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by Tiffany Raiford 67 Comments. From what I’ve heard in the latest season, the team is investigating very remote locations, which personally I find the more isolate, the creepier. It's hard to say, but numerous sources have asserted that much of the drama on-screen and on social media is done purely for ratings. Most reality shows still retain a basic level of truth, however, depicting events that really did happen, even if they’re staged again for the cameras. Seeing this poor "schmo" suffer the ups and downs of fake reality drama was captivating in a way that most shows can only wish they could be. The shows follow the day-to-day lives of various impossibly rich women from across the United States. However, this wasn’t the massive culture shock that the show claimed it to be. Remember that dramatic showdown between Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D? Airing in 2010, Pawn Queens lasted just ten episodes before being pulled by its home network, TLC. Or at least that's what we've been led to believe. 25 Most Expensive Places to Live in the U.S. 10 Habits That Make You Look Unprofessional, 10 Bad Behaviors Guaranteed to Get You Fired, 20 High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree, 9 Differences Between Baby Boomers & Millennials in the Workplace, 30 Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist, 30 Costumes That Turned Heads at Comic Con, 30 Aging Celebrities Whose Beach Bodies Defy Time, 30 Celebrities Who Publicly Support Donald Trump. Allegedly, there was hardly anything real about the day-to-day running of the Miami Beach-based towing company featured on the show. Airing on HGTV from 2008 until 2015, Love It or List It supposedly gave homeowners quite the dilemma: buy a new house chosen by a realtor or stick with their current place that the show has given an incredible makeover. To make matters worse, participants reportedly had to shell out for any tailoring and haircuts, too. I think the Travel Channel should maybe change their name to something more fitting. Portals To Hell brings you the most sinister haunted locations that are suspected of being gateways to the spirit world. And sometimes the $5,000 they were given by the show wasn’t enough to build an entirely new wardrobe. Seeing this poor "schmo" suffer the ups and downs of fake reality drama was captivating in a way that most shows can only wish they could be. It was a haggling approach that the guys can certainly understand and probably appreciated. When the show started, Gold & Silver was like any other pawn shop – most, if not all, of the business was done over the counter. Contestants were often encouraged not to spend their entire sum because they were personally responsible for paying sales tax. For example, the cake made for Wrigley Field's 100th anniversary was made out of mostly inedible materials and the cake had sat on display for so long, it was ultimately decided not to serve it to the patrons at all. And his ties with the showbiz industry don’t end there. His aunt and uncle's episode ended with a "list it", but in reality, the couple is still enjoying their home to this day. This will be Season 4 and I’m sure all paranormal enthusiasts are happy! I hope our list can help you get your paranormal fix! What’s more, some say those who subjected themselves to a sartorial inspection ended up having all their clothes donated to charity. I could say this would be a dream job. All those randos they bring back to the house to smush? All but one or two. Clunky product placement is always jarring, but Pawn Stars takes it to another level. Love It or List It is a show where homeowners are torn between renovating their home or selling it and finding a new one. The hijinks from within this show are just fantastic. a top-200 site as rated by Alexa. However, according to one former worker, no one on set made any attempt to hide that the entire show was a sham. Well it turns out that producers for Britain's Got Talent (and many other similar shows) aren't looking for skill as much as they are looking for a contestant sob story to spin into ratings gold. As it turns out, Rick is extremely well read, and he has a more refined taste in literature than you might expect from a pawnbroker, too. Unfortunately for their employees, though, these promises can turn out to be empty. However, it turns out that the decision has usually already been made. In fact, we found 14 of the fakest reality programs around, along with two that are absolutely real: 16 Fake: Say Yes to the Dress While people do compete to buy the contents of these spaces, producers allegedly plant unique or valuable items themselves. Believe it or not, Paris Hilton is not the ditzy blonde that her reality show, The Simple Life, made her out to be. Entertainment. The entertaining original concept of combining a physical medium and a NYPD homicide detective to hunt ghosts is the reason it’s still filming to this day. Interesting, but not entirely suitable for family TV. Some former contestants have said that lots of car additions had to be removed after filming for safety reasons and that often, the upgrades didn't address underlying mechanical issues with the cars. Or maybe ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’? But that's not how it works at all. Producers created an entirely fake backstory for the woman, who was not a pawn shop owner, but rather, a dental hygenist. The melting coin fiasco wasn’t the only time that Rick has taken in stolen goods. Even the Robertson family themselves have freely admitted that they regularly talk over storylines with producers before filming begins. It’s hard to imagine that anyone being followed by an unconvincingly disguised recruit on camera doesn’t realize they’re on Undercover Boss. And that’s because the man in question was allegedly never a chef in the first place. It’s great to see the original boys of ghost hunting back again and dominating the reality paranormal industry on the Travel Channel. If they can't or don't pay up, all of that stuff goes away once the cameras stop rolling. People bring plenty of antiques into Gold & Silver, some of them centuries old. Jersey Shore was undoubtedly one of the defining reality shows of the 2000s. In addition, many of the most amazing cake creations are inedible. However, nothing about the show, including its "intimate moments" was remotely real. Share. But in 2014 a woman traded in a coin collection at Gold & Silver, and the guys did the standard thing and melted them down. Well, over the years, the History channel’s Pawn Stars has carved out a reputation as one of the most popular reality shows on U.S. television. Rick got hitched to Deanna Burditt in 2013, but she had been married before, and it didn’t exactly end amicably. But some of its cast members wish they’d never signed up. But if reports are to be believed, the makers of the truTV show surely went a little overboard with their interference. By far the biggest money maker in the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop nowadays is the merchandise, and Chumlee’s line is particularly popular. While there have been a number of deviously wonderful fights and blow ups that seemed raw and authentic, they're all a ruse for the most part. Also on the ghostly grapevine I’ve read they capture their “most compelling evidence in over a decade”. And why would they? The time has flown hasn’t it? You see, not every room in the house gets the Fixer Upper treatment. In this creepy new show the true terror people face is not just in their nightmares, it’s real. Running for no fewer than ten seasons, Cake Boss followed the fortunes of Carlo’s Bakery and its owner Buddy Valastro. Contestants have to make it through several rounds before with talent scouts and producers before they get a chance to sing for the big dogs. In reality, no one had any pawn-based aspirations. Yes, many of the occasions for which the Valastro family were shown busy preparing were staged purely for the series. Man I was happy to hear that news! The crowd said that not only would those involved constantly pause for the benefit of the cameramen, but they would also often reshoot their conversations several times, too. Yes, the ones that tell the audience that the episodes could mess around with the edit to heighten the drama. Pawn shops take some fairly bizarre inventory at times, and Gold & Silver probably has the best line in weird wares of any pawn shop in America. At the end of each episode, the undercover boss typically claims that they will make positive changes within their company based on what they’ve witnessed. Destination Fear started in 2019 and is back for season 2 in 2020 and starting on April 29th. While that decision might sound agonizing, it's also totally fake. The Hills was an MTV reality show always plagued by accusations of being totally scripted. One of TLC’s longest-running reality shows, Say Yes to the Dress does exactly what it implies in the title. Fame can impact on people’s lives in strange and unexpected ways. So participants may be naked, but it seems like they don’t necessarily need to be afraid. Storage Wars might not be the most glamorous of reality TV shows. And although Buddy is indeed the head honcho at the family establishment, he’s not exactly as involved as the cameras portrayed. A reality show about a so-called psychic is fake? While the show presents itself as documenting auctions for abadoned storage spaces, the truth is a little more complicated. For those that haven’t had the chance to watch this paranormal reality TV show should give it a go! Sorry to break it to fans but some of the staged (fake) moments on the show include Audrina and Spencer having a fling, Heidi trying to trick Spencer into having a baby, Kristin and Audrina fighting over Justin Bobby, and Jen and Brody hooking up. They’re far more likely to be by the merch stand signing autographs. As if the private Lynyrd Skynyrd show wasn’t awesome enough, the cast were also personally invited to a show by Jon Bon Jovi. As a matter of fact, one writer for the American Conservative said, ""A&E appears to have taken a large clan of affluent, college-educated, mildly conservative, country club Republicans, common across the nicer suburbs of the old south, and repackaged them as the Beverly Hillbillies.". The men of the family are renowned for the long beards that would put even ZZ Top to shame. However, once cameras stopped rolling, the cars stopped looking so amazing. In a 2012 statement released to Entertainment Weekly, a representative admitted, “We’re making a television show, so we manage certain production and time constraints while honoring the home-buying process. Yes, as its title implies, those who are transported to a remote, isolated setting are then stripped bare in the ultimate survival challenge. Their stories were touching, and for the most part, what we saw on TV was what really happened: construction crews built them new homes in the span of a week. But that means one thing. It’s an reenactment style TV show with peoples true stories. By Jon O'Brien. In the last season the team investigated infamous locations such as ‘Lizzie Borden’s BnB’, ‘The Villisca Axe Murder House’ and sites around Gettysburg.

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