fallout 2 sierra army depot

Its activities were classified, and a Level 5 military clearance was required even to enter the base perimeter.[3]. The main entrance visited in Fallout 2, apart from the structure leading to the underground sections of the base, also had an explosive munitions storage next to it (identical design to the Lost Hills exterior shell), the base's power generators, a maintenance depot and, of course, several automated gun turrets. [Go to top]← New Reno | Sierra Army Depot | New Reno (revisited) →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, https://strategywiki.org/w/index.php?title=Fallout_2/Sierra_Army_Depot&oldid=513292, SkyNet, the security control computer and the NPC. There is another retinal scanner to the left; use Clifton's eye there. It is not really up to date as you can see many things are changed. Room beneath the exterior power generators. The main entrance, apart from the structure leading to the underground sections of the base, also held an explosive munitions storage next to it (a field station, like the one used to conceal Lost Hills' access elevator), the base's power generators (has a small room with power switch beneath it), and a maintenance depot. This research effort and chemical cocktails used during this time were entirely separate from the FEV research program. The interior of the base crawls with floating eyebots and sentry robots, and none are pleasantly-disposed to intruders. Firearms of almost all descriptions are stored in SAD's vaults, along with mountains of ammunition. Once you take care of them you can loot the level. Your main task on this level is to turn it on. If you want to get a Red Ryder LE BB gun, choose the retrieve option, and then retrieve a cadaver. This page has been accessed 50,209 times. Many of the brains extracted at the Sierra Army Depot wound up in robobrains, while prisoners and soldiers were often kept in stasis, to keep them fresh for medical and testing purposes. In 2050, the military, recognizing the need for improved equipment and weapons, refitted and renovated Sierra Army Depot from a munitions base, into a state-of-the-art research facility. Alternatively two or three snipers entering south can quickly snipe down every hostile turrets in the region. Dynamites, EMP Grenades, Good placement of your troops. Enter the base afterwards. Using a howitzer locked in a topside storage shed and locating its ammunition is the only way to open the base. Play sound Vats of Goo.ogg. Go to the third level, using Dixon's eye, and go to the room towards the northeast. No reports of successful battle against them has been done yet. The elevator will open. [4] The current fate of the base is unknown. After Skynet has been activated, the robot will deactivate all security measures in the third level (and successive levels of the base if you take it there). On the surface there is also elevator leading to Sierra's Underground level. Skynet did not gain self-awareness until 2075, where afterwards it began to rapidly develop a cybernetic brain with the aim of attaining mobility. In my 20+ years of playing this game over and over again, I could barely ever get the for me best ending for New Reno, Vault City, and NCR conflict. [4], By October 23rd, 2077, the Sierra Army Depot was fully evacuated, and the staff sealed the front blast doors, armed the turrets, and cleared the perimeter. https://www.fonline-reloaded.net/w/index.php?title=Sierra_Army_Depot&oldid=17237. The base staff sealed the front blast doors, armed the turrets, and cleared the perimeter. When you enter the room, to your left is a computer that you can access, if you've fixed the power generator. The bots at the bottom left of Level 2 do not react when attacked or when a combat starts. If you did get Dixon's eye, go to the elevator and use it on the retinal scanner. The primary storage warehouse of the Sierra Army Depot, level 2 contains the bulk of the depot's stores, as well as the quartermaster's office. What used to be horror locked on level 2 is now common sight on all levels except for the 1st floor. Choose one and the power generator might shut down and will need Repair to turn back on.

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