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It will inevitably be blocked off again, in which case you will repeat the cycle until the door's HP is depleted and you can approach it with the Proceed reaction command.

Among Us: How To Get The Mario & Luigi Skin Mods, Kingdom Hearts' Story Makes Absolutely No Sense - But That's Why It's Great, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl, Kingdom Hearts 3'S Secret Ending: How To Unlock It & What It Means, PS5 DualSense Teardown Shows How Easily The Controller Can Be Repaired. You'll have to start off by racing through the city to get to Xemnas.

Kingdom Hearts II featured the return of several worlds featured in previous games like the original world Twilight Town, which was first introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories but played a greater role in Kingdom Hearts II. Continue to the next area to finally be reunited with Riku and Kairi after over a year of separation. Next: Kingdom Hearts 3'S Secret Ending: How To Unlock It & What It Means. If the battle goes on long enough, Xemnas will once again place a curse on Sora, giving you another opportunity to deal the Break Through reaction command and finish him off for good.

Above the second to last platform. For this, you will obtain the Oblivion Keyblade and the Castle That Never Was Map. Related Topics. Eventually, he will begin to shoot laser-like bullets, albeit with delayed timing. Clearing the battle will earn Sora an increase in maximum HP and Combo Master. Make sure to keep your distance so as to keep your focus on dodging the pillars. Travel in a circle when he begins the barrage of bullets, as they will keep coming and can easily combo Sora into the air (in this case, the Once More ability comes in handy). If you don't get to him before he loses all of his health (or even if Riku loses all of his health), you will fail the battle. Perform this one, and the Finish that follows to start the battle with less health for Xemnas.

Open the first chest on the raised platform for Orichalcum and the second chest to the left of the exit for a Mythril Gem. Now that you've reached Xemnas, you will be battling him in his armor.

At Nothing's Call, you'll do battle with Sorcerer Nobodies, which summon cubes that surround Sora before closing in and attack him. Up the first ramp is a ledge holding Orichalcum. When the sky changes color, Roxas will float in the center, becoming invulnerable to attack. He will either slash his Oatkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades in a combo with speed rivaling Master Form's or summon pillars of light which race across the ground, converging on Sora's location.

The first of the mandatory mini-games is one of the easier ones, as Luxord will transform into a card and hide himself among other cards. In the video game, this chest may be found in the "Castle That Never Was" which is the headquarters of Organization XIII. Many buildings will be flying at you, but ignore them (or rather, dodge them) in favor of one of the stationary buildings down below. If you attempt to attack him out of nowhere, he will simply warp away and hit you from behind. While Xemnas will teleport constantly, you can continue to attack him by locking to him whenever he reappears. Here’s a guide to all the worlds found in Kingdom Hearts II. Use Curaga, a Potion, or even a Drive Form if necessary (such as the newly-available and incredibly powerful Final Form, which blocks attacks when Sora jumps). Afterwards, Sora and Riku will stab Xemnas with a laser of their own, all but finishing off. If you find yourself in critical condition, require MP, or simply want to do more damage, go into Limit Form. He'll usually start by moving across the ground in the form of light, essentially warping to Sora's position before returning to his original form. Start the battle by performing the limit of your choice (though Riku's limit and Donald's Duck Flare limit should be most useful) and attack away with the benefit of invincibility, all while he sits and takes your attacks with no other choice. Take the ramp to enter the Castle That Never Was. The World That Never Was: Ruin and Creation's Passage: Above the second to last platform. Walk around the walls he puts up and continue to use Dark Aura to reach Sora and the real Xemnas, in which case you can perform the Rescue reaction command. Use to jump in mid-air and to glide. Continue forward to the Brink of Despair for some more scenes, including an update on Kairi, and open two chests to the left: one containing the Dark City Map, and another right on the edge of the cliff for Orichalcum+. Several brand-new Disney worlds made their debut in Kingdom Hearts II as well. Make sure return to the Alley to Between while in Wisdom Form to restore your drive gauge without the need for a Drive Recovery. Keep in mind that, for defeating Roxas, you have gained access to Final Form, though you must unlock it first (doing so is recommended, particularly if you plan on fighting some optional bosses). Doing so earns Sora an increase in both max HP and MP. Dodging is also a necessity at times, as the ship will perform an attack that cannot be absorbed or broken by a laser after some of its parts are destroyed, sending blasts of energy across the screen in the form of its own lasers. Retaliate by performing a Reflega combo; doing so will not only guard Sora from the attack, but deal damage to Roxas as well. After doing so, enter the next area, Twilight's View, for a moment of reprieve (containing a save point and the world's moogle). The World That Never Was - 19 Chests 1 - Mythril Stone, …

This part of the fight is entirely different from the others, fought on a vehicle that lets Riku and Sora follow Xemnas into the sky. His limit will come in handy for the coming boss battles, so make sure to set his Auto Limit ability. Pick up the Cosmic Belt and continue forward when ready for a boss fight. For now, congratulations on beating the game! Walk into the next door with the claymore under it to be transported to a battle with Saïx. The World That Never Was is a Kingdom Hearts II world designed specifically for the game and the headquarters of the shady Organization XIII. Exit the area to find yourself at the Alter of Naught, nearing the final confrontation. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

Xigbar will begin the battle by teleporting to a higher platform, out of reach of the party, which can now be seen from Xigbar's perspective. As soon as the battle begins, Roxas will perform a whirlwind slash with a wide radius. Above the second to last platform. In the western corners of the second open space you come across, pick up the Mythril Stone and Mythril Crystal. Pull off at least three successful counters! Kingdom Hearts II introduced a whole host of new worlds inspired by Disney movies including Tron, Beauty And The Beast, The Lion King and Mulan. Here are all of Kingdom Hearts II’s worlds. Successfully clear all rounds to drop his time. To achieve it easily, head back to the beginning of Fragment Crossing and go into any Drive Form, then return to Alley to Between to restore your drive gauge. The World That Never Was, Ruin and Creation's Passage Need LV2 Glide.

Despite the stakes, there is a very easy solution in Riku's Dark Aura attack. Piece #19: Hollow Bastion: Cavern of Remembrance: Mining Area: Under the ledge with the large treasure chest containing the area map. will come in handy for shooting all other enemies as well as dealing damage to the main ship when the special attack is not available; make sure to keep your fingers on both and throughout this battle. The Realm of Darkness, also translated as Dark World in its playable incarnation in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- and Kingdom Hearts III, is a realm made up of darkness in people in every world.

To the left of the first platform is a Mythril Gem. Your best bet to avoid these is to move around the screen in a circle, as they will appear slowly but in quick succession. Enter the door with the card icon under it to be transported to a battle with Luxord.

Exit to the next area to gain access to some more boss fights with the remaining Organization members. Now on the ground, Xemnas will continue to use his thorn attack every now and again, but not as frequently. Rush to the front of the skyscraper for a reaction command to break out of it. Use Session to push Sora and Riku to the exhausting end of the battle. Use the Slicer reaction command when the buildings rising up out of the ground get close enough to Sora to slash through them, opening up the path to the next area (you can still get past this without reaction commands, but it will do damage to Sora's HP). This page was last edited on 5 April 2019, at 13:58. Performing this mini-game successfully isn't necessary, but it will be extremely effective on Luxord's time gauge if it is, potentially defeating him.

When Xemnas loses enough health, it is only a matter of time before he performs his desperation move, restraining Sora and making him unavailable to play.

Other returning worlds include The Little Mermaid inspired Atlantica, the Winnie The Pooh inspired world 100 Acre Woods and Halloween Town, which borrows from Henry Selick’s classic stop-motion animation The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Click the button below to start this article in quick view. You can also use Guard in this case and attack him immediately after he staggers, but Reflega is the much safer option as it takes out a massive chunk of his HP in the process of defending.

Sora's memory, and the world he's in, possible truth - last post by @ Nov 20, 2004 What is your favorite world - last post by @ Dec 14, 2014 What world's you would like to see in kh2?

After the battle, fight some Heartless and pick up the treasures in the area. Sora will then run up the building to reach Xemnas, and a Clash reaction command will pop up. It is often that you will see two of him, one which attacks after the other (usually performing a spinning attack with his blades but also performing basic slashing combos). For every couple of steps you take, use Dark Aura to halt the second Xemnas' advance. This page has been accessed 74,879 times. Please see the Manual of Style and Editing Help before getting started. This battle is unique in that Sora is fighting alone and rather than having a health gauge, Luxord as a time gauge at the top of the screen. Even when Sora can't go any higher, keep jumping over the lasers until they cease. He can easily be spotted by simply rotating the camera, as he will be turned away from Sora, but he can't hide from the camera. - last post by @ Apr 21, 2003 KH2 Story Discussion (*Spoilers* duh.) Sora will knock the bullets back at Xigbar, who will teleport back down to the ground and begin the main fight by shooting Sora while suspended in mid-air upside down. Climb the stairs to finally come face-to-face with Xemnas. #18: Agrabah, Sandswept Ruins Under the first arch. Share Share Tweet Email. The story is not over. Tagline. Unlike the Realm of Light, the passage of time does not exist here. Press to Reflect the bullets away from Riku and for Sora; if you don't press the button for either of them in a short span of time, they will die and you will have to restart the battle, so bear the exhausting button-pressing for now. Kingdom Hearts II is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix and released in 2005.

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After that's done, Xemnas will perform a heavy swipe with his lance, sending Sora and Riku flying out into space. Requires Glide (LV2+). As with other games in the franchise, Kingdom Hearts II features a number of worlds that players progress through and are either original worlds designed specifically for the series or inspired by Disney films. Pull off at least three Flowmotion Attacks!

Nevertheless, even if you are hit, use Curaga or a Potion (or even just let Riku heal you, as he tends to do often), then continue to use Reversal. Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix Treasure and Item Locations. Hit him with one last combo to defeat Xemnas and clear the battle for good, earning Sora a powered up drive gauge for post-game activities. These shots can easily be blocked with Guard or Reflega, and any bullets that are blocked will hit him right back.

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