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He is played by Jake Gyllenhal, who is known for playing Donnie Darko in the 2001 sci-fi movie Donnie Darko. Seriously though, I get the Fincher comparisons but to be in the same league as those movies is still impressive. And everybody’s a question mark. Here is a picture. It’s almost like falling asleep. Loki também tem tatuados alguns signos do zodíaco na dobra dos dedos, e usa um anel com o símbolo da maçonaria, sociedade que valoriza – entre inúmeras outras coisas – o trabalho e o estudo. “All my problems are spoilers.” – The Great K.O.C. Or are you not as passionate about this show? I would consider him that, but I would say that with an equal amount of love and an equal amount of hatred. Pretty unsubstantial stuff. More of this please! And the Masons ring, yeah. I am in 100% agreement with Frank on Prisoners. does this mean that Prisoners is a sequel to Zodiac, and Glyllenhal was the Zodiac all along? He is a police detective working from Pennsylvania who is tasked with finding a man's missing daughter and her friend. Definitely agree with frank on this one… you have to accept a lot of coincidence and convenience in order for the story to make any sense. I don’t think there was a significance other than to show that his character had tattoos. Ah okay, yeah that makes sense. It didn’t bother me during the film, but it does seem odd that they did a sweep of the entire woods in the county, but didn’t feel the need to investigate the place where he parks his RV. Jake on ‘Prisoners,’ Tattoos & Twitches, and More. Status: Out On DVD It could have been something great. Puh-lease tell me someone else saw the closeup of Detective Loki’s knuckle tattoos and that I didn’t imagine it. There are so many question marks in this movie. Status: On Netflix Are they letters? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Mr. Dwyer, can we get a bonus episode for the end of Breaking Bad same way you did one for Lost? But he has tattoos — one on his neck and several on his fingers — a facial tic, and a Freemason ring, all of which tell a story about his past. But yes, constantly, they were on my mind. He would have said something. Definitely. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [long pause] I don’t know if it’s one character, but literally, like, any role in the “Bourne” movies, just to be a part of that community of actors and that subject matter and that story. So it’s no wonder he was drawn to the enigmatic Detective Loki in director Denis Villeneuve’s harrowing “Prisoners,” which had its Canadian premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Sean. I think Frank brings this up at some point during our spoiler discussion. The moral of the story: Frank should have watched Poltergeist as well as E.T. 1:16:50 – Junk Mail: Best Summer Movie Season of All Time, Alternate Cuts of Movies Screening at Festivals, Watching Movies at High Speed, How Much of a Movie Do You Need to Watch In Order to Say You Watched It?, How to Handle Blu-rays Without Cases I really wouldn’t walk into that movie expecting a movie, if that makes any sense. Maybe it’s questionable that they didn’t find anything but they definitely mention searching it. Moviefone: Very little is revealed about your character, Detective Loki. And that’s why he takes this on himself; he doesn’t believe in the institution. Great cinematography though. You may know Jake from such movies as Donnie Darko, The Day After Tomorrow, Brokeback Mountain, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Nightcrawler. That was just a weird coincidence? I’d recommend it. I wanted the one on my neck, which has a special meaning, to just be a way of trying to hide it, and then show it when I wanted to. It is quite an experience. Re:Homeland, I’d say the show shit the bed halfway through season 1. What was the significance of that? There are rumors swirling about a bromance between you and Denis. DVD: February 5, 2019, Stronger I don’t think there was a significance other than to show that his character had tattoos. They're not runic, and don't closely match any Asian characters that I could find. Detective Loki is one of the main protagonists in the 2013 crime/thriller movie Prisoners. I thought it was a really cool idea to make the detective a question mark who carried tons of question marks on him as well, so that, as an audience member, you weren’t just following the detective, you were going like, “What’s that? It payz to be a late adopter, yo! a hidden truth. Jake Gyllenhaal is a bit of a mystery. Role: John Morris But like I said on the show, I am pretty sure they were zodiac symbols. One last, quick question: What role, past or present, do you wish you could have played? As for Ms. Daines, her acting style can be best summed up with her hilarious wide-eyed head tilts that resemble a confused canine. He hadn’t remembered what the ones on my fingers meant — and, in a weird way, that’s between him and me — but I told him the day before yesterday because, I mean, he had a lot other characters and things to worry about, really. A lot of times the tattoos come out in scenes with Paul Dano, because I just wanted to communicate to him that I could get violent. And, actually, regardless of the movie, they are always on my mind. This site is in no way affiliated with Jake Gyllenhaal, his family, or his management. » Rate us on iTunes! Jake Gyllenhaal was wearing a Freemasons ring throughout the entire movie, and his name was Detective Loki, and Loki is known as the Norse god of Strife. [Laughs] I would consider him a brother, yes. New listener to filmjunk and I am a big fan. Out: October 19, 2018, The Sisters Brothers Unusual for Frank to ‘lose’ the plot completely …. Poltergeist still has a lot of Spielbergian touches in it, especially the whole ending sequence which Hooper didn’t want but Spielberg insisted on. First off, I apologize if this has been asked before. But he has tattoos — one on his neck and several on his fingers — a facial tic, and a Freemason ring, all of which tell a story about his past. It’s an experience in the unconscious, the unconscious of a director. After I saw this movie, I tried looking around to see if I could find out what those symbols mean on Jake Gyllenhaal's fingers. Film Junk Podcast Episode #434: Prisoners, Film Junk Podcast Episode #771: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm + The Trial of the Chicago 7, The Midnight Sky Trailer Starring George Clooney, Stardust Trailer Starring Johnny Flynn as David Bowie, Game Junk Prototype Episode #34: PS5 DualSense Unboxing. Here is a picture. » Download the MP3 (70 MB) Status: On iTunes Thoughts? Also, what wasn’t touched on is that even though Paul Dano’s character is mentally challenged, there is no way he doesn’t give up some evidence when he is being tortured. Again, that’s sort of another representation of the institution, finding comfort within that space and what that means, particularly in America. And so, from that, I inferred that he’d probably been through the juvenile detention system and that, in order to be a really good cop, you have to understand the criminal mind and also be fascinated with it, and maybe have been [a criminal] at one point of another. Puh-lease tell me someone else saw the closeup of Detective Loki’s knuckle tattoos and that I didn’t imagine it. Role: George Some Trivia: Because of Union rules in 1982, Spielberg wasn’t allowed to direct 2 movies in one year. I think the problem with this movie is that they’ve taken a fairly standard low-brow genre script and attempted to present it as if it were something more than that. It was an experiment and experience for us, and this movie, “Prisoners,” was an evolution from that. But I love him deeply, and he says [impersonates Villeneuve again], “And I hate him deeply, as well.”. Status: Out On DVD And then, with the parents, I usually wanted to cover them up. And I think what makes this one unique is the moral dilemma over Hugh Jackman’s actions. When Moviefone sat down with Gyllenhaal in Toronto to talk tats and twitches, the actor refused to divulge too much of his character’s past, but he did reveal some bromantic feelings for Villeneuve, the scenes in “Prisoners” that “wrecked” him for days, and the blockbuster franchise he’s dying to be a part of. R.I.P Sir Sean Connery, what a life of 90 years. So, what’s the story? » View the show notes Because even to draw upon that, I thought about Hugh, or Maria, or Viola, or Terrence, and what they were drawing upon being parents themselves. It was like a glitch. I could overlook all the plot holes and absurd twists if there wasn’t so much talent behind this movie. The mystery just took a little longer to resolve for me as I was unsure of Jackman’s motivations or Dano’s involvement at that point. What’s that? A great idea for a deep, epic, multi-faceted show involving terrorist cells and political intrigue and they boil everything down to a stupid soap opera plot about a brainwashed jerk off who is neither likeable or sympathetic.

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