copper one, but it's not the case. So I must ask the question, based entirely on what Barnes’ report suggests, who is being unethical and careless? Barnes specializes in deep penetration and high weight retention bullets. They say “Target” right on the label. A bullet with a high BC provides a hunter with less drop and drift along with higher impact velocity. His eyes lit up and he said yes, I got one yesterday. Bergers have been comparison tested for precision and accuracy against the best target and hunting bullets for decades by gun writers, at the range for personal enjoyment, in the field by hunters and in rifle competitions of every size. If a Deer is hit with a 6mm Remington going 3135 with a 100 Grain Sierra and the bullet is just under the opposite side of entry on the animal, I say it received 100% of energy. One other argument is can a Whitetail Deer be hit harder with a 6mm Remington than a 7mm Remington Magnum? Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the April 2019 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. As the bullets were designed to expand at 44 Magnum velocities, they did not perform well when traveling at the much higher 444 speeds. Excellent elucidation of a murky topic. The chart below lists the data. Based on the opening text at the top of the report it seems that Barnes is working to provide the hunter with reasons why he should use Barnes instead of Berger or Nosler. Thanks for your insights. I am referring specifically to the velocity shown for all the bullets listed under the 1,000 yard performance through bone into ballistic gelatin images. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. I meant to express the guide’s comment on too fast in the beginning of the article. Inch and half exit wound. If they give them remind them that you are paying them- I tell them do your job and find me quarry. When the hydrostatic shock and the torn tissue (from the fragments) combine it creates a consistently lethal and larger wound cavity deep inside the animal’s vital organs area. Complete penetration, virtually 100-percent weight retention and four razor-sharp cutting petals that double bullet diameter means the new Tipped TSX creates more internal damage than any competing bullet. One clarification, though, if you don’t mind. The 300 Win Mag will hit with slightly more energy and make a larger wound cavity. I sold a 17H rifle and told the customer NOT to try shooting deer with it. Sure, it takes a split second for the bullet to fully mushroom, but that’s more a product of bullet construction than speed. I find that in the U.S. people tend to be far better informed about these topics than in other areas where some outlandish remarks are made with total aplomb. We prefer that hunters enjoy their results immediately by watching the animal go to the ground when it is shot. on smaller African game from impala down to dik dik. Regarding their opinion that it is “unethical and careless” to choose a bullet based on BC we disagree completely (of course) but not just because our bullets have high BCs. 410 gr Woodliegh Weldcore soft side to side, through the heart, full penetration of warthog, no apparent expansion. Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. Your’s is a popular and interesting theory, but largely disproven. The biggest issue we have is the resultant meat damage when bone is clipped at high velocity.The bone fragments create havoc. I watched a youtube video of a guy shooting prairie dogs with a 17 Hornet with 25gr. We understand that every hunt has the potential to be a once in a lifetime experience. Thought about changing to Barnes vortex or what bullet do you suggest for whitetail deer. Why it works so well is hardly worth focusing on if you are a satisfied hunter with better things to do with your time. Personally, I believe that bullet makers who believe that hunters don’t want Match Grade quality in their hunting bullets are out of touch with the advancements in hunting rifle manufacturing quality. I called it to 15 yd. Bullet expansion occurs as soon as its impact begins. We understand that it is a very personal and frankly spiritual experience. Always exercise due diligence before purchasing any product or service. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. Of course there’s Accubond,Scirocco,Barnes,Interlock. Then what if you go through bone? More importantly, the muzzle velocities needed to achieve the reported 1,000 yard velocities are so high that they are at best not achievable at all and at worst extremely unsafe should a hunter attempt to achieve their published 1,000 yard velocities for any of the bullets listed. Borden Timberline, flung a 150-grain Barnes TTSX at a big, old boar — and broke out the skinning knife. Six major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed. I wanted to concentrate on physics to figure out if we can we really shoot bullets too fast to expand. The results from these comparisons are well known by most serious rifle shooters. After 50 years of hunting, Ron Spomer, like any good hunting bullet, has been slowing down. Product performance, innovation and passion forged their dreams for the business into reality. I encourage others to do this with their own software. Using the velocity Barnes listed for tests at 100 yards and the BC for each bullet you can determine the velocity from the muzzle all the way to 1,000 yards. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. Hope this makes sense. Using this data there are several facts that reveal themselves. It also means for the same recoil (muzzle energy), it will hit with more energy down range since the 30 calibers will lose energy faster. Heavy for caliber bullets generally habe higher BCs. There is no arguing that terminal performance is important however if you can’t put the bullet in the right spot construction means very little. For hunting applications, frankly, this is unethical and careless for many reasons.”. Berger Long Range Hybrid Target Ammunition Now Available, “No BS BC’s – Why Consistency Wins” Podcast Wrap-Up, Ortiz Wins Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge with Berger 220 Grain LRHT Bullet. I agree, there is no substitute for using quality projectiles when shooting live soft targets. Hours: Mon-Thurs 7:30am-5:00pm (MST) All Berger Hunting VLDs perform effectively at 1,800 fps impact velocity or faster. He serves as contributing editor for several magazines, including NRA’s American Rifleman and Shooting Illustrated, Varmint Hunter, and Combat Handgunner, and is the editor for Gun Digest’s Cartridges of the World 13th Edition. Filed Under: Ballistics, Big Game Hunting Tagged With: #220 Swift, #223 WSSM, #270 Winchester, #30-06, #30-30, #300 Weatherby, #300 Win. Berger’s rapid growth as a popular game hunting bullet is due to producing consistently repeatable, successful results in the field. Barnes copper bullets are widely known for being extremely tough, even to the point of sometimes failing to open. Before I get into that I must explain how I came to these conclusions. They will weigh less than any lead-core bullet of an equal length, but should penetrate as well if not better. At that point wound channel diameter is maximum. They also list accuracy results which I will address later. Weight, diameter and form factor = BC. 1. Great article, Ron! And then I investigated. I was in bear camp where our Canadian guide, a capital fellow, was doing his best to make sure his clients were properly prepared for their hunts. A 30-06. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Paul Harrell’s excellent You Tube videos, but in one of them he makes an observation about the 444 Marlin’s lack of commercial success that centers around the expansion issue. Here’s the thing: Bullet deformation occurs as soon as impact begins, regardless of how “hard” the bullet might be. For some hunters, long range hunting is done at 300 yards. In 1932, Fred Barnes began selling bullets made in his Bayfield, Colorado basement workshop. *NOTE – In response to this article, Barnes rewrote the introduction of their report to address some of these points. Our bullets do not create an exit wound (exit wounds can occur depending on animal size and impact velocity) for the specific purpose of creating a blood trail so a hunter can track their wounded game. Important and Dangerous Science Based Inaccuracies. reached the lungs. I don't understand your statement considering Barnes' data: Max range for Barnes 110 grain TSX expansion from a 300 BLK? Velocity measurements of bullets entering and exiting a gel medium have shown that remaining energy doesn’t amount to much. Notice, I used the word “appears.” Consider a 7mm at 160 grams with a specific form factor. Proven beyond a doubt. That’s its maximum force. So, in reality, the harder expanding bullet fully deforms faster than the soft bullet. Learn how your comment data is processed. At a certain depth, a bullet ceases to expand do to loss of velocity. Experts, who believe softer bullets deform at a faster rate than hard bullets, commonly espouse this myth. Thank you Ron for explaining and showing the reasons why it is the selection of the proper bullet for its construction that controls expansion for a certain caliber, within its selected speed range, not the caliber itself. I have not tracked an animal since. Berger Hunting VLDs are able to effectively reach farther than the other brands but even we don’t recommend game hunting at 1,000 yards. shoves a 150-grain bullet about 3,260 fps. Team Berger Shooter Wins Wisconsin Barrel Maker Classic, Reloading for Long Range Precision Podcast, Berger Shooters Win Hornady Precision Hunter Steel Challenge, NEW! Now, a hard bullet like a Barnes Triple-Shock, which is made of all cooper, needs to impact at something close to 2,000 fps in order for expansion to initiate.

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