james duff bronco fender flares

1/4″ Rocker Guards with Slider, 1966-77 Bronco ... James Duff Inc. 6609 Bronco Ln. Before he knew it, the members of the chase team were asking him to set up their Bronco with heavy-duty coil springs, double shocks, headers, and polyurethane front end bushings. Download our FREE Early Bronco Catalog #23. He came out to Tennessee to see what the largest Bronco Event in the country was all about and went back home with a growing friendship with Suzanne. James himself originally designed these 4″ wide profile flares back in 1996– different than anything else out there with a smooth outer finish with no visible mounting hardware! Four wheeling in the South brought them to discover new needs-- thus the creation of Hi-Ho Loco-- a big sister/evil twin to Hi-Ho-Silver. DUANE ELLIOTT ENT. He ended up making many of them himself.

In 1980, he won a SEMA Best New Off-Road product award for his camber adjusting ball joint eccentrics for the new Ford Twin-Traction Beam front ends – a product that is still produced today.
She really liked the area and Southern Hospitality. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! After manufacturer issues arose, the flares were discontinued. It was just the Duff family in the early years in Sequim with the kids help working addressing catalogs and packaging products after school, they were a strictly mail-order operation with dealers across the country. GO TO: Learn more about the history of James Duff, Bronco Experts since 1967. James Duff, a name that has been synonymous with the Ford Bronco for over half a century. For better or for worse, his racing career was short-lived, his life in the off-road world was just beginning. Forward progression made the hands of time move quickly, the kids grew into teenagers, then young adults and took on new roles in the company, Duff's grew to a full warehouse with a showroom to help serve the budding early Bronco restoration craze. Their race was over before Duffy even got behind the wheel! APPAREL & GOODIES | MAP TO OUR FACILITY | ABOUT US | CONTACT US | ORDER ONLINE That article really put them on the map. He built products to hold up to the rigors of off-road racing while making them accessible to everyone. The budding off-road market was calling and demand for parts soon grew into a busy side business – Duffy’s Bronco Service was born. She had visited Knoxville several times while on wheeling trips to Tellico, Windrock, and Wheelin’ in the Country.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That article and the cartoon of him driving the Pony Express with his giant cowboy hat head made him a well-known face to Bronco fans around the world. The Bronco market wasn’t quite ready for the design at the time and sales were lackluster. The club frequented Pismo Beach, Glamis, Big Bear, and other southern California hot spots.

Some of the key additions Michael has made since his time with Duff’s include T-rex arms, 2-1 exhaust systems, Smoothie Bumpers with Hidden Winch, Dual Sport 4-link, and the Full-size Bronco suspension systems. She finally decided she was getting tired of managing employees and wanted to enjoy some well deserved time off herself. As the new company president, one of Suzanne’s first tough decisions was to move the company to a bigger city as they had just plain outgrown Sequim. They now have a showroom to display a rolling chassis and over 45 years of Duff and Bronco memorabilia. At the time, no one was doing such an expensive conversion and it took quite a while to get the kits moving but they’re now one of the company’s top sellers that utilizes off-the-shelf Ford replacement parts. In 1996, Big events were happening across the country for the 40th anniversary of the Bronco— for the occasion, Jim finally finished the resto-mod of the Pony Express in time for an unveil at Fabulous Fords Forever at Knott’s Berry Farm in California, then flew parked it for safekeeping at friend Rob Smithson’s house. We worked with several manufacturers creating several variations over the years but the demand didn’t justify the headaches as the design was just ahead their time. All of our parts & accessories are available to order online at: Under development is a term thrown around at Duff's constantly! Understandably, at the time, parts to modify and improve the new Broncos were rare. WE ARE YOUR EARLY FORD BRONCO, Rear Sump Oil Pan 302/289 V8 5.0L with Screw-In-The-Pan Lokar Dipstick, Duffy's Original 3-Speed Floor Shifter 1966-72 Bronco (for T-handle Transfer Case), Heim Joint Steering Systems, 1966-77 Bronco, How to install a Brake Master Cylinder on your Early Bronco. After over almost 40 years in the Bronco business, Mrs. Duff was growing weary. As you can see from the family photo, the whole family was very excited about the addition of fuel injection to the 351W in 2002. His father was an enthusiast of fast cars and 4x4's so it was only natural that Michael took to racing and offroading. When M/T went bankrupt not long after, Jim had the opportunity to get back the rest of his product line and the Duffy name. Your email address will not be published.

They were looking for suspension to match their imported Italian shocks. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! In 2012, he got his nickname Monster Mike after he acquired the Monster Garage Bronco that was built by Jesse James on the hit TV show, Monster Garage. They had it reprinted and sent it out with catalogs to customers. & HOSTING BY: Time to move on!

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