broken aria menu

I don't think this is intended, because besides this line, the Stable version contains all necessary code to implement the pattern 'Add aria-labellled-by to elements' mentioned above. I think I could use javascript to insert “role=menu” in the drop down.

This patch adds a fixed version of Stables block--system-menu-block.html.twig to the ZURB Foundation templates folder. 一休.comレストラン代官山口コミランキング第1位! 『 また来たい』と思うレストランで在りつづける為に心から満足して頂きたい。 イタリアン・中華 フュージョン This is really stupid by the spec writers due to break of spec itself, In conformance checker parlance: error= MUST level requirement in the HTML spec. So possible next steps towards a solution could be Support » Theme: WP Bootstrap Starter » Broken Aria Menu with Wavechecker. Short Sci-Fi story from the 60's, was there any follow up story?

Top Drupal contributor Acquia would like to thank their partners for their contributions to Drupal. Jukka is incorrect here.

The posted gist duplicates the ID "block-zurb-foundation-main-menu" in the