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She accuses Matilda, whose anger at the injustice leads to her telekinetically tipping the glass over, splashing water and the newt on Miss Trunchbull. Trunchbull attacks the students, but Matilda keeps them out of harm's way with her powers, and together all the students force Trunchbull out of the school permanently. Later that night, Matilda tries to tell her parents about the FBI's surveillance, but they refuse to believe her as Zinnia believes that they are speedboat salesmen. Wilson honored her mother by finishing the movie. the song is "send me on my way" by rusted root. Cafe Le Ritz is supposed to be a French restaurant, and the host greets the Wormwood family "Bonjour", which is French for "Hello". Trunchbull gives the entire student body a five-hour after-school detention to copy from the dictionary with threats of imprisonment in the Chokey to anyone who objects (which results in everyone going home at night), Trunchbull breaks the China platter on his head in both versions. Eventually, Miss Honey moved out of her aunt's house and into a small cottage. Music by When Matilda reaches four, she discovers the local library and walks there every day to read while Harry is at work, Zinnia is playing bingo, and her older brother, Michael, is at school. Later, when Matilda is inside the classroom, the sweater is still gone, but the journal reappears. Cinematography Stefan Czapsky 9:15. The Babe Ruth Ball / Scotty Hits a Home Run, We Get to Kill Them Again; Leaving the Desert; Grabbing the Girls, William Tell Overture (Rossini, Arr. Amanda lands on the grass, bounces three times and then gets up to return to the playground. By Uncategorized 0 Comments. After cutting Harry's hat off, Zinnia sits down to watch TV and puts her sunglasses on twice. Jughead and Betty go ahead of Jughead's family before the play; people ready for the play; Evelyn and Kevin call time for the play; Toni helps Cheryl with her makeup. By the time Matilda is six years old, Harry finds her with the library books, and takes her to question his wife about her age. Together Forever Love Poems, A few seconds later after her dance, when she is sitting on the sofa, she is wearing white regular socks. full song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGMabBGydC0 The car Harry sells to the Trunchbull is a 1970 Buick Electra 225 sedan. When Miss Trunchbull puts Matilda in the Chokey, she bumps into one of the nails through the door, and then it shakes like it's rubber. Before the spoon goes into Matilda's mouth, a rod is seen sticking out of one end, clearly holding it up (full frame only). There's a problem loading this menu right now. I remember having to write the main title twice. Ate Liquorice Allsorts during a Scriptures class (Bible Study), Ate two M&M's candies during a literature class. Matilda is a 1996 American fantasy comedy children's film directed and narrated by Danny DeVito. At the end of the film, Matilda's family moves to Guam to escape the FBI. During the flashback you see her mother saying "There's something wrong with that girl" while dying her hair and you can see Matilda is in the background. America the Beautiful (Ward, Arr. The position of the lid on the chocolate box changes between shots (after it is replaced in a hurry as Miss Trunchbull enters the house). 2:05:38 Robert speaks with Toschi’s wife on the phone. 9:15. When Matilda sneaks into her parents' room, there is a dark-striped jacket hanging on a clothes tree. Miss Trunchbull abused her at every opportunity.

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