green bee eater poem

For ELLs: Guide students to read the Adjectives Shades of Meaning, Version 2 anchor chart. (Responses will vary, but may include: slowing down, showing more craftsmanship. Tell students that they will get a chance to celebrate their hard work by sharing it with their classmates! The sun comes over the nearby rooftops as I put away the drying and make a tea. Meanwhile, the fast drifting layers of cottony stratus, merely a kilometer or two above our heads, had already started looking black because they no longer caught the sun. In Work Time A, students use what they have learned about drawing to create a new draft of a previous bird drawing. In this lesson, they do so independently. (Sometimes you can pay attention to body language to understand how people are feeling. With the physical distancing of people in full swing, it seems that we are all beginning to find new connections to the world around us. This poem is meant to teach them a simple recipe that they can prepare themselves. Tell students that they will now demonstrate their understanding of similar adjectives with different strengths by filling in the poem on their own. Independent Writing: Birds Research Notebook (30 minutes), B. Pinky Partners Protocol: Sharing Our Final Drawings (10 minutes), A.

I made my tea and looked out. As the horizon rose above the sun, the most spectacular were the golden layers of altostratus clouds at a height of about 3 kilometers. The city lights came on, to add a glow to the moonlight. In my final draft I want to make sure my drawing fills the entire page and includes all of the body parts.".

The call of the Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus, recorded by Paul Bourdin) is another sure sign of spring. Invite partners to take a seat together before calling the next group (i.e., green bee eater, mallard duck, bald eagle, woodpecker). I get up in the morning and hear a wonderful natural concert put up by the birds around us. There are no new supporting Materials for this lesson. I thought about the situation. There are familiar calls, as well as new ones I’m learning to recognize.

... Green Bee-eater by Pascale Petit More precious than all the gems of Jaipur – the green bee-eater. Invite students to mark their selected drawing. (Oriental Magpie Robin, Indian Robin, Green bee eater, Black Drongos were some of the birds that we happened to spot!) The concert in raga Lalit gives way to the long Bhairavi of the morning as I sit down with my tea. Their call is sweet enough, if heard from far. But I’ve begun to enjoy this interval between sunrise and the start of human activity. Perhaps the most annoying bird is the common myna (Acridotheres tristis, recorded by Peter Boesman). Paint a picture.

Each unit in the K-2 Language Arts Curriculum has one standards-based assessment built in. It seems that someone has measured brain to body ratios in a large sample of birds, and from fossils of avian and non-avian dinosaurs. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. the color of hte bird is wow * sb7an alla *. ), "What do you need to think about as you create your final draft?" Purpose of lesson and alignment to standards: Areas in which students may need additional support: Consider using an interactive white board or document camera to display lesson Materials. ... Green Bee-eater. Follow the same routine from Work Time C of Lesson 3 to guide students through completing a final draft of their observational bird drawing. “When our minds are much affected, so are the movements of our bodies,” wrote Charles Darwin in his book The expression of the emotions in man and animals (1872). A coppersmith barbet supplied the metronimic rhythm as the competing trills of green bee-eaters and purple sunbirds rose over it. No description of the sounds of an Indian city can be complete without including the House Crow (Corvus splendens, recorded by Peter Boesman), whose social behaviour, aggression, and intelligence are keys to their survival against much larger raptors. It would be a good activity for them. When I saw them, I remembered reading something about how intelligence and complex social structures evolve together. The break in the clouds was the promise of the approach of sharad ritu, that interval before autumn that the English named an Indian summer. Remind students that we show empathy because we know how we would want to be treated if we felt the same way. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. (to be nice; to know what to say; because you want to be treated that way), "Once we know how someone is feeling, what should we do about it?"

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY). As colour faded from the sky, the last clouds to turn pink were the high streaks of cirrus: ice crystals condensing out of the air in the cold of the upper atmosphere. The basic design of this lesson supports ELLs through opportunities to apply their knowledge of adjectives and shades of meaning and to reflect on their learning through speaking, listening, and writing. In the past I paid more attention to the spectacular colours of the Indian Golden Oriole (Oriolus kundoo, recordings by Frank Lambert and Peter Boesman) than to its call. Consider arranging or pre-distributing Birds Research notebooks for easy access during Work Time A.

", A. After that some have evolved larger brains by growing big in both body and brain sizes, but with more rapid growth in brains. Perhaps it was July 3 (if it wasn’t earlier). These are the CCS Standards addressed in this lesson: A. Poem and Movement: "Wandering through the Zoo" Poem (10 minutes), A. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. So yesterday, I took my camera and climbed up to the terrace on the roof of our building. • Choose one of the poems and write a creative response to it in the form of a poem (maximum 30 lines), along with a refl ective commentary (maximum 300 words). (taking my time; slowing down; focusing on the details), B. Pinky Partners Protocol: Sharing Our Final Drawing (10 minutes), "I can use the classroom discussion norms to talk with a partner about my final observational drawing. Tell students that they will now work with a partner who selected the same drawing to share ideas about how to revise their drawing to turn it into a final drawing. (MMR).

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