giant food stock clerk job description

In order to ensure that inventory is displayed in a way that is compliant with standard operating procedures for both the store and the product manufacturer, the Grocery Stocker must oversee proper product placement, rotation, positioning, storage, and handling. Receiving and Stocking. Displaying excellent communication skills, Grocery Stockers assist customers while maintaining the grocery department inventory. Many employers offer dental plans and medical insurance as part of their benefits package. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts growth in this field to decline 1 percent through 2026.

Food clerks need strong customer service skills, the ability to work well as part of a team, and great math skills to do this job efficiently. Giant Food Stores Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Available Positions at Giant Food Stores: Bagger, bakery associate, cashier, clerk, stock boy, stocker Printable Application: No.

Flexible individuals, they adapt well to unforeseen events and respond quickly to customer issues. Ensure high level of hygiene, cleanliness and housekeeping of food preparation and service areas. This includes managing returned product and misplaced items.

Most of the skills needed for this job are gained through on-the-job training from experienced colleagues and company training programs. Apart from the aforementioned basic responsibilities, the distribution clerk is also in charge of a number of duties that ensure the smooth flow of warehouse activities. They may work unconventional hours at stores that are open all night or stocking inventory overnight while the store is closed. Over 150,000 people have joined this group to share knowledge and advice, Crowning the Customer – customer service is a competitive area of business for many sectors, and this book addresses the topic comprehensively and is written in an easy-to-follow format to help readers engage with their customers, A Piece of the Pie: The Story of Customer Service at Publix – Publix is one of the top-ranked supermarkets in America and has one of the best rankings for customer service. If you want to work as a Grocery Stocker, focus on the following.

A Grocery Clerk, also known as a Supermarket Clerk, is responsible for maintaining a grocery store to ensure it runs efficiently. The Grocery Stocker is responsible for maintaining clean and orderly spaces. Food clerks ensure that the store remains fully stocked and tidy at all times and communicate their knowledge of the store’s layout to help customers find what they need.

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