bdo shai gear

Shai clears a lot of PvE faster than any other class.

The crystals shown in the screenshot above should be available on the central market and cost very little silver, but will make an impact to your grind speed. The Kamaslyvia questline is quite hard though and you may need a friend to help you complete it. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

The Forest’s Eye Earring can be enhanced using the Freed Magical Black Stones, which are obtained from the questline.

Graduation (Level 61) – 221 AP/ 223 AAP/ 303 DP. A TRI/TET Bares Necklace is great as a backup for when you are going for PRI/DUO ogre rings and they don’t cost much to make. Use whichever gear has the best stats on it but make sure you keep your Naru gear. However, the quest chains can be quite lengthy and you may hate questing. You may also want to obtain some Asula accessories now, which will replace your Naru accessories. ), (Ogre Ring, Basilisk’s Belt, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Tungrad Earring, etc.).

The example above does not include the 5 AP from Adventure Logs.

All Rights Reserved. This will repair 30 durability and works out much cheaper than using memory fragments to repair. These grind spots require level 56 or 57 and higher. This set trades Accuracy for AP compared to the Root Treant set. 51 or higher. Thanks to gear planner for image and data. PEN Tuvala gear is equal to having TET boss gear. The accuracy and damage to all species buff is the same as the Kzarka boss mainhand.

(Archer is the exception to this rule and he is limited to a beginner Archer Awakening Weapon until level 56.) If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly via email at [email protected] or using the contact form on our About Us page. The example above does not include the 5 AP from Adventure Logs.After you’ve reached this point you will be spending a lot of silver for small increases to your gear. For example, a +15 Reblath Armor can go down to +14 when you die, but the item must be equipped. For other people that have a difficult time obtaining accessories, just buy some cheap ones off the Marketplace. Ultimate Katan awakening weapons and Sandstorm sub-weapons can be enhanced. Gear Progression is very RNG, especially at the higher gear scores and it really depends on what items you can obtain.

Fughar can be found next to the stable keeper in all cities. aim for if you want to go for an Evasion hybrid build.

bykovas - £50 You dont have to be korean to see how flawed she is, but just saying, koreans get stuff first and are very serious in their games. This is probably the hardest step, but there are often events which give boss pieces and will help a lot. This may be using caphras levels. If you are quick and have good enough gear + HP pots, you might make it. ), Attack (AP): 3 ~ 3 Defense (DP): 2 Evasion: 1 Damage Reduction: 1 Extra AP against Monsters +30. yes dressing your cute shai is the true end game ^_^. I only recommend going for this if you can still maintain 269+ AP.

Swap this for a second PRI Tuvala piece which you can use as a backup or to help failstack on later. For players that don’t want to depend on quested gear, or can afford more, there are many options available on the Marketplace. T1Gaming - £30 Yomi. Shai just feels useless most of the time in combat.

The build also uses items which are not used in most builds such as Muskans, Heve helmet and Leebur gloves but this will give you around 600 evasion in total and you will still deal very good damage. Warrior Ranger Sorceress Berserker Tamer Musa Maehwa Valkyrie Ninja Kunoichi Wizard Witch Dark Knight Striker Mystic Lahn Archer Shai Guardian Naru Gear can be obtained from completing the main quest line in Serendia. View the below example Softcap gear detals on gear calculator. Be careful with enhancement of accessories. You can also make your awakening weapon yellow grade at this point using an Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone. It also has a 5% chance to heal HP on hit. Most gear can be shared between all your characters by putting them into storage at the Storage Keeper located in most major cities. Don't waste your time and money on it, shai was only worth the 600mil event. Damage for Awakening skills is partly determined by the main hand weaon and vice versa. View Asula Set drop location maps and quest details in our Asula Guide. You can also get a Nouver offhand for PVP. I’m also using Striker as an example in this guide so the offhand weapons listed might not fit your class, but you can check out our class guides for more information on which are the best weapons for your class and will also find information about which crystals to use. Recent Supporters: You can use beginner quest and Naru Gear until you obtain enough wealth to begin work on other gear. Here you can select your Naru gear and enhance it. Highest AP Sub Weapons (Green Grade for Beginners): Mainhand – Elsh Elsh often recommended, but it is a sort of pipe dream because it’s difficult to get. See an example of this DUO Armor set in gear planner. Next you want to get your armor to DUO and your weapons to TRI. View this build of TRI Naru Accessory Set there, BDO Best Weapons for Leveling Up and Starters (2018), View gear set on Gear Planner, +5 Kalis Weapon Box, +5 Agerian Armor Box, Set Bonuses – wear two or more of the same type of gear and get a buff, Crystal Slots – customize your gear and add extra stats. You have 6 accessory slots to fill with 2 rings, 2 earrings, 1 belt, and 1 necklace.

– Recommended to force enhance if you can, – Preference if you want to use Cron Stones or not. TIP: There are no character level restrictions on enhanced armor, weapons, and accessories. The goal is DUO or TRI. Awakening weapons can only be equipped by characters level 56+ who have completed their class specific Awakened quest line.

Must be level 56+.

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