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He feels that by sticking the term "Char's Custom" to the products culturally suggests the quality of the product is superior to other brands. The fates of either character were never revealed in the film, though the novelization of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack confirms both as KIA. Equipping it makes players lose their ability to block but their attack increases.
Char has special SP attack quotes with M'Quve, Amuro, and Haman. After Char's mobile suit is destroyed by Amuro in the duel, Amuro captures Char's escape pod, and against Char's taunting, attempts to push the asteroid Axis away from Earth.

", when the Sazabi is totaled, Char's escape pod has been seized by Amuro, and there's no hope for escape for him, not to mention how he doesn't give any indication of noticing when she died during the final battle, completely losing his mind at the end of the Gryps conflict, Notably, he gets along fine with Amuro in, the Zabis, even as he plots their deaths. His story in the second title follows his Char's Counterattack persona. It is, however, stated in the game Gireh's Greed that the colour is actually only the colour of an unpainted Zaku due to the grudge from him being the top graduate from military school.

Edward Mass is listed among the dead and Casval takes on the name Char, enters the Zeon Military Academy and begins wearing sunglasses to hide his eye color (as it wouldn't match any of the real Char's IDs).

On the eve of troop increase, Casval incites Garma to lead other students in the Academy to storm the Federation base and subdue the stationed troops. When you suffered a metal breakdown, it broke me to my very core.

Both men believe that they are leaders for humanity's future. despite not having much to say about his assistance, allegiance, and indifference to the Zabis while they did the same on a far bigger scale. The location is the same place where they fought during the end of the One Year War.

Best seen when he meets and fight a recovered Kamille in Super Robot Wars X. I can feel the despair inside him, flowing through the Zeta. Amuro held Char captive. Since he acts as a noble gentlemen, he is popular with the ladies. An ensuing explosion knocks them apart, and Char rushes to save his sister. At the end of the One Year War, Char goes to Axis and his experience there is partly depicted in the manga Char's Deleted Affair, where he heroically protects Axis in two major battles against the Earth Federation. Kycilia Zabi finds out that Casval is headed back to Side 3, and without consulting Gihren, orders Casval's death. Lalah is killed in battle, taking a blow meant for Char; this results in a bitter hatred between Char and Amuro. Presumably, his hidden agenda for his war against earth was to settle his score with Amuro. It's probable, however, that the only woman that he's ever truly loved was Lalah Sune and he blames Amuro as her murderer. -Char Aznable to Amuro Ray.

0083, he gets an invitation by George Miguel (Brother of Nanai) to join a paramilitary spacenoid organization within the Earth Federation Force.

He tries to push Axis Colony back into space. Still presumed dead, Char reappears 8 years later in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Blame this on the misfortune of your birth. [4] Furuya stated that while Amuro also had popularity, yeah, he could not surpass his rival, Char, a common a trait he sometimes find common in anime where there are rivalries.[5]. In the duel, Char realizes he has been distracted by his rivalry with Amuro, and refocuses on his true enemy - the Zabi family. when he also ruthlessly used Mineva's father, aunt, and young naive uncle (murdering the latter two) for his own purposes. His main setback in the sequel is his somewhat average Defense statistic, which can hamper his progress through crowds. He is lead by Lalah's ghost to certain conflicts in the field. By staining myself with indelible regret, I'll re-harden my heart and steel myself against the crime I have to commit. As a result, multiple of Char's actions were similar to Rictofen's during World War I as Tomino wanted to illustrate the chaos produced by wars in Gundam. Char's abilities and natural charisma allow him to inspire and manipulate.

Even then, it's implied that most people in the AEUG know who he really is, but keep quiet since he isn't admitting it himself. If the player's character builds their relationship with Char to Level 2 in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, he may be given the chance to assist them in battle with his Partner Strike. I saw what humankind could be in you, Kamille. When they arrive at Zum City in U.C. Which is rich coming from a guy who ultimately causes the Earth Sphere untold catastrophe for decades to come, none of which he ever considers for a moment may be his fault, because of his numerous personal vendettas and pathological inability to try not to be a selfish jerk. Though he was romantically involved with her, he states that she could have been his surrogate mother in Char's Counterattack.

He intends to create a nuclear winter by dropping the massive asteroid base Axis on the Earth, hence forcing a complete migration into space, which he believes will make all of humanity evolve into Newtypes. As relations between the Zeon Republic (which has been renamed the Principality of Zeon) and the Federation deteriorate, the Federation increases their troop strength in Side 3. Along the way, Char skillfully defeats other ace pilots in his relatively outdated Mobile Suits. A great memorable quote from the Kidô senshi Gandamu movie on - Char Aznable: Hey Garma, do you read me?
[19] THEM Anime Reviews' Carlo Ross saw Char in the film as the "true star" believing him to overshadow Amuro. That's why I wanted to revolutionize mankind, to prevent your tragedy from happening ever again.

Char comforts her as she passes. He firmly opposes the Titans, as they not only commit atrocities under the false justification of supposedly keeping the peace, but their tyranny echoes the former Zabi regime he originally helped put to an end. Char only truly becomes hostile towards Haman when he sees how she raised Mineva to follow after the Zabis that he hated.

The creator of Char Aznable, Yoshiyuki Tomino, does not like the idea of making money this way. Char never uses the alias or the persona again. On the Japanese bulletin board 2channel, the Gundam forums are named Char custom (シャア専用), and the anonymous placeholder for the name is changed to "3 times more than the usual anonymous" (通常の名無しさんの3倍), a reference to the "3 times faster than the usual Zaku" line from the original series.

Senki: Tsuioku no Char Aznable«. attempting to ally himself with a Haman-led Neo Zeon, who still holds onto the Zabi principles he hated. While they were searching the surface, they encounter Amuro and Hayato. It will be available in the shop for 5,000 Gold.

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