kazuma and ayano married

In the light novel it has been shown that Kazuma shows contempt towards anyone who has different rules and expectations for themselves and others. Kazuma is also a Contractor, having entered into a contract with the Kaze no seirei-Ou, the Wind Spirit Lord. Though she acts rude and undisciplined, she is very proud of her heritage. Four years later, at the age of twenty, he returns to Japan as the most powerful master of Fū-jutsu that has ever existed . Due to this, he has become too powerful and overprotective in an effort to be able to protect those important to him and not to lose them again. Both Ayano and Ren are respectfully strong in the standards of the anime and have a lot of potential to become even more powerful, but they still rely on Kazuma. Ayano Kannagi is the current heir of the Kannagi family and the wielder of Enraiha. "Ayano, you should know by now that you can tell me anything. He is taller than Ayano, Ren, and other members of the Kannagi family. Jūgo Kannagi (Father)Genma Kannagi (First Cousin Once Removed)Kazuma Yagami (Second Cousin)Ren Kannagi (Second Cousin). I love you.". You're the hope that moves meTo courage againYou're the love that rescues meWhen the cold winds, rage. Since every member has the power to wield fire, there should be very little reason for Kazuma to help, and his bitterness towards them makes him even more unwilling to step in. Kei was not on a level with Kazuma, but for the sake of the family, Ayano needed to get married and begin a family soon. Such as in volume 2 when he is talking about the rule of power and that the Kannagi only followed this belief when they were the most powerful, any other time and they would play victim. She and Kazuma had been married for a year now, and they now had a daughter named Kazeko. She's very prideful and reckless and tends to solve everything by brute force. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Good. As a Fūjutsushi (風術師, Wind Technique Practitioner), Kazuma's powers are extensive and he is by far the most powerful character in the series; able to fight as one man army due to his power being on another level in compared to the rest of the characters. He looked down into her eyes smiling. At one point, Ayano states that she was never afraid of him in his normal state, and as he is so strong, her fear seems pointless. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. I know how important it is for you to make sure that we're safe, but when you're gone all night I worry." Kazuma's power overall is very powerful even without activating the contract which makes him a god-like character in the series. Kazuma was also anti-social in which he rarely interacts with others unless business is involved. Ayano was happy that her baby was so well behaved, but she worried about Kazuma now. Suddenly there was a soft sound that came from the crib, the two adults rush over to the play pen, and when they get there they find Kazeko floating in the air playing with a ball of fire. There's a freedom in your armsThat carries me throughI need youOh yes I doI need you like waterLike breath, like rainI need you like mercyFrom heaven's gateThere's a freedom in your armsThat carries me throughI need youOh yes I doI need youI need you. He was even more protective over her since they got married. Orange Brown (Normal) Azure Blue (Contractor state) Crimson Red (enraged), Genma Kannagi (Father - referred to as "Old Man") Ren Kannagi (Younger Brother) Jūgo Kannagi (First Cousin once removed) Ayano Kannagi (Second Cousin), Tsui Ling (former lover) Ayano Kannagi (current love interest). In this state, his eyes are crimson red, his wind turns black, and he is seen using mind reading powers. Instead of having been born powerful, he was weak and suffered for it, and to become powerful he had to work for it and make sacrifices. However, as long as you live, there will be a chance of pulling a win. Stigma of the wind Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. However, his personality began to turn for the good once again after returning to Japan and meeting Ayano. Kazuma is a former member of the Kannagi household. "Princess, you have nothing to worry about though. Some time after becoming a Contractor, he killed the one responsible for Tsui Ling's death. I don't need a lot of thingsI can get by with nothingOf all the blessings life can bringI've always needed something. That was just me not telling anyone anything, I don't do that anymore." Kazuma is an anti-hero and the most powerful protagonist for the series as well as an antagonist for a time. When using that power, his eyes turn azure blue. She returned his smile with a loving one of her own. He has no problem about hurting others with his abilities, as long as he gets what he wants, as he loses rationality. https://kazenostigma.fandom.com/wiki/Kazuma_Yagami?oldid=5600. Kazeko wasn't more than a month old now, but she slept through the night already. I don't want to lose you," Ayano said as she turned to Kazuma, who saw the film of tears that she was fighting to keep inside. And it's so amazing'Cause that's just how you areAnd I can't turn back now'Cause you've brought me too far. "That's good to hear," she said. As the successor to the Kannagi family's head, Ayano is a powerful and skilled user of Enjutsushi, or fire magic. Blaming himself for failing to protect her, Kazuma once again sought out great power, thus his making a contract with the Wind Spirit Lord. With his contract activated, Kazuma is invincible to the extent that no one was able to touch him and that his power increases ten folds when compared to his normal state which by itself is already enough for Kazuma to overpower his father's godsfire without requiring his abilities as contractor (in contrast to Ren's belief that he couldn't defeat him without being the contractor. "You don't have to worry that I'll do something like that again. I'm worried that you might get so caught up in make sure that Kazeko and I are safe that you'll forget to actually be there for us. Ayano shivered as the wind that always surrounded Kazuma blew softly against her. Ayano was happy that her baby was so well behaved, but she worried about Kazuma now. Her heart nearly bursting out of her chest with the love that she felt for the man that held her, she turned in the circle of his embrace to look into his brown eyes. Kazuma shows his egotistic side most of the time, probably due to him being too powerful in compared with others as stated by Ayano that he had forgotten how weak he used to be after being powerful. He is undeniably the most powerful Fūjutsushi to ever exist and talented enough to learn other elements except fire in novel. He then walked over to his wife and pulled her into his embrace again. "Well I geuss that answers what element she inherited," Kazuma said with a chuckle. It is later revealed that after Kazuma was banished from his family, his only desire became achieving great power. Ayano paused in her preparations and started to sing along with the song, her voice soft as not to wake up her exhausted husband. You don't have anything to worry about.". It has also become apparent that he possibly has the ability to manipulate electricity, given that high speed wind friction creates static electricity and that Kazuma was shown generating it when he was utilizing his black wind. a/n: I do not own the anime or the songs used! This is most predominant when it comes to anything involving his family. When it comes to adults he is typically the same height. Kazuma looked up from the Kazeko's giggleing face to look at his wife in concern. However, this is probably because of the way he became strong. There are various times in the show where Kazuma states that he wants to use his power to protect the weak, and then in the same episode will state that he's only doing it for the money, which is sometimes confusing for viewers because it seems like he has no reason as to who he defends. Despite his power, he is continuously looked down upon by members of the Kannagi family due to how he is seen as a disgrace for learning wind magic rather than fire magic, which is held to be superior, even though Kazuma was able to defeat his father. Despite … Despite claiming to hate Kazuma, Ayano has a crush on him, but gets angry when he flirts and makes a move on her and is prone to throwing fits of rage when he gets close to another woman.

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