i whoopedu hugs86

Sell custom creations to people who love your style. It already draws in the hardcore crowd because it's so much more complex than Mortal Kombat. Placing 9th at locals, he must be feelin’ free, But HugS will be fine, he got social security. My man lost to Plank, yeah that rank is outdated, C++ | His flow was best in I Rest My Case but the lyrics were weakest. Nope.

But you can’t even sleep without nightmares of YAYUHHZZ.

That’s Far from a good loss. im not lawful make this pussy stop talking you're not one of the God's you're one of the God awfuls we all gawking when looking at your fox man stick to smash 4 and losing by four stocks i aint standing your style i aint standing your ground get wins when kicking a man when hes down like i beat mang0 im the favorite if he chokes as far as Armada goes ill just wait til hes a host aint no telling how foolish youll be looking evidence dot zip cant contain this ass whoopin right when you realize the money match is over thatll be the queue to throw your controller, Yo Hugo? 1 min ago, C# | Try beating Tafo, that’s a piece of cake. Got swept by SmashG0D, got swept by lloD.

Smash @ Xanadu 137 Highlights - I whoopedu hugs86 - YouTube

Aint got no footage do you know what that means? It’s been a while it’s time for a new flow.

How can we check win/loss stats for our online matches. It's rated T for Teen. (Bison)? Why you talkin smack? 2 hours ago, C++ | It’s truly upsettin’ I’ve been stomping’that dude since ’07. I’m Chillin that’s too cold I’m takin’ a shot a Hugo. I’m leaving them dudes flat, you can’t even do that. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the. But the BRB burn was hot fire. "It's like Capcom wanted to make a tribute to SNK, but then they remembered that they hated SNK, so they made C. Viper instead." 1 hour ago, Bash |

Couple bad losses, maybe coulda shook it off. Placing 9th at locals, he must be feeling free But HugS will be fine, he got Social Security At this point, I guess it's pretty clear HugS really wishin' it was back to last year Maryland-Virginia, we fill his heart with fear Might be bad at Smash but … Kids can theoretically play it, but parents might have hangups about R Mika smacking her ass, and smacking people WITH her ass.

The funniest HUGE character in a fighting game ? I'm pretty sure there was no pro SFIV player under 20. How do i combo 2 consecutive charge moves? I can believe this is just a joke submission, but your writing style for the description is so different from usual and it worries me that you were hacked somehow. Discover I Whoopedu Hugs86 T Shirt! HugS really wishin’ it was back to last year. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Makes sense actually yeah. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. At this point I guess it’s pretty clear, HugS really wishin’ it was back to last year, Maryland, Virginia, we fill his heart with fear, Is the base game still worth buying now that the Arcade Edition is available? Who hasn’t whoopedu, HugS86? I've been talking about this with some of my friends, and a lot of them think that it's a game for kids because it doesn't compare to MKX (blood and violence) and DOA (sexuality) in terms of maturity. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Chillin said on his stream shortly after that Mike Haze was a "tougher target" than HugS and Leffen had been, the former because of bad losses and the latter because of, well, Leffen things. 20th rank but your skills might be fadin’. How in the fuck you still losin’ to Drephen. Still never giving up on HOS in Xrd. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. You might stop losing to Falcon and maybe even to Ganon. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. -KD003. Return my treasures to me and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla. i'm steppin to chillin reppin the west i'm the villain, never been solid like liquid I rap em up like im gifted this shits, been written in the hidden scripts of tafokints living kin, that chillin would probably lose to Eikelmann, Winner stays on so you getting seat jacked, gotta keep it real you know my flow will always kill man, no way you can beat me when you droppin sets to Milk Man :'). Guess i gotta bring it back to teach chillin a lesson, it's truly upsetting after getting bodied by leffen, He set up his defense but i'm standing here with a deadly weapon, Just gimme a second and chillin will see armageddon, everyone knows that you try play the game weird, maybe you'd stop losing if you sipped on some brain gear, Just gotta say I'm sorry if this seems mean, Part of team liquid hugo's sponsored by your dream team, never getting gold cuz that's too far out your element, Guess you gotta rap to make yourself feel better kid. Flow was solid just lyrics were mostly lacking, Well it makes sense. (6 to 10 years old).

and leave you body bagged like when I beat you. What do you want instead of Street Fighter VI as the next game? 2 hours ago, Dart | but chillin lemme ask..who the fuck is Gar? Maybe even need to practice on your stream. And Chu's Mango diss of course. I think all that BrainGear’s bad for your head. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Make that comeback like 2 stocks with Sopo. Get back to labbin’ if you spend some time planning. PSN: TheRedMage ,only EU players need apply, Most videogames aren't for kids. Unranked Falco? Guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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