how much do afl players get paid a game

The salary cap, known officially as Total Player Payments, is A$13,000,000 for the 2019 season with a salary floor of $12,350,000. “There is probably a group of five to 10 players who you can see won’t ever play AFL,” the four-time premiership player said. Average player annual salary Average salary per game Highest paid (per year approx) Australian Football League: Australia (national) $12,758,095: Yes: $371,000: $16,860: $1,200,000: South Australian National Football League: South Australia: $400,000: Yes: Victorian Football League: Victoria: $300,000: Yes: West Australian Football League: Western Australia Former Fremantle player Lachie Neale's new deal with Brisbane, depending on how it is structured, could also have him on significant money in 2019. “Anyone in between, I know it sounds harsh, should be hard-balled.”. Total player payments jumped 20 per cent when the last collective bargaining agreement was negotiated in 2017.

In 2001, Carlton were fined $125,150, forfeited their second and third round picks in the 2001 National Draft, and were excluded from the 2002 pre-season draft after it was found that they had failed to disclose payments totaling $239,900 to captain. Picture: AFL Photos. A first-year rookie was due to earn $85,000 this year with match payments of $5,000 per game. But it was in Germany where he was educated on the Pareto Principle. In a wide-ranging discussion on Fox Footy’s THE DEBATE podcast, the retired duo agreed the best players deserved to be remunerated generously, but queried whether list managers have their priorities skewed. Highly regarded for strategy, matchday coaching and innovation, Jennings has been on study tours to the Middle East, Japan, Sweden USA, Italy, Greece and Spain. “I felt there were a lot of these fringe players who were getting two to four-year deals on $300,000 to $400,000 per year that were in and out of the side,” Montagna continued. Picture: Tony Gough, Sign up to all of Foxtel Now with a 10-day free trail. ** Average Gross Player Earnings ("AGPE") The AGPE is a result of the payments (GPP plus ASA's) made to Primary Listed and Pre-Season Nominated Rookies only (grouped as "Primary Listed"). There are a significantly higher number of AFL reserves in the Victorian Football League due to affiliations with Victorian clubs, but player payments for these appearances is apparently not included in the VFL's salary cap. Two other clubs were fined in 1999 for minor breaches: Carlton (fined $43,800 and excluded from the 2000 pre-season draft) and Geelong ($20,000). The breaches of the salary cap and salary floor regulations as outlined by the AFL are: In addition, trading cash for players and playing coaches, formerly common practices, are prohibited in order to prevent wealthier clubs from circumventing the restrictions of the salary cap and salary floor. The League has released the player payment data for 2018 and there are some familiar names at the top.

Ten other clubs were fined in 1996 for minor breaches in a crackdown following the Sydney incident the year before: Fitzroy, St Kilda and North Melbourne ($30,000 each), Richmond ($20,000), and Brisbane, Collingwood, the Western Bulldogs, Fremantle, Hawthorn and the West Coast Eagles ($10,000 each).

Fremantle were handed Melbourne's first round pick for the 1999 National Draft as compensation for losing ruckman. Originally, the cap was only for the Total Player Payments of each club and not the club's football department. In 1998, the West Coast Eagles were fined $100,000 and forfeited their third round pick in the National Draft after an AFL investigation found that they had exceeded the salary cap by a total of $165,000 during the 1997 and 1998 seasons.
NO EGOS Ex-Docker lauds his new midfield mates. In 2022, the average player wage will be $389,000 with a salary cap of $13.54m.[1]. “You then need to pay your next five or six young players – the ones that are going to be stars – because you need to keep them at your footy club. “The top 31 players play 98 per cent of the season combined across the league,” Montagna said on THE DEBATE podcast. In 1992, Sydney were fined $50,000 after it was found that they had failed to disclose payments made to former player Greg Williams during the 1990 season; Williams was suspended for six matches and fined the maximum of $25,000 for accepting the payments. A first-year player fresh out of the National Draft would have made just more than $100,000 as a base salary. This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. Jeremy McGovern is now among the AFL's best-paid players. You don’t want to lose your big guns, but these guys can be replaced. [5], In 2014, the AFL and its clubs accepted a luxury tax on football department spending (excluding the salary cap) to take effect in 2015 and an overall revenue tax to take effect by 2017. “In a footy context, of the 22 players that run out, four players have a disproportionate impact on the result,” Jennings said. Breaches of the salary cap regulations are as follows: Apart from the AFL, several regional leagues also have salary caps which although widening between them and the AFL and overall less than national competitions, are substantial enough to dictate the movement of semi-professional and professional players between states and the overall playing quality and spectator attendance of the state leagues. Jeremy McGovern is now among the AFL's best-paid players. “These other players take up a lot of resources. After eight seasons with Gold Coast, Lynch transferred to Richmond last October.

Even in the best of times, player contracts are complicated by a variety of intricate factors, including the need for clubs to compete in the present but simultaneously prepare for the future. Picture: Michael Dodge, Richmond stars Dustin Martin and Tom Lynch. In 2005, St Kilda were fined $40,000 for a minor breach in regards to minor sponsor. In 2011, Richmond were fined $10,000 but did not have any points deducted after it was found that they had exceeded the salary cap by $13,000 during the 2010 season. “But they are replaceable and role players. The AFL has also used the cap to pursue its policy of supporting clubs in non-traditional markets such as Sydney and Brisbane.

Montagna referenced Richmond’s model as one that works in the modern game. Watch Foxtel in an instant.

Collingwood list manager Ned Guy speaks to AFL Exchange on Trade Radio regarding Adam…, Sam Jacobs discusses the length of contracts in the AFL on Trade Radio, Nat Edwards and Mitch Cleary take you inside the ARC where all the trade action will…, All the latest trade news and whispers in our daily LIVE blog, West Coast will complete a trade for small forward Zac Langdon, Keep up to date with your club's picks throughout the Trade Period, Riley Beveridge and Nathan Schmook answer all your trade questions live on Facebook, AFL Talent Ambassador Kevin Sheehan reveals his top NAB AFL Draft Prospects -…, This content is unavailable in your region. They are your stars. The Australian Football League has implemented a salary cap on its clubs since 1987, when Brisbane and West Coast were admitted, as part of its equalization policy designed to neutralize the ability of the richest and most successful clubs, Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon and Hawthorn, to perennially dominate the competition. West Coast's Jeremy McGovern will join the millionaires in 2019, having last year signed the competition's second-biggest deal behind Martin. Former Fremantle player Lachie Neale's new deal with Brisbane, depending on how it is structured, could also have him on significant money in 2019. In 1994, Carlton were fined $50,000 after it was found that they had exceeded the salary cap by $85,000 during the 1993 season. The third guest on the podcast was long-time AFL assistant coach Craig Jennings, who has earned his Level 4 coaching credentials across two decades in the system at four clubs. Carlisle to 'miss a considerable amount of football', Finals/Relocation & Living & other Allowances.

“It takes a lot of resources to get them training and developing to play VFL football, let alone AFL. They take up player welfare because they are fringe players and younger and might need more development. You can access more content with Watch AFL. Are bottom-15 players paid too kuch? The 18 clubs paid a total of $240.4 million, before deductions which incorporated injury allowances, finals incentives and veterans' list payments. They shouldn’t make a difference to whether you win or lose.”. “Players were getting signed to four year deals because the club was worried about losing them,” the retired Saint said, reflecting on his playing days.

Penalties for players, club officials or agents include fines of up to one-and-a half-times the amount involved and/or suspension. In 2012, Collingwood were fined $20,000 for late lodgement of documents relating to the contract and financial details of two players.

Constant physical workouts are a mainstay of their daily task list.

Three other clubs were fined in 2001 for minor breaches: Richmond and North Melbourne ($20,000 each) and Melbourne ($5,000).

This excludes the Gold Coast, who have not yet qualified for a finals series, This figure includes the drawn and replayed 1948 and 1977 Grand Finals, while in 1897 and 1924 Essendon won both the round-robin series outright, meaning that no Grand Final was required, This figure includes the drawn and replayed 2010 Grand Final, see page 63 of AFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, South Australian National Football League, "Players get 20 per cent pay rise in new CBA", Rich clubs refuse to accept football department cap amid fears of elitism, Rich clubs agree to luxury and super earnings taxes, Sydney's cost of living allowance abolished, Luxury tax limit set for first two years, veterans concessions could be abolished, Tigers fined $10,000 for salary cap breach, Crows, Tippett, officials punished for salary cap violations and draft tampering,,,22010,5037983-5006020-28,00.html,, Use Australian English from December 2017, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, late or incorrect lodgement or loss of documents relating to player financial and contract details, or. From 2019, fans will no longer be able to subscribe to AFL Live Pass through the AFL website.

Certain payments are excluded from the cap, and concessions are available for some players, in particular "veteran" players (those who have completed 10 seasons with their current club) who are discounted by 50% for purposes of the cap, depending on the number of these players at each club.

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