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As His people will learn to surrender themselves completely and worship God with all their heart, spontaneously and unhindered by criticism or control of men, then the presence of God will explode in our midst! John 3:13 says, “No one has ascended into heaven except he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man.” And John 1:18 says, “No one has seen God at any time.”Four biblical authors had visions of heaven—not near-death experiences. Poverty is Not Godliness – God is Not Poor, CoronaVirus in Kenya Statehouse (WORD Fulfilled), Former Kenya President Moi is Dead (Prophecy Fulfilled), Zimbabwe Prophecy Fulfillment – Robert Mugabe Dies, Prophecy Fulfilled: Kenya Supreme Court Declares Uhuru Kenyatta President. In heaven, Jesus told me to look for the people I saw in the screen; my friends in the village who I grew with and all other catholic neighbors. We all need a savior, someone who saves us from the evil tendencies inside the depths of our hearts, that make us selfish and dishonest in sometimes the most secret ways. I have nothing to gain by hiding this from you now. Not only is it impossible for sinful people to be in the presence of a perfect and holy God, it is also impossible for us to have intimate fellowship with God here on earth, because of sin. Hear this from me and if you do not agree with it ask Jesus Christ to confirm it to you. Is God real or is God an illusion? When you fight and win ... Copyright©2012-2019 www.christiantruthcenter.com, ‘Stop crying they still have a chance in the great tribulation period. My eyes met again one-on-one with The Risen Glorified Son of God; Jesus Christ. GOD IS REAL does not represent any religion, but shows you that God is the most beautiful reality there is. How to enter heaven while you are in hell. We are imperfect. I knew for sure that it is only the Bride of Jesus Christ who will inherit heaven. Enjoy these real life stories of heaven and … He tried to touch his face, but noticed that his hands went straight through his body. Mahesh Chavda was raised in a Hindu family and his parents were respected Hindu priests. But while he tried to look around in this agonizing place, a bright light suddenly shined down and pulled him up. During the next 90 minutes, he remembers hearing beautiful music, meeting those who had a spiritual impact in his life, and experiences deep peace–until suddenly he is brought back to “real life” through another minister’s prayer in this amazing true story. When 4-year-old Colton Burpo emerges from life-threatening surgery, he offers an astounding account of his journey to heaven—including things that happened before he was born. He becomes our very best friend. That is utterly impossible. Jesus took her many time to heaven and hell. If Miracles Signs and Wonders are Not Following you, Whose Fault is it? Please make sure you always link back to this website, when sharing our content: https://www.GodisReal.today Thank you! Being in the presence of God fulfills the deepest desires of our heart, to enjoy forever. A group of 7 Colombian students say the Lord came to them and took them to see both Heaven and Hell. Based on the incredible true story. I saw myself in the fields shepherding my father’s flock as I used to. No person in the Roman Catholic Church will make it to heaven unless they repent and move out of the beast. But he was unable to give his live to Christ because of his strong Hindu family. I was told to look down to earth. The Moment when Ian McCormack saw Jesus after he died of Box Jellyfish shock. Spirits. All over the world people have gone to heaven and were sent back to tell the world about it. Would you like to experience the overwhelming love of God as well? I started crying but Jesus quickly interrupted, ‘Stop crying they still have a chance in the great tribulation period. Robin became a disciplined and faithful follower of Jesus Christ. Enjoy these real life stories of heaven and share with your friends! You won’t regret it! So there is no God…’. Sign up now: Kat Kerr has had the wonderful privilege of being taken into heaven several times by Jesus Christ. President Uhuru Kenyatta Totally Doing Away With Deputy William Ruto (WORD... Peace – A Measure of Your Relationship with Jesus Christ, Beggars are Unrighteous – Including Pulpit Beggars. Have you ever thought about what the difference might be between an angel and a spirit? Warfare – A physical fight is a result of a spiritual defeat. Divine Visitation of Heaven and Hell - Sarah Boyanga This is one of the great testimony of heaven and hell! The Roman Catholic church is the old Babylon worship system and the persecutor of all true God servants and any person in this beast will not see the kingdom of heaven unless they repent and move out. Why? ‎When first I receive your email, I felt electric shock in my whole body.” – Mosia. I don’t see him, I don’t hear him, I don’t feel him? Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. These are proven real life stories, not just made up fairytales. Revelation of HEAVEN 7 Columbian Youths Can his parents find the courage and conviction to believe their son’s experience is true—and share it with the world? Then he died… Before going to heaven, Ian first went to a place of darkness and terror. Therefor God sent Jesus Christ, to pay the price for us, so we could be set free from sin. Jesus Christ gave her insights to share with the world, on how to overcome sickness, pain and attacks from satan and how the glory of God will be released on earth through the Sound of Heaven…. From the first seal to the sixth seal, they all have been opened. If you deeply love animals and wonder if dogs or other pets go to heaven, then read this encouraging article. If anyone would say he or she is perfect and without sin, this person is very dishonest. But heaven is full of fun! Every story has been verified and was found to be reliable. Find out today…, The love of God is the reason why you are alive. Now he is sharing his amazing testimony about heaven with the world, through his international ministry. Based on a true story! David Sorensen had a dramatic encounter with God, which completely transformed his life. His parents were desperate. She has been seeing the seals as they have been opened one by one. It seemed they would lose their little boy. Just ask 4-year-old Colton, who emerged from life-threatening surgery with astounding details about heaven! Watch the dramatic re-enactment of Ian’s accident and his experiences in hell and heaven and listen to Ian’s story during an in depth interview. Majority of the people in the village I grew up in are Catholics and I saw each single person in the screen. Thank you very much.” – Consol, “I just read your last post and could feel the Holy Spirit washing over me. I was in heaven and this is my testimony. Sister Sarah Binayamo Boyanga has multiple times of encountering with Jesus. He decided to spend the rest of his life showing others show real God is and how much he loves us. He couldn’t touch himself. Peter Panagore was a college student ice climbing on his spring break when mistakes on the mountain caused him to die from hypothermia. An interview with Colton Burpo on US National Television, A 2012 updated version of the story of Colton Burpo. He loves us, no matter what we have done wrong and He wants to forgive us and make us His beloved children. Warfare – Physical Fight Result of Spiritual Defeat. One day, while he was diving in the ocean, he felt something smash into his forearm. God however does not fit in any box of a religion, but He is the creator of all mankind and He wants to bring all of us into an intimate relationship with Him. We all have lied, been selfish, we have hurt other people, we have unclean thoughts and desires, we are humans! Just before he passed away he suddenly had a bright vision of his mother, who was a passionate believer in Jesus Christ. What you are about to read is one student’s account of the group’s time spent in Heaven. The Spirit of God is the most wonderful reality we can ever imagine: He pours out the life changing, healing love of God in our hearts. They had not made it in rupture. How to prepare for the Coming of the Messiah in PDF file! She says the Lord takes her on ‘tours of heaven’ and she received permission to share what she has seen there. I started teaching what I was taught in heaven in the following articles; 1. The story of Colton Burpo is so powerful that in 2014 an full length movie is produced by Sony Pictures based on his testimony, called ‘Heaven Is for Real’. The story of Colin Burpo is so credible that he has been on TV many times to tell what he has seen and experienced in heaven. Some people think heaven is going to be so boring, they don’t even wanna go there. For the last decades he had a powerful and anointed christian ministry, with incredible miracles taking place.

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