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I'm rolling with fire and poison weapons and i've yet to encounter an enemy i can't damage properly. Map with location of Legendary Unique Weapons in ELEX. It’s a two handed axe that deals a hefty amount of ice damage. Gamepedia. I use Snake Bite and then Antique Sword (Erik Eisenhauf's sword) stolen from Berserkers. The hideout is located underneath the Domed City. 1 handers are trash, shield only parries weapons and the heavy attack is a piddly shield bash as is the special attack. The lake is near the Goliet hotel and you have to swim to an island. Sign In. The Furnace is a flamethrower that can stunlock enemies with the flame ball fire mode.

All your comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcome. havnt had much of a go at this game due to work so im still finding stuff, You know how easy legendary weapons are too find? Harnessing that technology, they have created laser and plasma weapons that they use to brutally vaporize their enemies. Rotboars and rottmolchs in the area will attack in packs, however the biggest challenge is the Patron guarding the weapon. The Berserker Born (Harvest Time quest) will send you to a lake where your plants are to be picked and brought to him. These legendary weapons and armor are the best of the best, giving you the strongest stats around. With so many options to choose from, it is only right that you are able to find loads of loot scattered profusely throughout the environments in Elex. All rights reserved.

< > Showing 1-4 of 4 … The Outlaws look like they walked right out of a Mad Max movie. Help. Travel to it and near the center of the island is a hole in the ground. The legendary weapon offers a range of 30 meters, 100 damage and has seven shots. In this camp await you Iron shield, but be careful, because there are many bandits who guard it. Despite being located in a reaver’s compound just north of the Small Camp, pretty much the first teleporter in the game, it’s not easy to acquire this shield early on.

The shield is found on the second floor of the Cathedral of Hort pretty much unprotected. You’ll find it on a table in the hiding place during A Strange Mechanism quest.

Since all of them excel in both short and long range combat, only the strengths are slightly higher than in others. Unlike the Outlaws, the Berserkers’ name is much more misleading. This is the most powerful energy based gun in the game and as it was expected it can’t be acquired easily. We invite you to add comments, thank you. The time spent in Elex was quite enjoyable and I felt compelled to go the extra mile and find as many legendary weapons as possible. In Elex, you will not find many weapons and therefore, it is always good to upgrade your existing ones. However, you must be careful, because there are many strong enemies hovering around. Because of their advanced technology and powers, the Clerics are the easiest faction to join and play as. Being that the Outlaws are all dangerous and well-equipped, they will appeal to players who want the most varied arsenal available at your disposal. Navigating the area requires a decent amount of radiation resistance which can be increased on the spot with chems and by using specific gear like the Protective Mask or certain rings and amulets. Each person does their own thing in an almost anarchic society, where drugs and other unsavory acts are rampant. © Valve Corporation. The second entrance can be accessed by circling the Domed City towards its west side and dropping down the mountain with the jetpack. I’m not sure if I actually did, but here’s how to find the 20 I got so far: Warning! All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ELEX > General Discussions > Topic Details. I use Snake Bite and then Antique Sword (Erik Eisenhauf's sword) stolen from Berserkers. You can sell this Phantom bow and the dealer will pay you 1400 Elexit. It’s a two handed axe that deals a hefty amount of ice damage. ELEX, the latest RPG from Piranha Bytes, had me immersed into its fascinating science-fantasy setting for close to 80 hours.

But despite my obsessive searching I could only find 20 weapons. It’s found at the top of the tower in Origin or the Camp in the Center. ELEX One-Handed Weapons with Damage and requirements. They have created an almost tribal community that, while willing to fight, prefer peace over anything else. There are only six legendary items to be found in the entire game.

You can sell "The Redeemer" for 3120 Elexit. But as you probably expected, the radiation isn’t the only danger in this area, rippers, slime drakons and other mutants roam the crater. It is hidden inside Duke’s Bunker in the secret stash of Duke Logan. These are scattered and often well hidden in the game world. All the enemies in the surroundings can be avoided with ease while using the jetpack to reach the top of the building in question.

But the cream of the crop are the legendary items in Elex. Lacking the powers of the other factions and due to the unbalanced nature of gameplay in Elex, it is worst faction in the game. Hammer of Advent is another two handed melee weapon meant to be used in early game having a good amount of fire damage. Near the ruins, where you are tracing the beginning of the game of the dead cleric patrol, there is a bandit camp. I started a new playthrough after an easy endgame with a plasma rifle, and I'm planning on focusing on melee this time. Of the items waiting to be found, there are obviously some that are better than others. For upgrading your weapons, you need a variety of materials that you can find in Magalan. I was using a regent 3 with electric damage when I found that. They despise the element Elex and will do anything to rid it from the face of Magalan. Robots burn just fine, heck, they can even be poisoned! The Executor is a laser rifle with lower stat requirements than some of its brothers and sisters. This weapon can be found on a shelf on the bottom floor of the building north of the Valley of the Damned teleporter. The ruins aren’t easy to conquer as they are jam packed with reavers including a few of their bosses which mean serious business with their heavy guns. Get a 2 hander, aoe swing, interrupts opponents, same attack speed. Jump to: navigation, search. Elex: Weapons - Legendary, Benefits and Upgrade Guide. Category:Weapons. Thunderclap: This is a powerful rifle that can only be found in the home of The Outlaws: The Fort. Help . For this, you only have to break into Duke Logan's secret warehouse.

Sword of Advent is a one handed sword that deals lightning damage and has a higher dexterity requirement rather than strength. For this, you need the Upgrade Weapons ability. You can trick them and lure them from their camp to a dangerous monster nearby.

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From there, go to the Cathedral, which is the headquarters for The Clerics. For upgrading your weapons, you need a variety of materials that you can find in Magalan. It’s situated in a room above the NPC Godehard and it can be accessed only via jetpack. SQE - Stasis, PSI, Energy. It is in there hanging on one of the walls. Travel to the Converter in Northern Abessa.

Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. So, if you don’t want your experience spoiled, now it would be a good time to stop reading. The easiest way to steal this gun is to come during the night time when there is no guard blocking the door to the treasury. From ELEX Wiki. The easiest way to access this powerful weapon is during the “A Strange Mechanism” quest. Stealth is not necessarily required to steal this weapon without being detected. Ignis Artifax has 48 fire damage and you can sell it for 625 Elexit. The Phantom String: Travel to the village of Origin that’s nestled in the mountains near the border of Abessa and Edan. Elex is the next to join that list of massive RPG’s with a difficult faction decision to make. It is located on the roof of it. Once inside the hideout, Archon’s Might is found pretty easily as it laying right on top of one of the tables. Weapons One-Handed / Strength-Dexterity The Widowmaker is the most powerful weapon I found in the many hours I spent exploring the world of Magalan. I believe there is a legendary iteration for each weapon type in the game. The ruins are situated west of Goliet. This category is for weapons. Their powers, weapons, and armor give you a significant advantage over every other faction out there. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. For you, it could be completely different than John Everygamer’s choice, but it is still important to know your options and weigh them evenly.

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