best vortex red dot for turkey hunting

This popular scope features a durable anodized aluminum and is waterproof as well as shock-proof. The Burris FastFire III offers upgraded features over the FastFire II model. The answers to the questions should provide an awareness and a reference point when searching for the right optic. Having the correct magnification is important for turkey hunting. Fast target acquisition. You don’t need to spend much on this accessory and you can still expect for it to serve you well. Recessed lens openings help prevent against impact damage, fingerprints, and scratches. A staple of modern shotguns, the bead sight works by looking down the vent rib of the shotgun and aiming the bead at the target. Yikes. Since it's on a turkey gun, I don't need any magnification with the shorter distances. The 4 available reticle patterns offer you unlimited eye-relief and corrected parallax. AIM Sports is a brand that offers hunters a cost-effective alternative to more expensive scopes. Keep in mind the lack of eye-relief. The scope itself only weighs 3.7 ounces and measures 2.4 inches long. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. 5 Best Spincasting Reels Review & Buyer Guide 2020. The one possible drawback to a bead is the hunter must ensure the shotgun is shouldered the same way each time to ensure the rail and bead are aligned for consistent shooting. This makes red dot sights perfect for new shooters. Home; Categories. With a similar tubular appearance to a scope, the enclosed red dot usually has the option to place caps on both ends to help keep it clean and dust free. It contains a type 5 MOA brightness control as well as a 22mm aperture for superior sight. All rights reserved. Included in this purchase is Realtree APG camo-clad protective case that is tough, durable, and camouflaged as not to stand out. Now that you know about red dot sights let’s look at the types of red dot sights. The FastFire III also has a convenient battery access on the top of the sight which makes it easy the change the batteries when needed. 1. The Reticle can be illuminated in both red and green as well as in multiple brightness intensities. Going for the high-end sights will usually help reduce this problem as they tend to be free of parallax issues after a certain given distance. With seemingly endless options, choosing the correct optic for your turkey gun can be an overwhelming task, especially for those new to hunting. The final question that you might be asking yourself is “what should I go for; a magnification scope or a red dot sight?”. Front and rear flip covers keep lenses clean. Due to their lightweight design, there are a variety of mounting options to choose from depending on the type of long range rifle or hand gun that you will be using with this sight. I like them because the are small, light weight, and don't shrink your FOV. The rifle sight’s modular mount includes a removable spacer that indexes the sight at the optimal height for co-witness with the standard iron sights on AR15/M16/M4 carbine-style guns. While a predominately successful and useful hunting tool, the scope still has its downfalls. They also make good choices for HD and even coyote hunting. Electronic sights and battery free sights. Vokul has created a five-starred laser and red dot scope that features protections and superior construction that is ideal for all hunters. These features enhance your performance as a hunter in any environment and climate conditions. The answer to this question is that it depends with your use and personal preference as well. The other adjustments on the FastFire sight are located where they are easy to adjust. Carry These Delicious And Healthy Snacks To The Trail. About Us  |  Contact Us  |  Privacy Policy  |  Affiliate Disclosure. This Burris sight can be purchased at an affordable price that will not bust your budget. This is not a problem you can expect to experience with red dot sights. These sights provide a number of features compared to their counterparts and the more expensive ones can last for a long time without need of charge. Like the FastFire II, the FastFire III features a rugged steel body construction for extreme durability and is 100% waterproof. Red Dot Sights  Because red dots are easy to use, extremely accurate, and accommodate awkward aiming positions, a good red dot can quickly become a turkey hunter’s best friend. This is excellent for hunters on a budget and expert hunters who already have the skill and only want an open scope that is affordable and durable. Red dot sights are especially useful when turkey hunting because of their eye-relief (the distance the eye is from sight). Enclosed red dots also typically have the option to apply filters on the lens to polarize light or accommodate various lighting conditions. Once the scope is sighted in that red dot (occasionally green for day light shooting) becomes your cross hairs and if you don’t jerk or your target move at the wrong time it is deadly. This Vokul is waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof, with compact red laser sight with the switch. Electronic sights are the modern variety and have gotten better with time. The price of scopes range from less than $100 dollars to well over $1,000. Red dot sights are non-magnifying optics that give hunters a precise aim through a LED projected on the lens of the sight – usually a red dot, hence the name. Similar in function, there are subtle differences between the two. I choose a red dot sight for my SBE turkey gun. There are some reasons as to why you should use a red dot sight on your fire arm. AIM Sports features a 1x magnification, 24 x 34 objective diameter, 33mm objective aperture, 3-inch length, and is only 4.2 ounces in weight. Do your research, as the most expensive may not be the best for your personal preference. Also, the FastFire offers an automatic brightness setting and three manual brightness settings. There are some things you need to know if you are to use these sights. It can also be used on several different types of guns from pistols to long guns. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Required fields are marked *. Red Dot sights are an incredibly important tool in the serious hunter’s arsenal. Your email address will not be published. We do not specifically market to children under 13. This improvement provides for a super long battery life. The FastFire III can be mounted on several guns including a handgun, shotgun or your favorite hunting rifle. This open scope features 4 reticles to choose from, depending on your preferences and is a perfect choice for rapid-firing and fast moving targets. Therefore, a 2 – 7x32 is a suitable scope for a turkey gun, but personal preference will ultimately determine the magnification and size for your turkey gun. The scope is battery powered and includes a CR2032 battery as well as a protective lens cover to keep the amber lens safe from scratching and debris. While you can get a magnified red dot scope the unmagnified tends to work better and are more powerful. Best Vortex Red Dot For Turkey Hunting And Liberty Rifle Case Review . Perfect for Glock 19 and other self-defense handguns, this thing is tiny (only 1.2 ounces). The red holographic dot is perfect to capture fast moving targets such as deer, and the red laser is detachable for hunters who want to fly under the radar. Bead Sights  If you do not provide a lethal shot, it is going to be much harder following a fleeing turkey with your eye almost right up to the scope opposed with a bead or open red dot. The battery for this sight is mounted on the top of the sight which easy access for changing the battery when needed. You can’t go wrong purchasing this sight because it is one of best sights for the money. With high-quality construction and design, this aluminum constructed sight with the hard anodized finish is durable and reliable for extensive outdoor use. What you need to understand is that this accessory is a bit hard to use. It is that simple. For those shooting closer to the 40-yard range and like to have their targets magnified, a scope may be the right choice. FastFire sights are designed to be small, lightweight and durable. This lightweight and compact red dot scope is easy to carry in your hunting pack or simply mount it on any standard weaver rail base. It’s important to note that its used of tritium does help in providing low light capability. I much prefer them to the red dot scopes for those reasons. The material used in its construction has helped reduce the weight of the accessory in comparison to scopes. Sign In (0) Cart Subtotal $0.00. They are also known as reflex sights and don’t have any form of electronics/wires on them. The built-in Picatinny mount base makes for easy mounting, and by using an Allen head screw, you can make windage and elevation adjustments with a locking screw. •    “How acute is my vision?”  this is great for turkey hunting … They come in a traditional bead shape and in lateral fiber optics with different lengths and colors. One of the unique qualities of the Burris Company is that they are known for their excellent customer service. Better target acquisition and accuracy – This is the more obvious reason as to why you should use the sight. It will make the setup bulkier though. Depending on the color chosen, you can buy this Bushnell red dot sight. The materials are tested extensively to ensure quality and durability. The FastFire 3 products are available with either a 3 MOA or 8 MOA dot size. The Red Dot Sight is an optical device that is used to help improve your accuracy and shot. Enclosed red dots take the lead in bright, open conditions. Applications for the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Riflescope include: Law Enforcement carbines, rifles, shotguns and sub-machine guns. This sight is affordable and performs like a higher priced sight, so why pay more when you don’t need to. There are some settings, adjustments and other factors that need to be considered when using it or getting one. Field Sport’s Green and Red Reflex Sight is another versatile and affordable alternative to larger, more expensive red dot scopes. it was a nice, heavy duty red dot but it had a blueish tint to the glass. Basically what a red dot scope does is produce a single red dot that points at the target you are aiming at. If you are familiar with deer hunting, you may have an affinity for a scope, which is now a more common tool when hunting turkeys.

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