chef is a configuration management tool true or false

How to use Puppet Modules for IT Infrastructure Automation? Chef is a popular configuration management tool used to configure Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and on-premises instances. Collections of recipes are stored in a cookbook. What are the common Git mistakes and how to fix them? Gannett saw that cloud as a service offered many advantages. Let’s take the comparison, including the premium features, which include other things besides configuration management. Both tools can manage Linux and Windows servers. Puppet is based on Ruby and utilizes a tailor-made Domain Scripting Language nearer to JSON for working within it. Gannett’s traditional deployment workflow was characterized by multiple handoffs and manual tests.

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Two of the most popular, in-demand configuration management tools are Puppet and Chef.

Many companies use Chef software to control and manage their infrastructure including Facebook, Etsy, Cheezburger, and Indiegogo. A master node is where all server configurations get stored. You don’t have too much freedom here, but that’s also good from the perspective of having a universal language. Then, for each server that you want to manage, there’s an agent installed that’s pulling the configuration in periods automatically.

Security had no way to audit the software stacks. Again, it all depends on your needs. Additional client platforms include Arch Linux, Debian and Fedora.

No need to interact with each machine individually. I have also explained how to deploy Apache2 using Chef. Setup and management aren’t very easy in either. 3 out of 3 people found this document helpful, Which of the task/tasks is/are part of continuous integration- test, Build is triggered when a change- Downstream Dependency. This software can be an operating system or a code or it can be an update of an existing software. For Chef, HA is handled with three servers in an active/active mode with an API front end that can scale horizontally. I’d advise you to contact them directly and look for a good offer. - True, Configuration information can be provided with the help of- Registry Settings, is an extension of component pipeline - Integration Pipeline. Before we investigate both individually and further compare them, let us have a glimpse at the foundation of both – configuration management. Unlike Pull Configuration, there are certain commands that have to be executed in the centralized server in order to configure the nodes.

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