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A look back at the early days of David Faber’s career at CNBC. Commander David Fravor and Lieutenant Commander Jim Slaight made the discovery. Unfortunately, many people who call themselves skeptics cannot see past their own biases, essentially wanting to believe they've got all the answers (making them the mirror image of religious zealots or true believers). Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. We want to hear from you. Funny thing about this vid. Got a confidential news tip? Yea. U.S. second-quarter GDP plunges 31.4% in final read, versus 31.7% drop expected. David Faber is a co-anchor of CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" and an anchor and co-producer of CNBC's acclaimed original documentaries and long-form programming. Image Google Footage pertaining to feature indisputable evidence of the existence of extra-terrestrial life is ten-a-penny on the internet these days, but this latest clip carries a little more weight that most., MIT World Series: Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT 2006. Corelogic receives potential bids at more than $80 per share, sources tell CNBC, Traton close to deal to buy remainder of Navistar for $44.50 per share, Tiffany reports preliminary August and September sales, updates Q4 outlook, Traton's $43 per share bid for Navistar expires Friday, The Faber Report: Exxon and the potential for activist investors, Faber Report: The SPAC craze continues as offerings pour in, LVMH is countersuing Tiffany over $16 billion deal — Here are the arguments from both sides, Hedge fund manager Steven Cohen in exclusive talks to buy New York Mets, CoreLogic rejects Cannae-Senator takeover bid, raises guidance, Sale of SoftBank's 198 million T-Mobile shares prices at $103 per share, Taubman files counterclaim against Simon Property for deal termination. That everyone would drop everything and start trying to replicate such a propulsion system. Posted by 1 month ago. During the day, Faber breaks news and provides in-depth analysis on a range of business topics during the "Faber Report." Why have there been no whistleblowers for this tech? That really is spooky. I’m not implying anything here concerning the validity of the incident itself, I’m just pointing out that you can’t simply throw expressions like “gravitational propulsion system” at people as if it were a known fact when it clearly doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t think people realize the physical implications of claiming it just “warps” spacetime. Close. Why did none of this knowledge affect any other branches of study or adjacent workings, even though everything about these things is beyond humanity's understanding of physics and would be a massive paradigm shift? Guess I'll go wank and have a pint. His latest documentary, Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril debuted in the fall of 2010. Become kind of to me, so i move on. They're not radar glitches. Commander David Fravor Expounding the Tic Tac UFO Video. Faber has reported nine documentaries for CNBC for which he has received Loeb, Emmy, Peabody and duPont awards. There may be some rational explanation which I'm not aware of but the way I see it the US navy on numerous occasions has recorded whole minutes of clear as day footage of objects that use a propulsion system that is lightyears ahead of what we have, aliens or not, I see it as an insanely huge deal. Documentaries, books and a few good scoops along the way. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The g-forces would tear apart organic tissue and destroy Earth's current technologies. Skepticism is a healthy thing, not believing things until you get proof. I do not have an explanation for the tic-tacs that doesn't involve straight-up aliens or something we simply have no way of articulating as of yet due to lacking the proper framework (which would be, for all intents and purposes, something alien as well). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Why did this tech not ever get deployed or used when this tech is so superior to everything else? Settings. These tic-tacs have a lot of elements that eliminate other explanations or require far more nonsense for those explanations to be true: They are not a weather phenomenon because they move in patterns that are intelligently controlled (such as going specific spots that were mentioned over the pilots' communications). True wisdom and intellect is realizing how much you don't know and how tentative much of the knowledge people have really is. Why do people always say technology is light years ahead of what we have. Neat. If watching this video tells me anything however, it’s that fravor is an expert in aviation and his opinion should be taken seriously. Press J to jump to the feed. An award-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author, David Faber is a co-anchor of CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" (M-F, 9AM-11AM ET) and an anchor and co-producer of CNBC's acclaimed original documentaries and long-form programming. an hour ago. Aliens. They go faster than rockets leaving Earth's atmosphere. Play. Faber is also an anchor and co-producer of CNBC's acclaimed original documentaries and long-form programming as well as a contributor to CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" (M-F 9-11AM ET). They're not hallucinations. 30 years a biz journalist. Commander David Fravor Expounding the Tic Tac UFO Video. This is a moderated space to talk about various theories, sightings, analyses, and much more regarding EBEs and life outside of our home. An Emmy, Peabody, duPont, Loeb award winner and New York Times best-selling author, David Faber is host of CNBC's "The Strategy Session" (M-F, 12PM ET). It's more that the answers to "Now what?" By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Still love the chase, though now faster in water than on land. You have no idea of the top secret tech we may have! Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. His family makes a surprise visit. does he talk about the weeks of this going on or the object under the sea one of the things was flying over? His book, The Faber Report, was published by Little, Brown in Spring 2002. Alien life aside, to me it seems like this footage basically confirms that an Alcubierre Drive can exist and is not just a theoretical idea, and I'd think that atleast this would send ripples through the field of science and physics. CNBC's 'Squawk on the Street' team celebrates David Faber's 25 years on CNBC. IMO the best evidence to date. Is that the Pentagon "released" it a few weeks ago? I really don't understand how it didn't become a huge deal. The man even tells stories of how they trick campers at night into thinking they were UFOs. Why didn't whoever own it cement their own power with it? Hallucinations would not be visible on radar and camera., ..and thunderfoot thinks he figured it aaall out. 256. Faber's latest book, "And Then the Roof Caved In", was published in the summer of 2009 by John Wiley. How have people in this sub not seen this podcast. Yooooo... Woah. A community dedicated to discussion of the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Guess they dont want to come to my house and wank me or have a chat. An illusion? This is the biggest and only credible story in my opinion. Move along. This dude will always be one of the smoking guns for me. I recommend watching the full podcast. If this were the case we would see signs — which we don’t — of it such as light distortion due to gravitational lensing and other effects which might have even been caught on and/or affect the recordings (radar, IR, optical).

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