honda grom big bore kit

→ CHECK OUT our website : Grom Big Bore Kit Installation.- Finbro 183cc BBKPART 1, Introduction to all the parts included in the Honda Grom Big Bore kitMonkey Father Big Bore KitGreat Low Prices→ Subscribe :→ Please take a second to leave a comment before you head off.→ Facebook: → Twitter:→ Instagram: #GromBBK #GromBigBoreKit #GromTakegawaBBK #GromKitacoBBK #GromKosoBBK #GromTakegawaBigBoreKit #GromKitacoBigBoreKit #GromKosoBigBoreKit NOTE: Before installing the big bore kit, it’s important to check the ring gaps in the new piston and cylinder. Honda Grom Big Bore Kit - FINBRO - Install Part 1 - Great Low … Special discounts for companies in the powersports industry, Discounts for federal and most state and municipal agencies. Watch the clip below to see the cylinder head removal segment of our Honda Grom Big Bore Kit video. Step 3. Next, install a new cylinder head gasket. NOTE: Don’t lose the woodruff key in the crankshaft. Remove the bolt holding the chain tensioner arm. Remove the bolt from the left side of the cylinder that holds the cam chain guide wheel, and then remove the guide wheel from the cylinder and the cylinder from the crankcase. Take the thermostat from the old cylinder, install it in the new cylinder, and reattach the cable and bracket. Use a, Bottom oil ring gap at approximately 7 o'clock, Oil expansion ring gap at approximately 11 o'clock, Top oil ring gap at approximately 5 o'clock, Lower piston ring gap placed at approximately 11 o'clock, Top piston ring gap at approximately 1 o'clock, Now that the big bore kit is installed on our Honda Grom and the top end is rebuilt, our next project is to, install a larger throttle body, a high-flow air filter, and an upgraded exhaust system. Step 7. There are no installation instructions, but if you can replace your piston, you can install this bore kit as the parts are installed in the same manner as the OEM parts. Remove the cam chain guide roller bolt and the chain guide roller. Check that the T mark is centered in the crankcase timing window, and put a socket on the crankshaft to hold the engine at TDC. Carefully remove a tiny amount of material from the end of the piston ring if the gap is too small by using a ring end gap grinder to correct the ring gap. However, it is highly recommended that a professional install this kit. Step 11. As you can see in the comparison table below, you have a lot of options. Step 4. Step 6. Set the engine to TDC (top dead center) by removing the cam cover from the left side of the cylinder head, then removing the timing cap and crankshaft cap from the left side crankcase cover, rotating the crankshaft counterclockwise until the T mark is in the center of the timing window and the mark on the cam sprocket is aligned with the mark on the cylinder head. Install the bolts and washers, and torque the bolts to 18 foot-pounds. JC Race Head – JC heads start with a basic Honda OEM Cylinder Head core. Step 4. Next, remove the cylinder head from the engine. Included are new cam cover and tappet cover o-rings. Reinstall the cam chain guide roller and the washer and pin. The exhaust valve gaps should be 0.007” or 0.1778mm. Step 5. Position the new piston so that the small triangle denoting the exhaust side of the piston is at 6 o'clock, then install the new piston rings in the following order and set each piston ring gap as follows: Watch the clip below to see the piston ring installation segment of our Honda Grom Big Bore Kit video. Cover the opening around the connector rod with paper towels or something similar to prevent any debris from getting into the crankcase. This product is legal for closed-course competition use only; for racing vehicles (a competition vehicle not used on public highways). Remove the flywheel by holding it with a sheave holder and taking off the central nut and washer. Step 3. JC Racing, Koso Noth America, Tbparts / Trail Bikes LLC. Remove the seat, plastics and shrouds. Step 1. Make sure the mating surfaces are completely clean, and install a new left crankcase cover gasket. We have sold and installed TB products with great success. Now that the big bore kit is installed on our Honda Grom and the top end is rebuilt, our next project is to install a larger throttle body, a high-flow air filter, and an upgraded exhaust system. Next, remove the collar, washer and the tensioner arm. In this video and guide, we fit a KOSO big bore kit, which includes a four-valve head that will increase the cylinder bore to 170cc. Thoroughly clean the new cylinder with contact/brake cleaner, then apply a thin film of engine oil to the walls of the cylinder. Put the piston over the connector rod with the triangle mark facing down (toward where the exhaust will be once the engine is reassembled), then push the piston pin through the rod and install the second piston circlip. With the engine at TDC, check the valve gaps with a feeler gauge. Step 2. Inspect the positioning of the piston ring gaps, and readjust them to the correct positions if they have moved. We also install a KOSO cam chain tensioner kit to cope with the additional forces from the upgraded motor. The DHM 186 kit includes everything you need to convert your Honda Grom in to a big bore machine. Step 2. This is the biggest Grom & Monkey 125 bore kit on the market! Step 2. Use a feeler gauge to measure the clearance between the ends of the piston ring, and compare it to the piston manufacturer’s charts.

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