is choo blood or crip

1090 are the bloods from the Canarsie 90s that are linked with The 100 Cloccs GSC Crips & GS9. The Blixkys and PNV always shout out the Chos. … He Chose Me Lyrics, H-Block (Hawthorne Street in Flatbush, Brooklyn), which is made up of GDs is cliqued up with Feni Gz aka Feni Block aka Fenihanas (Fenimore Street in Flatbush, Brooklyn). 1090 is wooin now but the woo members from Brownsville (where it started) don't support it. is woo blood or crip The biggest ones being the 90s (East Flatbush) and the 100 Cloccs (Canarsie/Flossy). SUNY Delhi from 2010-2014 was little Brooklyn. Roblox Shirt Files, Certain Hat sets and certain Ape sets are allied to Woo and Cho, respectively.Rappers: Blixkys (Folk): 22Gz, Nas Blixky, Nick Blixky, Breezo Blixky, Kush Blixky (Brim), Khay Blixky (Brim), Skrell Paid, SASA Blixky PNV (Folk): PNV Jay, G Banga, Maine Finesse SPMB (Folk): SPMB Bills, Lucky Mula No Love City (Folk): Denz Flocks Other Folk: Envy Caine, Zanotti, Coach, KTone, Yung Jay Other Cho: Bin Stiller OMB (Apes): Jay Dee, Dee Sav, Jay Sav GS9 (Gangsta Stone Crips): Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, Corey Finesse, Abillyon, Richie P, GS9 Fetty 2605 (Brim): Blizzy, C Dot Gloss Gang (Brim): Vonna Hurk Lincoln (Apes): Leaf, Eli Fross Movin Gang (83 Gangster Crips): Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow, Double G, Kima Loso 1090 (Brim): OP (On Point), Jeezy Mula, Skrap 1090 Rockstarz (Bloods and Crips): Jezz Gasoline Linden (Apes): Paparattzi Pop, AceNumbaFive, Beamo Feni Gz (Nine Trey Gangsters): Mack Billy, Skottie Pimpin, Kesey, Pes Blizzy TouchMoney (Brim): Mel Floxks, S Dot, Que Chapo NBA Swish Gang (Brim): Rah Swish, Curly Savv, Dah Dah, East Swish, Bishop, Zay GFamous NY Drill Songs: 22Gz - Suburban Sheff G - No Suburban Aladdin Xantander - Spinning Jezz Gasoline - BOA (Big Opps America) Envy Caine - Talking Spicy Leaf - No Twirl Zone Nas Blixky - We On 22Gz - Set Trippin Remix Envy Caine - Folk sh*t 22Gz - Blicky PNV Jay - OMBK 2605 Blizzy - 50 for 50 Folks:The folks have been in NYC, particularly Brooklyn, since the 90s. These are the GDs off Newkirk. His particular set of Ape Bloods is affiliated with the Woo movement. They can just be referred to as folks since they're the only folk mob in NY. Brookline Pz in Canarsie has alotta Makks that's Chooin. Nas Blixky drops the hat for them but he still pays respect to the deceased Queezy. Blood or crip choo's? that nigga is pussy bro they got a whole video of him sayin he not jaxking gdk beef on tha train his whole life fucked up wym, As someone who got family in BK on the Woo side this was damn accurate.

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