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What Is A Meteor Shower? They are so endangered, that it was previously believed that they had gone extinct until a rare unknown group of them were found in a remote forest in a Nigerian-Cameroonian border. Bili Ape skulls have the prominent brow ridge and sagittal crest of a robust great ape, or gorilla, but other morphological measurements are more like those of chimpanzees. It was actually offered for sale to Mr Hicks by a government employee, apparently.).

Required fields are marked *. (As an anecdote, I recall hearing from someone that works with chimps a story about a large male putting deep dents into a very, very thick steel door (they have very dense bones).). — Causes, Mechanisms, Naming, & History,,,,,,,,, Ocean Acidification Causes, Effects, & Examples: Top 10 List, Ocean Acidification Effects, Causes, & Examples List Part 2, Ancient Seafaring — Neanderthals Sailing The Mediterranean 100,000 Years Ago; Prehistoric Travel & Cross-Continent Exchange; & The Reality Of Archaeological Evidence As Compared To Pop Culture Assumptions, Antarctica & Climate Change, What Would A Greened Antarctica Look Like?
Further from the roads, however, the chimpanzees become progressively 'naive'.

They may be a hybrid between a gorilla and a chimpanzee or a new species altogether.

Bili Apes or Bondo Mystery Apes are giant primates that appear to live in remote east Africa, where much evidence points to their existence, including photos, footprints and ground nests. Sorr, but chimpanzees hunting lions? I’m in love with gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos.

“Things are not promising,” stated Karl Ammann, the wildlife photographer who’s been credited with sparking interest in the apes back in 1996.

In some ways, the apes behave more like gorillas than chimpanzees. There is little to no aggression, yet no fear either. Chapter 3 of Among African Apes: Encounters with Bili Chimpanzees in the Undisturbed Gangu Forest

They are not unknown elsewhere but very unusual.”.

They have brow-ridges running straight across and overhanging; uniform gray fur independently of age and sex, which suggests that graying takes place early in life-opposed to all known gorilla species, where only males gray as they age (graying restricted to their backs). Why Do Meteor Showers Occur? “What we have found is this completely new chimpanzee culture,” Hicks noted, when discussing the event in an interview back around the time that the work was done. They seem to turn grey very early in life, but instead of turning grey-black like a gorilla, they turn grey all over. However, they frequently nest in the trees as well. Sometime after that, in 2004, a man by the name of Cleve Hicks from the University of Amsterdam spent ~18 months in the region field-watching the Bili apes.

However, chimpanzee skulls are 190 to 210 millimetres long, but Bili Ape skulls measured more than 220 millimetres, well beyond the end of the normal chimpanzee range. Out of everything though, the curiosity and naivety about humans is perhaps one of the most interesting qualities of the Bili Apes. – Plants Of Prehistoric Antarctica, Meyer Desert Formation Biota, & Speculation On The Future, Climate Change & Antarctica, The Future Return Of Antarctic Flora, & New Arrivals (Part 2), Death’s Messengers — Folk Story, & Background On The Gigantes Of Greek Mythology (Giants), Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea, Verdolaga) — Edible, Nutritious Weed With High Omega 3 Levels, Peanuts — Health Benefits, Information, Nutrition, Cultivation, & Risks, Licorice (Liquorice) Root Extract — Uses, Benefits, & Side Effects, Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) Benefits, Side Effects, & Silymarin Uses + Research Findings, Ginger Root Health Benefits, Tea Uses, & Side Effects, GMO Food — Environmental Impacts, Scientific Research, Health Risks, & Case Examples: Top 10 List.

Perhaps they have been lucky or smart enough to stay away from most people as some in the region eat “bush meat”. That’s completely ridiculous and nonsense. The cross river gorilla is a very endangered species with about 200-300 individuals left.

Laura Darby and Adam Singh have seen another nine chimpanzee orphans and three carcasses in Aketi, Buta, and Bondo, since Hicks left in November. They were coming in for the kill – but as soon as they saw my face they stopped and disappeared.”. "Gorilla males will always charge when they encounter a hunter, but there were no stories like that," about the Bili Apes, according to Ammann. thank you so much for posting this. Then there are the 'lion killers', who seldom climb trees, are bigger and darker, and who are unaffected by the poison arrows used by locals. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Heights can exceed 5 feet (about Gorilla height), their skulls are larger than chimp skulls, and their footprints are larger even than gorillas. Sometimes referred to as the “bondo mystery ape”, the Bili ape is a species of giant chimpanzee that was long believed to be merely a myth. One of the first researchers to get a close up view of the Bili Apes — pretty soon after a 5-year-long civil war ended in 2003 — was a speciality in primate behavior by the name of Shelly Williams.

One of the first researchers to get a close up view of the Bili Apes — pretty soon after a 5-year-long civil war ended in 2003 — was a speciality in primate behavior by the name of Shelly Williams. Maybe they do eat lions?
Many scientists have come to believe that the Bili ape is some kind of missing evolutionary link between chimps and humans. Hicks’s group later confirmed and somewhat expanded those observations, saying that when they encountered a large group of Bili apes in the deep forests (far from the roads and villages), they not only approached the humans, but also would actually surround them with intent curiosity. For example, they build ground nests as gorillas do, using interwoven branches and/or saplings, bent down into a central bowl. While it may not be something that many people in the modern world are aware of, chimpanzees are freakishly strong — much, much stronger than a human of the same size. Text version:, Your email address will not be published. The Bili or Bondo Mystery Apes are to be found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and are described thus in Wikipedia… The Bili Ape is massive by chimpanzee standards.

This would be the same subspecies as the Bili chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii, and based on cultural similarities (see my Ph.D. thesis), probably even part of the same large population. Hicks clarifies the issue as follows: the apes within 20 km or so of the roads flee humans almost without exception. Your email address will not be published. Much longer/bigger than the tools usually seen used. January 11, 2015 in Animals & Insects, Humans. As you can probably guess, while that would certainly made for a fascinating experience, it also puts the Bilis at great danger to bush-meat hunters and poachers — which have until very recently not operated in the very remote region where the Bili Apes live. Another interesting behavior that was observed was the use of sticks for ant “fishing”, which is a relatively common technique for “normal” chimps — but, in this case, the tools used were up to 2.5 meters long. Bili Apes (chimpanzees): Little information is known so far, except the following- that they are in fact chimpanzees; gene tests indicate they belong to an existing species of chimpanzee with very little genetic difference- however they bear some slight anatomical differences with regular chimpanzees.

“Gorilla males will always charge when they encounter a hunter, but there were no stories like that” about the Bili apes, according to Ammann. I think more work needs to be done to protect them.

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