becca and garrett break up reddit

She legitimately sounded so embarrassed by Garrett. He said he was sorry to those he hurt. She could have said he has his opinions and she strongly disagrees and this is why, but instead she chose to defend him. I think it’s bad timing and I think it comes across as tone deaf, 49:24 R: But what has he LEARNED? But knowing him and where he’s coming from and when he wrote out this words...I truly think he was seeing it in a one track mind of… “a couple days ago I posted for the BLM” but he has a lot of family that’s in law enforcement and that was a major thing for him growing up. Not tone deaf and poorly timed, but wrong given the movement we’re in right now. He just wants to be unapologetically himself now, and if it costs him Becca, there are plenty of right-wing women sliding into his DMs. I’m sure it hit Becca like a ton of bricks at one point, like “ holy shit.....he truly doesn’t care. And I see now, my buddy’s partner...I think what triggered him is a buddy’s partner got shot in the back of a head during one of these riots. Will we be seeing a break up post today? Glad their relationship failed. it won't literally be today because then people will shame her for the ring thing (even though she deserves thag ring after dealing with that asshole) but yes we will hear it soon, I doubt they’ll announce while Becca is in la Quinta doing Bach things.... but maybe it would be better to be surrounded by people when it breaks. Did anyone catch that Becca’s mom is watching her dog and not Garrett? Maybe because they’re cutting it so close to the two year mark, Becca agreed to split the proceeds from selling the ring? I didn’t think it was fitting to bring anyone else into this conversation when my relationship was only made up of two people: myself and Garrett.". I know because I was often the one being downvoted. Further evidence of a breakup between Becca and Garrett - Becca is reading a book about a rejected engagement proposal in front of a huge audience and dealing with the fallout. They were engaged for over two years. He’s like, I want to stand by cops too and say that there are good cops out there which there are (lotta emphasis on this). Jesus CHRIST. Edit: Picture was deleted two hours after being posted . “Not to be cheesy, but I just want to give you a hug right now.”, That is how she was affected by Rachel’s crying. MEME. And I personally are trying to have family is trying to have conversations with him about this...and talk and align see point of views. “I gave so many signs...” ❣️, I was about to write the same thing lol ❤️. Also is it odd to be reading a fictional book about exactly what you are going through right now? She said, "All I can ask during this time is to please respect us as humans and to respect our privacy and growth to move on from this and allow us time as individuals to determine what’s best for us and how to navigate this difficult time.

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