i wish you could understand how much i love you

You are the person I can always trust my life with. The way you dress is really tasteful, and you always know what to put on to look amazing. Just a minute spent with you is better than a whole day of sunshine. “These words do not come from a book, they do not come from a website nor do they come from a song, they come from me; ‘I love you. And, darling, when I am with you, I have this amazing feeling that all of my dreams have finally come true. “The most cruel thing a person can do is to forbid someone from saying, ‘I love you’ to the one he loves, yet it is more cruel to force one to say ‘I love you not’ to the one he loves most.”-CoRSaGe, 117. Everyone would like to hear sweet and sincere words from someone who is deeply special to them. My dear angel, nothing can stop me free loving you from now until eternity. Whenever I see you, I think “Good job, God!”. I will never let you down. How is it that you continuously improve upon perfection? Darling, I can’t hold these feelings any longer. Sometimes I feel like without you in my life, I would have stepped on a dark path. I love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life. “‘Wait!’ That’s what I said before you went away. “I just close my eyes because I might see your face. Indeed, you are my true angel in reality—that special stellar that gives me joy whenever I look into her eyes. 155. Some say to know you is to love you. You are ticking in my heart like a little clock. You are such an amazing person that you could have easily won anyone’s heart. “You really shouldn’t say I love you unless you mean it. “Maybe that’s the reason why I love you; you’re my heart, Girl, and with all the crazy things that I do, you’re still here, Girl. I love you. I love you for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you’re yet to be. It is that I’m standing in front of you, but you don’t know that I love you!”-Source Unknown, 53. Image: canva.com (modified by author)Source: UGC. As time goes by, may they grow stronger and fulfill whatever your heart may desire. “I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish, I’ll be your fantasy. I want to be with you, my darling. Sweetheart, this is not an accident, it was meant to be. I love you so much that you’re always in my heart.”-Source Unknown, 35. You are my world and everything that I ever want in this life. If you asking if I love you, the answer is I DO.”-Source Unknown, 43. In case we ever fight and you would want to resolve the misunderstanding, just kiss me. “Everyday, all I hear is, ‘You deserve better,’ ‘You deserve more.’ But, everyday I love you more and more. You are my joy and happiness. Girl, you are my lucky charm. I need you like the poet needs the pain and like the flowers need the rain. '”-Source Unknown, 107. Your beauty attracted me, but I admire you for the person you are and the joy you’ve brought to my life. But then I realize what an awkward position I’d put you in. Thank you for coming into my life. That’s how it should be, my love. When I am with you my dear, I feel at home. I love you more than anyone, I just had to let you know. What you mean to me is inexpressible. Yes, you wake me up every day, while I fall asleep dreaming of the days when I was alone. I love you, too!”, 55. I don’t know where to start, all I know is I love you so much. I just close my mouth because I might hear your voice. Now, I promise you that as long as I live, I will always love you. Touching love messages for your girlfriend - Express your feelings! I wish I could tell you exactly how much I love, but it is too much that it can not be shown. Don't you wish you could tell how much you love that special person in your life..? Do you know why I believe in God? Loving you has truly changed my life forever. But, when I look into your eyes, I’m in fear of how much I love you.”, 89. “Saying I love you isn’t hard; saying I love you and meaning it is.”-Source Unknown, 62. “Because I love you my nights are no longer dark.”-Source Unknown, 16. That’s how much I love you; nothing can separate us, my love.”-Source Unknown, 50. I love you. You may unsubscribe at any time. Hug me. Sweetie , I love you so much and I will love you forever. 9. You are the most interesting lady that has ever come into my life to change it from rag to gold—even with my entire wealth, I could not lead a good life until you came into my world to teach me what it takes to be calm and kind to the people. “For yesterday’s memories, today’s love, and tomorrow’s dreams I love you.”-Source Unknown, 75. 153. I was patient searching for the right person, just a second to meet you I almost failed. Want to lose myself in your kiss, everyday I love you more and more.”-Moulin Rouge, 99. No one dares to separate them. My life with you and without you is like two different worlds. “I love you for you, but mostly I love you for what I am when I’m with you.”-Taylor, 69. 128. Eyes as dreamy as a doe’s, lips as soft as buttery chocolate, steps as elegant as a gazelle’s, voice as the sound from the gentle harmonies of cymbals and lyres… You are in every definition, the true beauty my heart sought after. No one can teach me how to love you because your presence in my life is, in fact, love lessons itself. I must be so lucky that I could find you in this big world and make you mine. Do you even know that you are my everything, the only flower in my entire garden? Thank you for all that you are. When I touch you, I feel you. I still do not understand how you could love me like you do! I will be waiting, always. When you are by my side, I always feel protected and safe and freed from all my worries. “I love you without reason and that is reason enough.”-Source Unknown, 94. 127. 4. I don’t care about what anyone says about you, what concerns me most is the fact I focus on loving you—no one else. “Look into my heart and see what I am saying, for my heart speaks the truth and the truth is I love you.”-Source Unknown, 98. My love and trust are all I have to give to you, sealed with honesty. Whatever it takes, whatever’s at stake, you know I’ll be right here, right here … always waiting for you.”-Source Unknown, 10. ‘Cause I love you, whether it’s wrong or right, and though I can’t be with you tonight, you know my heart is by your side.”-Daniel Bedingfield, 23. 150. Your email address will not be published. Did you ever love somebody like I love you?”-Brandy, 30. Trust me with your heart for I will be long dead before anything I do makes you cry or weep bitterly. When I hear you, I listen. For the rest of my life, I will count each day with you well spent. When you are here with me, living on earth feels like heaven. You beautiful woman of my life, you took it all from me. 664 likes. Why are you so late? Indeed, the time has come when the light of joy and happiness will forever shine on my mind. Thank you for being you. Sweetheart, even if I started writing today, I believe I would never find enough words to describe my love for you. Have a Question? A Mother's love is hard to explain, Not everyone will feel the same. I know that because right now, I can feel your heart thumping aloud merrily for me. If you do have a good reason to be jealous then you’re probably with the wrong person. I say to know you is to be truly blessed. You know how much I adore you? Darling, I think you don’t understand how much you mean to me. “I Love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life.”, 60. Learn about us. “I want you to know how much I love you, but the words escape me.”-Source Unknown, 26. “Never ask why I love you, just accept that I do, and that I will for the rest of my life.”-Source Unknown, 28. May the heavenly blessing descend upon this prince that I have before me! I just want you to know that I love you so much. For me, you are only mine, and you will always be mine deep in my heart. Words cannot express all that you mean to me. Looking for How Much You Mean To Me Letter? Show more; How come you are so late? “Never knew I could feel like this, like I never saw the sky before. “I love you more than my teddybear, but please, don’t tell him … .”-Source Unknown, 39.

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