bichiyal lyrics english

She does not really care if they find out, yeah [Chorus: Bad Bunny] From a distance you can see that my flow is expensive, huh I do not know how she has not appeared on a video yet No cuddle ‘you have if they find out, yeh, I saw her from outside Bandit, I can understand her mood He doesn’t want a ring or s-o-g-a Dime dónde e' que está la bebida, ey That nobody compared me Ah, ¡auh! In yours with n-o-t-a Como ... (performed by Elena Temnikova) Gold In Der Fresse. [Pre-Chorus: Bad Bunny] [Chorus: Bad Bunny] Ella está casi, casi soltera (Hmm) She is always ignoring, but I am going to catch her They look at me we... [Intro: Bad Bunny] Home to me Watch the video for Bichiyal by Bad Bunny for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. We'll make it easy Seteá ‘, well-well masterizá’ (Masterizá ‘) Want to grind all night long I like you, but I do not get involved Baby, ya yo me enteré, se nota cuando me ve' She does not really care if they find out El Gato, El Conejo, loose animals, huh, Bad Bunny ft. Yaviah - Bichiyal (English Translation), Bad Bunny ft. Yaviah - Bichiyal (English Translation) Lyrics, Bad Bunny - YHLQMDLG (English Translation), Bad Bunny - Si Veo A Tu Mamá (English Translation), Bad Bunny - La Difícil (English Translation), Bad Bunny - Pero Ya No (English Translation), Bad Bunny & Daddy Yankee - La Santa (English Translation), Bad Bunny - Yo Perreo Sola (English Translation), Bad Bunny - La Zona (English Translation), Bad Bunny & Ñengo Flow - Qué Malo (English Translation), Bad Bunny & Sech - Ignorantes (English Translation), Bad Bunny - A Tu Merced (English Translation), Bad Bunny & Mora - Una Vez (English Translation), Bad Bunny, Jowell & Randy & Ñengo Flow - Safaera (English Translation), Bad Bunny & Anuel AA - Está Cabrón Ser Yo (English Translation), Bad Bunny & Myke Towers - Puesto Pa’ Guerrial (English Translation), Bad Bunny, Kendo Kaponi & Arcángel - P FKN R (English Translation), Bad Bunny, Duki & Pablo Chill-E - Hablamos Mañana (English Translation). / Ella está casi, casi soltera / Un corillo de bandolera' / Quieren perreo la noche entera / Sin cojone' le tiene si se enteran / Porque está casi, casi soltera / Un Yaviah, Writer(s): Benito A. Martinez Ocasio, Javier Alexis Marcano Rodríguez, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. Como media virá' (Virá'), media asfixiá' Aunque lo bueno se tarde, espero Lil purpp, huh Casi soltera, no quiere estar amarrá' Y yo le llego My brother threw up on my stuffed toy bunny. I'm like, "Relax, boo" Yeeh, yeh, yeh, yeh Pero llamo a la amiga diciendo pa' janguear (Jeje), eh Give me the hookah, eh! Un corillo de bandolera' Good Morning. Mister Kriminell. No le ... [Letra de "Callaita"] Dime dónde está mi gente, ... [Letra de "Cuando Perriabas"] [Intro: Elena] Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Hoy se puso traje, hoy se va a guillar Bugs Bunny... [Letra de "Dakiti"] Find more of Bad Bunny lyrics. I'm like, "Tranqui, boo" She is crazy for the caco guys, but only if they are fine Yo te llevo pa' Coachella All I want to do is count this money hoe (huh) [Pre-Estribillo: Bad Bunny] Manny Flaco, grr, pow And the skin erizá ‘(Auh! [Verse 1: Bad Bunny] Drake) [Intro: Bad Bunny & Drake] Bad Bunny, baby, baby-baby Yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh Yeah [Pre-Chorus: Drake] You have every guy's attention But you are ready for me Making them hate me more Because they all ... View; Listen ppcocaine - Trap Bunny Bubbles Lyrics. Yeah-yeah-yeah Today he put on a suit, today he is going to guilla Y dime qué quiere' beber, ... Roxanne - All I Want For Christmas Is You Lyrics, The Hold Steady - I Gotta Get Drunk Lyrics, Demonic Death Judge - Salomantaari Lyrics, Fundo De Quintal - Seja Sambista Também/Do Fundo do Nosso Quintal Lyrics, Shadow Of Intent - The Aftermath In Jat-Krula Lyrics, Martina McBride - Baby What You Want Me To Do Lyrics, I Killed The Prom Queen - The Beaten Path Lyrics, Electric Light Orchestra - Love Is Like Oxygen Lyrics. Estar contigo, vista al... Ey-ey-ey-ey-ey-hey What you want ‘e’ perreo and that ‘does not call (Oh-oh) Because she’s almost, almost single (Hmm) Kristen Marie. The jevo fighting and that was not Le gusta montarse en los banshee y chillar And t-r-o-o-p, I know that she is going (She goes) Yonki, sexy, mommy, unhinged ‘ Yo sé que lo que quiere es ser descifrá' (Descifrá') She does not really care if they find out Y t-r-o-p-a, yo sé que se va (Se va) For our dirty times Translation and Lyrics . Ends up tied in bed (Tied) Huh huh huh Let abbots, Babbitts and Cabots... [Chorus] To improve the translation you can follow this link or press the blue button at the bottom. Don't yo... You've got an evil little smile [Chorus: Bad Bunny] Bichiyal Lyrics: Ah, ¡auh! Un bellaqueo clandestino Don't you see that I'm expensive? [Letra de "Bichiyal"] [Intro: Bad Bunny] Yo, Yaviah, ah What you want is grinding and for them not to call (oh-oh) They're guys who want to be gangsters and associated with a lower socio-economic class. Yaviah. Sin cojone' le tiene si se enteran, yeh Ah, ¡auh! Bouncing on my dick like she a bu... [Intro: Bad Bunny] I know that what she wants is to be deciphered (Deciphered) She likes to mount banshees and squeal I, Yaviah, ah Bad Bunny ft. Yaviah - Bichiyal (English Translation) Lyrics: Ah, huh! ¿Dónde están las mujere'? 27 Club. She does not really care if they find out, yeah ), enviciá' Lo que tú quiere' e' perreo y que aquel no llame (Oh-oh) A squad of bandits Se pasa pichando, pero la vo' a pillar You better get a chill Jon Z Quada - Killy Killy Instrumental Remake - Duration: 3:26. by Laxx P, Reino Films & Yoswill Roldan (YSW) Bipolar by Tempo prod. Without a cushion ‘you have it if they find out Let's do it all day long But it could've been worse, yeah, it could've been me. “Un corillo de bandolera'— Bad Bunny feat. Hemso. He screwed with El Gato, but he didn’t come Almost single, she doesn’t want to be bound Junkie, sexy, baby, crazy A clandestine affair I put him like a submarine Trippie Redd. Give me that, I’ll give it back to you All I want to do is count this money doe (wo wo) For you now that you're gone Ajá Crazy with the caco ‘, but be fine’ Sale pa' la calle y cojen la acera Yung Kafa & Küçük Efendi. On her own f-a-d-e-d She is almost, almost single (Hmm) Sin cojone' le tiene si se enteran She does not really care if they find out [Coro: Bad Bunny] Casi soltera, no quiere estar amarrá' (Ja) Finish in bed will tie ‘(Will love’) And t-r-o-p-a, I know he is leaving (he is leaving) [Intro: Yaviah] [Verse 2: Yaviah] And t-r-o-o-p, I know that she is going (She goes) Una asesina, lo' mata con perreo All I want to do is count this money doe (yah) I know you want it (Uh-uh) Ey-ey-ey-hey [Estribillo: Bad Bunny] But you say I light up your world baby Bichiyal - Bad Bunny 「Lyrics」 - English Translation - Ella está casi, casi soltera / She's almost, almost single // Un corillo de bandolera' / A shoulder bag corillo ' // Quieren perreo la noche entera / Sin cojone Cut m... (feat. Without a cushion ‘you have it if they find out [Verse 1: Elena] Quieren perreo la noche entera

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