how to make a baghdad battery

Building a Battery Bank for Your Off-Grid Energy Needs, How to Make and Store Electricity Before a Catastrophic Grid Collapse, The Alternative To Generators You Need When The Power’s Out, Foods That Will Last Forever In The Post-Apocalyptic World. This will be crucial when you get around to hooking your appliances up to your battery, because the wattage rating that’s listed on most appliances is a little misleading. I've not arrived at a 'best' cell construction method for quickly evaluating different chemistries, but to provide ideas, I listed photos of various permutations I have attempted - including some earlier versions of my Baghdad cell replica.I only selected a mason jar as my container because I needed to fit the electrode dimensions of a Baghdad battery. If I was to create, say, a potato battery and a Baghdad battery and compare the charges, might this work? The only problem is that they need regular maintenance. For instance, say you wanted to run an 800 watt coffee maker. I've been eating a lot of citrus and legumes lately, so maybe I will retest my urine pH and give it another go. If you are in the U.S., then once you locate (e.g., using online catalogs) a nearby library which does have it, your own local librarian can request it through the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) program. It looks very thorough. After it’s all said and done, it should look like this: From there, you’ll need a small jar to store this contraption, and you’ll have to puncture holes in the lid to allow the positive and negative contacts to push through. Along with more Amp-hours (Ah), comes more weight. Also, THANK you Ian W for answering questions, and providing this resource. These cells involve two electrolyte solutions to immerse the anode and cathode, and a salt bridge. 84–87. In one case, I think the investigator was blatantly fraudulent in his claims, as I have been unable to reproduce his results. May 2002.The latter is likely to be hard to find outside of a university research (or engineering department) library. As you’ll soon see, modern isn’t always better. I wasted considerable time in some of my experiments by not purchasing it sooner - it contains lots of data on many different chemistries. All I have seen are low resolution photos, crude hand drawings, and written summaries of the artifacts. I don't know, but the history certainly seems rather messy. 7 years ago Luke Iseman makes stuff, some of which works. However, with an alkaline electrolyte, the copper electrode is quickly oxidized even when partially exposed to air. The Baghdad Battery, otherwise known as the Parthian Battery, was an artefact hypothesised to be an ancient version of a battery. There are three types of deep cycle batteries that are the most popular for people trying to get off the grid. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Called a magnesium or Baghdad battery they are made with a magnesium rod and either a copper coil or a copper rod. Erste Auflage 2004. The idea is to allow water to pass through the foam, but to keep the copper from touching the electrode. Your magnesium battery is all done. 12 volts is actually a bit of a misnomer when it comes to car batteries and deep cycle cells. Outside of the U.S. I also believe the name Baghdad is important since it would be nice if we identified this region of the world with the hope and centers of learning and science that it once embodied, instead of the cauldron of violence that has plagued its more recent chapters in history.The date range commonly cited for the artifacts spans 600 years - 300 B.C. Most investigators, including myself, have wondered why the copper electrode is sealed in the clay jar, since completing a circuit to extract the current is much more difficult - this is puzzling since concealment of the copper electrode does not appear to be necessary with an acid electrolyte. So, maybe I've convinced you this is a rechargeable cell, but how was it charged? I like what strmrnnr says about the blood purifier. Now that I think about it, she wasn't thrilled about the KOH either. Your measuring device may already have high input impedance (>100Mohm), but if not, use an operational amplifier (opamp), otherwise cells with high internal resistance (such as the Baghdad Battery chemistry) will create problems in your measurements. The Parthians, who conquered Mesopotamia in 138 B.C. Coincidentally, that is exactly what you need if you want to connect it to a deep cycle battery, which are typically used to store the energy produced by solar panels. The spinning is similar to how a snake climbs a vertical limb. 10 years ago Thanks,  Weslendottir P.S. - 300 A.D.) listed as the artifacts' origin date. A better name would actually be "Mesopotamia Battery" since Baghdad was not in use at the time, furthermore, the battery was actually not found in Baghdad, but instead near it in an area called Khujut-Rabua in Parthian times, or Salman Pak in modern day Iraq. I used regular tap water and i turned out fine. Based on an assimilation of the various sources listed in step 10 and several trials exercising possible permutations, the cell I settled on as being most likely is a Cu|Fe3O4 electrode pair immersed in KOH 20% that operates as a rechargeable battery - not a single use battery in which the electrodes are disabled by the reaction, as seen with an acid electrolyte. Fill the jar with tap water up to the top of the foam, and close the lid with the contacts exposed. Since then, more complex batteries have been invented that make use of galvanic cells. However, a lack of sunlight can present a few problems for any would-be prepper. All deep cycle batteries are rather sensitive, and can be easily damaged if they aren’t properly charged or maintained. You cant just leave the nail on a stove top burner on high? They’re significantly cheaper than modern batteries, and can discharge deeper. The Wikipedia article provides references to two other printed/published sources: Welfare and Fairley's Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World; and a peer-reviewed journal article, Von Handorf, D E., "The Baghdad battery - myth or reality?" on Introduction, LOL...when I first saw the title, I thought "What?! It’s not a lot of energy, but it adds up after a while, and it’ll be able to supplement a small portion of your energy needs when the sun isn’t out. For a more detailed description of this device, check out the full instructions for its construction, and hopefully you’ll soon be enjoying your new magnesium battery bank. When you first turn it on, it’s actually going to run at around 1000 or 1200 watts for a few seconds before it settles into 800 watts. Why:An acid chemistry means the electrodes are only good for one use. However, I will stick with Baghdad since this is how the artifacts are now commonly referenced. Luke Iseman. Like wet cells, they are built for very deep discharges, but are usually the most expensive batteries on the market. The "Baghdad battery," which dates around 250 B.C.E. How:KOH, an alkaline urine, or perhaps another alkaline substance, are all possible, but my experiments only used KOH. Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. You start out with thick, magnesium rods, which you can buy on Ebay. Hi,As I understood from this Fe2O3 can easily be boiled to convert it to Fe3O4? So wet cells have a better ‘margin of error’ so to speak. Vol. Make your mistakes on wet cells before moving onto the maintenance free batteries. How did you make this battery fit into the Scientific Method? The Baghdad battery. 9 years ago >I would like to reference photos and figures inline with the text since I presume it would be easier for the reader to follow, but I am unsure if there is a way to do this through the instructable editor interface and wiki markup (?) Amy S. May 7, 2018 May 7, 2018 No Comments on How to Make a Battery That Lasts (Practically) Forever Learn how to make a diy battery lasts forever. I've also found this book to be very helpful (and affordable relative to other battery books). Finally, if you don’t have a multi-meter you should definitely get one. These include : Flooded batteries are the more traditional choice for most people, and have been around a lot longer than AGM or Gel batteries. an alkaline electrolyte - Potassium Hydroxide (KOH), also known as Potash, or an alkaline urine should work. It’s a little bit of a daunting subject at first, but well worth it if you plan on going off the grid. Deep cycle batteries tend to be outrageously heavy. Plus my wife would likely take issue with urine sweating out of a porous jar on our kitchen table. And that’s pretty much the only maintenance you’ll have to do. This table should give some ideas when considering different cell potentials.To learn about batteries in general, the web is fertile ground. Maybe we would wire some cells in series. However, mixing ash with water is not rocket science. I charged my replicas using voltage/current that simulates an earth battery. And that’s it! Fortunately, there is such a way, and I’m willing to bet that most of you reading this have never heard of it (I hadn’t until recently). They’re also maintenance free, with no leakage or gassing, and don’t need to be stored or used in an upright position. I even have the stylin' hard leather case. Then let sit for 3 days and you will see the 5x increase in capacity I note below, some speculate it was used as a current source to electrify various objects, either for curiosity or "religious experience" statues controlled by a crafty priest - this does seem nifty, but it would take several batteries to generate a noticeable jolt through the unsuspecting worshiper. To charge the battery, a constant voltage source such as another battery (e.g. Required fields are marked *. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! When you look at the price per discharge/recharge cycle, it ends up being the cheaper option for long term daily use. on How to Make a Battery That Lasts (Practically) Forever, Choosing the Right Batteries for Your Off Grid Retreat. on Introduction. Instead of asphalt for the sealant - seen in the artifacts - I used rubber tape. To charge the battery, a constant voltage source such as another battery (e.g. Now that we have a good coat of Fe2O3, we will convert this to Fe3O4. You’ll find the same thing with pretty much all appliances. Nasser Kanani. After that, you wrap the rod in porous foam, and then coil copper wire around the foam. First you will need to create Fe2O3 (red rust). Even today, most KOH is commercially produced by taking the ash form burned wood, soaking in water, and then evaporating the water off to leave KOH crystals. The capacity is always measured in amp-hours, and they either come in 6 or 12 volts. Luke Iseman makes stuff, some of which works. Share it with us! Was very easy to create charge and discharge curves using DEWESoft Software that comes along with the product. Along with AGM, Gel batteries are what’s known as “maintenance free”. I think urine is just as likely to be the electrolyte, but I have some health problems and a diet that trends toward an acidic urine, so I was unable to test this. This device is also called a “Galvanic Cell,” which has been around since the late 1700’s, and possibly even earlier if the theories surrounding the Baghdad Battery are to be believed. Several of the sources listed in Step 10 have already done a wonderful job discussing these details.A few notes:>Several of the listed artifact photos were found on Wikipedia or widely used on the web, so I am assuming there are no copyright infringements. Without that technology, it’s very easy to overcharge your batteries and damage them. This way you can maintain the same voltage, but increase your storage capacity. The resistor value will differ depending on the battery. The corrosion shown in the artifact photographs, actually closely resembles the corrosion patterns I've seen after removing the copper from an alkaline electrolyte (see photo).If it was an acid chemistry, cider vinegar seems more likely than the lemon juice or red wine vinegar used by some investigators - my understanding is that red wine vinegar was not used in earlier times. on Introduction. I understand the temple of Avestrya (spelling?) Aug 25, 2014 - Building a "Baghdad Battery": The intent of this instructable is to provide ideas for experimenting with battery chemistry in general, and to summarize my experience producing a replica of what is often referred to as the Baghdad Battery.

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