folks vs folx

Associating people with Nazi? By Proper language has its place.

Folk is a collective noun (e.g. To immediately assume a racist reason suggests that @Liz62 thinks we all have the same education and background as they do (which is of course, not true), and also making as many assumptions about us as they think we are of them. I figured that, since AVEN's Census shows that most members are in their teens and 20s, it might just be due to youth being unaware and unfamiliar with people of color, especially if they haven't grown up in areas with them or knowing any. generation to generation (e.g., the Folk of the Air, the Folk of the Fringe), a certain kind or class of people -- used with a qualifying adjective

Folx … Hours of Operation.

Nah on that side of the pond something a biiiit similar (though still not the same) as the combination of accent, slang and lingo that evolved in northern England port cities that is considered low class when heard (cockney I think it's called?). However, I absolutely dislike the use of "guys" to mean "people". the individual or with a selected class : the great proportion of the

  Your previous content has been restored. Folks is not–at least it hasn’t been since Chaucer’s time–an exact synonym for people. Writing letter of recommendation for someone I have never met. Use your best judgement!

Hord of the University of Western Ontario found that only a very small percentage of the community are familiar with the term. Go to bed. Oh yeah, both of those make a lot sense and kinda along the lines I've been thinking. To be honest it feels like it was more relevant for the community with their LGBTQ+ hat, not the Race related hat. The spelling has been adopted by some communities because it can be used to indicate inclusion of marginalized groups.

The search results for folk/folks on the Guardian website show no clear usage pattern that reflects this distinction.

I've never heard of 'folx', and because I'm a 30-something adult with decent English skills and not a 16-year-old Tumblr kid with a need to be special and different, I have no intention of using it. It's surprising to me how many of you have internalized colonizer mentality. like @Liz62says language changes it evolves with every new person who speaks it if it didn't we all be talking like a badly translated shakespeare play, get off your high horse and let people speak and write the way they want of else you start sounding like a particular group of germans, get off your high horse and let people speak and write the way they want of else you start sounding like a particular group of germans. Can I include my published short story as a chapter to my new book?

English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts. There threads with older LGBT+ people and threads with POC in the Intersectionality Forum, if you're interested. Is there a name for paths that follow gridlines. Whereas people is a standard word that may be used in any context, folks is a colloquialism with definite connotations.

Wimmin! I really don't care if people -- anyone -- use folx instead of folks.

The yt in yt folx appears to stem from the slang term whitey.

Please know that not all members write things like this.

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Should I prefer “my” or “our” when the object (a kid, a house) is “co-owned” by two people both present? You don't get to tell Black people that their language is wrong and inferior.

“You are likely to [verb]” vs. “you are like to [verb]”. i wonder how many of the posters in this thread who were demeaning OP and mouthing off about "Tumblr Kids"(most of which are in their 20s by now) are firmly in the "old man yells at cloud" (it's a meme look it up) phase of life?


Let's try and remember to be kind as we all try to move forward together. (please accept this dinosaur in lieu of a grey heart), When I asked a friend this question, I was told that the inclusion of the x is a little nod to any non-cis people being addressed; that "folks" is indeed a gender-neutral term but since it's such a common word it doesn't necessarily mean that the writer is LGBTQAI+ friendly. I don't immediately assume someone's a transphobe if they use the word transsexual - they probably aren't aware it's a problematic term so I will gently educate them as such, rather than have a go. CNET Download provides free downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices across all categories of software and apps, including security, utilities, games, video and browsers

Folx looks radical punk-ish. arts and crafts, legends, traditions, and superstitions from

'Folk(s)' is one syllable, 'people' is two syllables. It offers convenient downloads managing, flexible settings, etc. Which is the point.

How do you win a simulated dogfight/Air-to-Air engagement? (Or is it just a “tumblr word” that doesn’t/shouldn’t hold (much) weight?).

Let's try and remember to be kind as we all try to move forward together. (please accept this dinosaur in lieu of a grey heart). Folks, it's not all about you.

The confusion is understandable since an -x ending is frequently used to indicate gender neutral.

Apply to this!! Clear editor. to preserve its characteristic form of civilization and its customs, Even with the usual spelling, “folks” is an inclusive word, avoiding the gender associations of “guys,” “dudes,” and other male-associated words. I don't think that @Liz62 was referring to anything or anyone but the 2 comments by @Roidgy using the phrase, And it's companion piece by @Taylor Lilith, "If this is true, I will be adding a ks in the future.

As aces, we also experience discrimination and ignorance at times; it would be lovely if we could use these experiences as a lens to be more empathetic towards others and to educate politely. Is this another Tumblr–ism? If there's nothing wrong with people wanting to use fancy new words, there's nothing wrong with people wanting traditional elegant versions of English. But in certain contexts it can be useful to use the alternative spelling "folx" to symbolize inclusion of POC and trans people.

I was able to get to GDC last year because of this scholarship and it had such a resounding impact on my career, allowing me to meet so many folx in person I wouldn't have been able to meet otherwise.

Came to get educated, found racism instead. I use "folks", when I say it. Display as a link instead, ×

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