fenwick fenglass vs echo glass

The Fenwick book doesn't contain a comprehensive list of model numbers, nor does it di… I regret that because it was worth more than I agreed to when it sold. (Ref. (nativetrout), Powerful rod, especially in the butt section, and a true all-around rod that can do most anything well. The Fenglass rod that I have been using these past few weeks is the 7’6″ 5 weight. I've also enjoyed both the FF705 and FF85 in the past. All three are what I would describe as having progressive tapers. Alright let's hear it, what is your favourite little (new) glass rod? From a combination of eBay watching (and buying) and General Reference 2, 3, and 4, we've come up with this list of second generation Fenwicks. Although I still use those rods at times, I was excited to try out the new Fenwick Fenglass since there have been a lot of innovations in fiberglass rod manufacturing in recent years.. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the GlassIsNotDead community. The level of line control and response are not what I want or need from a dedicated small stream rod. As far as reels go, get the one that costs the least and balances the best. If the Dee Wing doesn't work you go to a little Sculpin. A wonderful all-around trout fishing rod for small-to-medium-sized dries and nymphs. When I first started fly fishing, I used old Fenwick Fiberglass fly rods that I inherited from my grandfather. The Fenglass rods had a bargain list price of $100, but somehow did not sell well. I'm biased toward echo though because they are a smaller company and their customer support has always been great. To be fair I only made a few casts with the echo. I like the blue halo but it's a bit more than I wanted to spend, they won't have the specific color I want in stock till mid April, and I'm really looking for a 7 footer. Joan Wulff putting the FenGlass through it’s paces. I like their 8' 5wt. I'm a big fan of slow rods and the butterstick is great! I have the FF605, FF705, FF706, FF755, and the FF805. ), Fenwick (now owned by Pure Fishing, Inc.) revived the fiberglass fly rod with their Fenglass line. It looks awesome with the Fenglass and together they are super fun to fish with. My local shop doesn't carry Redington or Echo unfortunately. H. hokiehunter07 Well-known member. These rods are covered on the Japanese Fiberglass Flyrods page. Fishes identical to the 2 piece model but more portable. Fenwick Fenglass Fly Rod. Thanks for the tip. (Very scarce?) Really underrated rod. (fishwater), marked WF7F. I've handled a superfine at the shop, that's a fantastic rod. For a great history of the Fenwick rod company, see Vic Johnson's book of the same title (General Reference 2). However, the rods were made in China with Western style grips. All things fiberglass fly rods. I recently purchased a FF837 from a board member and it is the only fiberglass Fenwick I own. Mine is labeled 3? The 4 wt. I regret that because it was worth more than I agreed to when it sold. Second, Orvis Superfine Glass is awesome as well. These rods had the patented Feralite ferrule, a tip-over-butt fiberglass arrangement that has since been copied by almost every other rod maker. I've narrowed it down to the Redington Butter stick or the Echo glass rod. I think they're both versatile rods. I'd like to pick up another 705 at some point or maybe try the 755. If you collect Fenwick rods, you gotta have Vic's book. I bought mine over the summer from stillwater fly shops website, it was $220 and came with free line. (PflighFission), Lighter, but not as sweet as the FF84. The Fenwick Fenglass is not the latest rod that has grabbed everyone’s attention and is the center of big marketing campaigns. Much better now although the grip is a littler shorter. Will work fine with a 7 or 8 weight line. (L Kenney), Came with a 10 inch fighting butt. They handled 11 weight shooting heads very nicely, if I remember correctly. Capable of distance with accuracy. Displays the same smooth casting stroke Fenglass is known for. Although I still use those rods at times, I was excited to try out the new Fenwick Fenglass since there have been a lot of innovations in fiberglass rod manufacturing in recent years. 3pc rod that is my go to streamer and bass rod. I've never held or cast the Fenglass. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yeah, it's not a click-pawl, but I snagged it on eBay for cheap and it balances the rod well. (Upstream), Six weight. This page was last edited on 15 January 2014, at 14:53. In order of what I like the most: FF756-4, FF807, FF79, FF75-4, FF805, FF806, FF705 FF 856-5 (sold it) The 805 might move up as I get to know it. Top . I just finished building a BH 5wt and I'm in love with it. Would love any input or other rods to consider under $300. When I casted either I had an Orvis Batrenkill I with their hydros superfine line (underlined with 2wt line) to make the glass a little faster than usual. I personally like the butterstick. Posted: 10 May 2016, 00:55 • #28 . Press J to jump to the feed. The past couple weeks I have spent several mornings fishing Little Prickly Pear Creek upstream of Wolf Creek before work. None! Fenwick fenglass 6'6" 3wt Echo glass 6'3" 2wt or 6'9" 3wt Redington butterstick 6'2" 2wt or 7'0" 3wt Apparently the cabelas cgr isn't available in Canada so that's out of the question, and the orvis is much over my price range so I've ruled that out. It is designed specifically for this purpose and the ease of casting this line on the Fenglass exceeded my expectations. Don't sleep on the Redington CT 3WT either. (lonefisherman), Fitted with short, stout fighting butt. It is suited more for small dries and nymphs with a delicate presentation. pure pleasure to fish. The 705 I sold for a reason I can't remember now. (Troutguy), Smooth, easy-casting rod that flexes all the way to the butt. I have 2 , 7'6" for a 6 weight that also throws a 7 weight line perfectly. This means that all the glass fibers go the same direction so the rod tracks better. Are any Cabelas rods available to you in Canada or just not the CGR? (CreationBear), Early serial numbered versions—prefix C and above—with semi-translucent amber blanks were marketed by Fenwick as 5 weight rods, but they handle a 4 weight line quite nicely, indeed. Both the fish pictured below ate a big chubby. Master Guide: Joined: 05/20/12 Posts: 842 Location: Eugene, OR: Do you think it's a 5-6 or a solid 6? Great dry-fly rod. They're both great rods. my buddy Steve F. was delighted fishing his FF75 for dries on trout. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Setup went to west coast with my son who has since become a Fenwick fanatic. As a result, used Fenwicks are usually a bargain, and you can fish them without fear. I love the 7' 3wt carbon, it's my favorite and a true medium slow action. Unfortunately out of range for what I'm willing to spend. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It is a "Royal Wand" RWFC60. Just for today, mind you. Fenwick Woodstream 755. (Doug), Remarkably different than the FF70—much fuller flexing.

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