hermione saves james and lily fanfiction

She was sure she looked a right mess, too.

", Growling, Sirius instructed, "Take the Ministry for all you can.". Hermione asked the room for windows and light, and although it was night out, the full moon high in the sky, the windows showed the scene of a hot summer's day, allowing natural lighting to flow into the room.

Moony, Padfoot and Prongs are together again. Engulfed in his mother's arms, surrounded by his father's embrace, Harry didn't hear the roar of the students, nor the professors taking control of the situation. Both of them were bound and seemed to be on the floor of the drawing room of the cottage. A warm feeling stole over The Boy-Who-Lived as he watched his mother stand up for him.

She looked familiar; Hermione could remember seeing her before. ", A confused expression crossed James face, "How did you get the cloak? "And you, My Dear, are Hermione Granger. "Such a waste," he muttered. STOP IT! To be honest, We're really creating an etherspace pocket into which We shall send your bodies. For everyone else on the planet, being near a Dementor is something to be avoided at all costs. "Daddy" James squealed as he bounded over to Harry. Hopefully. It appears you have some work to do to release my son from your tournament. I read in a FF somewhere that 'any chapped ass monkey can start a story; it's finishing it that's hard'.

Returning his gaze to the yew wand in his hand, he murmured, "Wonderful.".

Harry removed a head boy badge from his own pocket and placed it into the bowl beside her ring. Pumpkins and candles. Your suffering shall be exquisite and drawn out. They didn't disappear. The courtyard was free from the littered bodies of the dead and injured. Ravishment seemed so incredibly inviting in that moment. To right the wrongs that had been done. Back in Godrics Hollow Graveyard, James and Lily woke up panicking.

Ouch. "Stephen," James greeted the man as they shook hands. The flow of her tears increased as she kissed her son on the forehead. Your review has been posted. "STOP IT! "Just a minute," Hermione muttered, putting her wand in her back pocket, the time turner in her beaded bag and then she leaned down and kissed Harry's cooling forehead. Rolling his eyes at the man, he asked the room, "Veritaserum or Vow?

Glaring at the silent, glowering Severus Snape, James affected a broad smile, "Snivellus! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Here, I'm going to shift perspectives, but try to stay with the POV of the person who is not central to the scene. Wrapping his arm about his wife's shoulder, he coaxed her out of the room. If you would…" Albus gestured with his hand to the side. "We'll be leaving when they're done?"

"What happened to Frank and Alice?" When Hermione wrapped her hand around Harry's arm, he glanced at her before introducing her to his parents. Lily embraced Minerva again, "We forgive you. When he told Hermione what he heard, she burst into tears of happiness for him as she engulfed him in a hug. If you need me, you can owl.

What if Hermione was given a second chance to save the world? James/Lily slash, Hermione/Harry and Ron Bashing. Harry was watching his father in awe. Stopping, the witch replied without looking, "What do you want, Death Eater?

James had been leery about leaving the wards of Rowan Hill, but trusted his wife and her judgement. The emotional voice of a woman who could only be his mother had told him, "I love you, Harry.

"Amusing to the last, my Lord," Voldemort scowled. Kissing Lily's hand, he bid them adieu before departing. She didn't look back, so James couldn't see the tears coursing down her cheeks.

You would have been Our right and left hand.

Unfortunately for her, she hadn't been as subtle as she'd thought and Voldemort had noticed, understanding she'd been distracting him with her words in an attempt to get to the staircase and up to Harry. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Matthew McConaughey and Oprah Talk About Legacy, Oprah Shares the Seven Books That Help Her Through, Read a Creepy Feminist Fable from the Author, Cover Reveal: Cicely Tyson's JUST AS I AM, Latina Entrepreneur Shares Bilingual Stories. "We can't find him," Sirius spoke. The two exhausted figures staggered through the winged boar figures, which guarded the gates of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

He repeated the question for the umpteenth time that night, though this time without the sneer but a guarded look held on his face. But who would win? "Your bravado knows no limits, does it? You may share with those you deem necessary of your true self. Expect my solicitor to call on you.". Really, I'm just looking for Strong!Hermione where she's badass and everything. Lastly," he turned form the old man as he took his wife's arm while shepherding his friend from the room. Both witches rolled their eyes in perfect time, causing Prongs and Pronglet to break into laughter. Your Daddy loves you Harry. She mustn't be seen. Giving the object of her affections a tug, the teens followed the twenty something parents to have a chat. "Professor Lupin?" [now completed, with epilogue up], Site: Archive of Our Own | Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling | Published: 2015-03-22 | Completed: 2017-09-30 | Words: 389431 | Chapters: 101/101 | Comments: 528 | Kudos: 665 | Bookmarks: 167 | Hits: 24402 | ID: 3594354 | Download: EPUB or MOBI. When Harry looked up at her he had a large grin on his face and hope shone in his eyes. Ruefully, she scratched her familiar's ears. I assure you, no harm can be done to the timeline," Lily said kindly. "I'm still going to whack him in the back of the head, though," Lily declared with a smile, James chuckling at her.

Recommendation for the chapter is Harry Potter and the Dream Come True by Grand Admiral Chelli. Bubbling up from deep inside her, she repeated, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I wasn't there. He laughed nervously and then shot a spell off. I love you. Blaise refers to her as ‘Dominia’ or something similar at times. Darting through the kitchen, she noted the mess of items on the ground and a rather large hole in the wall, but she ignored and soon entering the living room, a very familiar head of black messy hair being the first thing she saw. Then thought bitterly "Guess I will never know". You may share the facts of the future and you may keep with you the items which you have in that clever, little bag of yours. It seemed the playful side of James was the facet of his Dad about which everyone wanted to tell him. Godric's Hollow – Saturday 31st October 1981. She knew she had cuts on her face, stomach, arms and legs and that's not even counting the bruises or scars from previous battles over the years.

It wasn't her fault if lately all of the simple pleasures seemed to involve James.

Catching a glance at his Dad, Harry saw a smile dancing on the edge of Prongs' mouth. But, since they are health care providers, Dentists are bound by law to report any situation they know about. Holding him close, she whispered, "I love you, Harry. The next words she heard had her spinning on her heel and running towards James. She screamed her anguish and people approached her to take Harry away from her. Movement surrounded her as Death Eaters fled, as they were being captured and as the wounded were being tended to.

Turning, he continued his course of misdirection as he clapped Flitwick on the back, "Filius! After being persuaded by the most unlikely of people for the most unlikely of reasons, Hermione takes a one way trip to the past fully intending on saving not just lives but souls along the way. "Not waiting for a response, James said, "Good, good. James shook his head. I warned him it was lunacy holding the Stone in the castle. Lily stood off to the side, emotionally swamped. / /Prewett Twins – Simon Woods./ /Lily Evans – Karen Gillian./. She could see his eyes surveying her, taking in the sight of her injuries, her torn and dirty clothing and the bloodstains on her clothing and skin. "What?" Feeling a bit bold, Harry replied, "Thanks Uncle Moony."

I am the famous Prongs of the Marauders, as you well know.".

What would you do? Only you will have the memories of this war.

She knew that he'd most likely be dead in the next few minutes. SIRIUS BLACK, MURDERER OF JAMES AND LILY POTTER, IS THE FIRST TO ESCAPE AZKABAN. Please get our affairs in order post haste. That's why you're the perfect witch for the job. I also blended the canon Voldemort and canon Bellatrix. Lily asked with an impish smile. I like the idea of Voldiepants being a bit loony too. "Let's make it official.

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