doom slayer in halo fanfiction

Across from her sat a large machine: a pedestal of sorts which was surrounded by overarching sensors and projectors. Then dodged for cover after spotting two blue hulking beasts seconds later. Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson gazed through the foliage, taking time to light his cigar before turning around to his Marines behind him. "That will not be necessary," Rtas responded firmly. Parangosky sat stone faced in the mess that had become her office. He killed everyone.. with his bare hands and a metal sword with spikes that move on the edges. The Spec Op Elites turned on their cloaking devices and searched around the hangar for the mysterious demon. Parangosky barked irritably. Can't see a way out either. The Chief said nothing, but kept the pistol where it was, seemingly daring Thel to make a move against him. For the first time in a long time, someone had the upper hand on her. You know me. The Master Chief stood from his position at the console. It's not safe. How would you like your pizza?" "As for you, I'm afraid I have no means of killing you, but I do have your A.I. His expression seemed to say, 'I'm stuck here now, so it definitely could have gone better'. The marine ejected the now empty clip and fed his gun a new one as he ran to catch up with Gor. While flying to an undisclosed location, the Master Chief cautiously observed the Doom Slayer. Metal structures and electronics were reduced to nothing but junk in a matter of seconds, and Parangosky could feel a hint of satisfaction emanating from the Slayer's being as he destroyed the device that had brought him here. After a moment they started to exchange hesitant words. "Understood. Toward their main objective on their approach to the large island. "Hey? Engage enemy forces on sight!" "This device has suffered considerable trauma. "Sorry for taking your kill, bro." He was the one that had laid waste to Thel's ships during his time as a Covenant Fleet Commander. Instead, he sat as a cube, a plain and simple box that was rather suited to his full name: Black Box. Marvin sighed, clutching the rabbit more closely. Gary asked, quickly making something up. Johnson tilted his head impatiently. Instead the ring in the center of the room lit up with glowing red energy that grew into a red and black portal. That'll be sixteen credits. I'll stay on station and keep an eye out for Covenant boogies." I have a new mission for you. "Jeff, we've got company." Only Gor's glowing visor was visible. Wordlessly, he ran a few scans on the armor, muttering to himself as he tapped a few buttons. Spare me and I'll do so in return. I suspected that you were behind its installation and took appropriate measures to neutralize it with neither you nor Black Box being aware of my actions. She then looked up at the green man. Sort by: Hot ... 12.5K 179 61. I feel like introductions may not be necessary though, since you already knew about the Arbiter. Parangsoky grit her teeth. "Fuck!" paid it no attention however as she continued in an urgent tone. "Quite a story, VEGA. "It'll be easier to hold them off from inside the structure. "Well I'm actually a native of Reach but Earth is the Human home-world." Cortana replied as the Pelican slowly hovered deeper into the tunnel. Through all of their missions and all of their battles together, they had formed a bond. He claims their father is sick - the Doomslayer. The scene made it seem as though a bomb had gone off in the confines of her office. Thel gaze lingered on the Spartan. Shortly after your delivery to me, I had BB install a kill-code within your programming. "Still ain't getting a read on that signal. If you're reading this right after it's posted, check again in a month.). Thel stood patiently as the Oracle continued its reparations to the device. "Give'em hell, Marine." First chapter locked in tight! "My name is Losa Fumase at the holy Silent Cartographer." We have to get to the center before the Covenant, and failure, people, is not an option." It had grown into a friendship, and perhaps even deeper than that as well. Mine own home, Argent D'Nur, shalt never be free now. A novelization of a video I made on YouTube: "Now that we have been reunited, we can both utilize the tether system in an attempt to return to our original dimension. Beset upon by both sides the monster's ranks quickly dissolved. "The tether system in his armor may have malfunctioned and accidentally sent him to this universe. The Master Chief had said nothing since coming aboard the Shadow of Intent, and now the Arbiter knew why. Therefore, she had been inclined to hear out the rest of his tale. ", "It is the bond of a warrior, VEGA," Thel said. Her voice was far weaker now, conveying massive amounts of strain. Parangosky knew that he wanted nothing more than to end her existence then and there, but he was stopped by Parangosky's hold over his A.I. But I was wondering if you would like to help us and stop the Covenant. It was a bond that perhaps originated upon the base of functionality and synergy, but over time, it had grown into more than an alliance. Gary dissmised Jeff's warning, touching it accidentally opening a comm channel. Watching it's movement, the Doom Slayer jumped over fired a charged stun blast from his plasma rifle, stunning the Hunter for a glory kill. An insurmountable number of Humans had perished with it. "High Charity, the Prophet's holy city, is headed to Earth with an army of Flood! Gary spoke. He switched between his assault rifle and shotgun, his enemies falling in his wake. "Yes. ...Since eternity has this cycle repeated, and to infinity will it repeat evermore. The Doom Slayer finds himself in a position where he must care for two young boys who, much like him, have a history with Doctor Samuel Hayden. Your leverage is lost. "I am Gor of the Night Sentinels." "You!" Unfortunately they are very rare. A super soldier birthed from the undercover ONI Spartan Program. The empty crystal was supposed to house an A.I., a special A.I. Gary said, grabbing his head then looked at the purple walls of the room they're inside of. He obviously disagreed with the later part of VEGA's statement, but nothing further was said on the subject. Time was spent dashing around their shelter in gleeful play or bird watching by the windows. He pulled out his super shotgun, loaded two new shells into the barrel and silently walked away. The Doom Slayer halted in his advance and shifted his head towards the terminal that VEGA appeared on. At this time, I thought I would give credit where credit is due. The Spartan leaned forward and pressed his fists in the console, obviously tense. (If you were not aware, I pronounce Xanon ‘Zanon’, not like Xisuma where you would pronounce the X as an X). Although VEGA had informed her that the Doom Slayer was not one for taking orders, Parangosky had a plan to change that. Jeff said, picking up the missle launcher from the ground while Gary started up the Warthog. Итак, это сборник драбблов на КИНКтобер по пейрингу Мародёр/Палач Рока. The Doom Slayer sprinted into action by firing a few rockets at the Hunter pair. "...Well that didn't help!" "Agh! Memories of raiding her friend's fridge surfaced. The hologram suddenly jolted, and the holographic woman fell to the ground, crying out in pain as she did so. Johnson called. The island has multiple structures and installations. "Tell me. The Master Chief walked into the Cartographer and pushed the console in front of him. This item had been there, and while delicious she distinctly remembered accidentally chewing on some sort of stringy meat and recoiling at the taste. Parangosky watched silently as the Slayer then inserted the crystal into a slot on the rear of his armor. Marvin immediately brought his rifle up to point at their new foe. "Hello!? Sure enough embedded into the wall next to one of the statues a glowing green button with the symbol of a crosshair.

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