last 2 emerald tablets

drawing ye from out of the darkness of night. Know I the bonds of the darkness must shatter and fall before light. First lie at rest with thine head to the eastward. Follow the pathway to brightness, and thou shall be ONE with the way. Yet know ye, O man, to him that o’ercometh, free will he be of the pathway of Light. Only a little were ye raised beyond beasts. Each soul on earth that loosens its fetters, shall soon be made free from the bondage of night. Encircling each planet, a wave of vibration, binds him to his plane of unfoldment. Yet know, we are still part of our Cycles with our Vision reaching unto them and beyond. When man again shall conquer the ocean and fly in the air on wings like the birds; when he has learned to harness the lightning, then shall the time of warfare begin. Never be mastered by the effects of thy life. Direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot. Freed from the bonds of the darkness, a Soul that is One with the Light. All Rights Reserved. Hear ye now of he who is liberated, freed from the bondage of life into Light. Only the one who is seeking may ever hope to be free. Let not thine heart turn ever to darkness. Hear ye now of the mystery of nature, the relations of life to the Earth where it dwells. During later ages, the ego of Thoth passed into the bodies of And into the nothingness came a thought, purposeful, all-prevading, and It filled the VOID. In the great city of KEOR on the island of UNDAL, in a time far past, I began this incarnation. Only by effort shall ye grow upward to the plane where Light is the All of the All. Side by side then, placed they other spaces, filled them with Life and with Light from above. Far in a past time, lost in the space time, the Children of Light looked down on the world. Builded they then the Halls of Amenti, that they might dwell eternally there, living with life to eternity’s end. Consciousness free is fused with the Cosmic, One with the Order and Low of the ALL. Master, HE, from a cycle beyond us, living in bodies as one among men. SIX is the Lord of Light, the hidden pathway, path of the souls of the children of men. Before the Lords of hidden Amenti learned I the wisdom I give unto men. Aye, free shall ye be to move through the cycles– pass the guardians that dwell at the door. Fly to the land of the Children of KHEM.”. But if thou findest thine heart is not darkened, be sure that a force is directed to thee. Man is a flame bound to a mountain, but WE in our cycle shall ever be free. The Soul of man moves ever onward, bound not by any one star. Place in thy heart the flame of thy Soul. He liveth in death. cast off the fetters of flesh that have bound ye, rise from the darkness into the Light. Formless am I to the Light-Soul, formless yet shining with light. Follow the three-cornered pathwaay until thou, too, art a flame. NINE is the father, vast he of countenance, forming and changing from out of the formless. of mysteries far above men. Preserved HE them to be the teachers, Lights on the path for those to come after, Lights for the lesser children of men. Guard ye the secrets I leave with thee, and surely my spirit will guard thee through life. Place in thy body a thought-formed picture. Forgotten shalt thou be of the children of men. Come from the FLOWER that shines through the darkness. Take ye these words, O man. Few there were among the children of men who had looked upon that mighty face and lived. Ask of thee, LORDS of the CYCLES, they way to the wisdom I sought. These are the equilibrium, source of creation: one God, one Truth, one point of freedom. Only in consciousness, invisible, an infinite force of radiance bright. When they have bloomed into flower, reached the zenith of growth in their life. (Texts: All Artifacts, Color Coding, & Writings in Bold Type With Italics Inside Parenthesis, are Added by Editor R. Brown, not the Authors, Translators, or Publishers! Cast was I to thee Abyss through spaces unknown to man. Lift thine eyes to the Sun in the sky-space. Let he who would be free from the bonds of darkness first divine the material from the immaterial, the fire from the earth; for know ye that as earth descends to earth, so also fire ascends unto fire and becomes one with fire. Free from the body, I flashed through the night. Teaching and guiding onward and upward, out of the darkness into the light. They that are guided go not astray, but they that are lost cannot find a straight path. Know ye, that ye in the cycles below us are working the minor parts of the Law. Freely I give to thee of my wisdom, gathered from the time and space of this cycle; master of mysteries, SUN of the morning, living forever, a child of the LIGHT, shining with brightness, star of the morning, (Ningishzidda, Master Architect, teaches earthlings to lay foundation pegs for construction of the the great monuments). living from generation to generation, being about to pass into the halls of Amenti. List ye, O man, to the voice of wisdom, list to the voice of THOTH, the Atlantean. Seek ye within the causation and surely ye shall find the effects. Say ye the word: “ZIN-URU” and power ye shall find. speaking to the Kings with the voice that must be obeyed. Gradually from the Kingdoms of Atlantis passed waves of consciousness that had been one with me. Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber. Know ye, O men, that thus pass the great Souls, changing at will from life unto life. The source of thy Spirit is drawn from Earth’s heart, for in thy form thou are one with the Earth. List ye again, O man, to my wisdom, that hearing, ye too, might live and be free. Saw the splendor of Light where they dwelled. List ye, O man, to the depth of my wisdom. I sent from me the Sons of Atlantis, sent them in many directions. Call to the SPIRIT OF LIGHT through the Space-Time, using these words and thou shalt be free: “Fill thou my body, O SPIRIT OF LIfe, fill thou my body with SPIRIT OF LIGHT. Pass without pain and pass without sorrow into the plane where is eternal Light. Be master of all in the brightness, the shadow will soon disappear. When thou hath entered the form thou hast dwelt in, use thou the cross and the circle combined. Use it and surely though shalt find power and wisdom and Light to walk in the way. Now, as I look back through the ages, know I that wisdom is boundless. Each step thou taketh but heightens the mountain; all of thy progress but lengthens the goal. Yet only, I found, did the future hold the key to the wisdom I thought. But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic, able to lift the Veil from the face of the serpent. Aye, saw I man’s beginning, learned from the past that nothing is new. Know ye the future is never in fixation but follows man’s free will as it moves through. The translation was done in and only now has permission been granted to publish parts of the work. Shake off thy bondage, O children, and walk in the Light of the glorious day. (Hermes, thrice-born.). White Temple. Learn of the LAW that exists, holding the stars in their balance by the force of the primordial mist. there in that past, begun the struggle, the age old Battle Darkness & Light. Free let me be of all space-time, free from the Veil of the night. Stood I before the Holy One enthroned in the Flower of Fire. List ye, now to my voice and become greater than common man. Debate with him, testing his heart by his words and his bearing. Betray not my secrets to the men of the North or the men of the South lest my curse fall upon ye. Three are the natures of Mind, carrier it of the Will of the Great One. Learn ye how those ye call Masters are able to remember the lives of the past. The last two Tablets are found in the "Interpretation of The Emerald Tablets", also by Dr. Doreal. Free shalt thou be from all retrogression. Keep thou not silent when evil is spoken for Truth like the sunlight shines above all. Found I that only by moving upward and yet again by moving to right-ward could I be free from the time of the movement. Year after year, I sought after wisdom, seeking new knowledge, following the way. Regions there are two between this life and the Great One, traveled by the Souls who depart from this Earth; Duat, the home of the powers of illusion; Sekhet Hetspet, the House of the Gods. Know I that man in his movement through s pace-time shall ever be One with the All. information than the characters do when merely deciphered. Plainly shall I speak of the Unveiled Mysteries. Over the world then broke the great waters, drowning and sinking, until only the Temple of Light was left standing on the great mountain on UNDAL. Know ye that to be without knowledge, wisdom is magic and not of the Law. striving to quench with the shadows of darkness the Light of the Soul that strives to be free. Formed are not they as the children of men? When Thoth, the Atlantean and Master raised the I attained, as it were, to the God of all Gods, the Spirit-Sun, the Sovereign of the Sun spheres. O man, list to the voice of wisdom; list to the voice of light. This is the only authorized, original and true rendition of these Emerald Tablets. (Ninsun, her mixed-breed son-king, & giant god Ningishzidda). Know ye not that all shall be opened when ye shall find the oneness of all? waves of the reader and which release much more wisdom and So also, O Thoth (Ningishzidda), are the cycles of consciousness, children in different stages of growth. So into the all-prevading thought grew the LAW of TIME. Ever have THEY fought the DARK BROTHERS, conquered and conquering time without end. Then will I, the Initiator, answer, come from the Halls of the Gods in Amenti. Dr. Doreal, who has a connection with the Draw ye away from the veil of the darkness. Shuddered my soul to the vision of horror, shrank back my soul from the ocean of darkness. Deep in the silence, first ye must linger until at last ye are free from desire, free from the longing to speak in the silence. with the years. No consciousness follows the path of those before it, else all would be repetition and vain. Bound are ye in your body, but by the power ye may be free. Mouthpiece, after the Three, of the Dweller of UNAL. Quell all the Chaos of the emotions and thou shalt have order in LIFE. There is One, Even the First, who hath no beginning, who hath no end; who hath made all things, who govern all, who is good, who is just, who illumines, who sustains. The forms that ye create by brightening they vision are truly effects that follow thy cause. As I to thee am a God by my knowledge, so ye, too shall be Gods of the future. Know my commandments, keep them and be them, and I will be with you. Over all Earth, give WE ye power, free thou to give or take it away. names which I know and can pronounce, year ye and obey my will. Clear is the pathway to he who has wisdom. Rolled back swiftly the curtain of darkness, unveiled the Hall from the darkness of night. (Ningishzidda taught wisdom by father Enki, wisest of all the alien giant gods). Down, to the HOLES of AMENTI I journeyed, the greater knowledge to seek. Dr. Doreal has translated this Work, and has published Aye, if thou be old, thy body will freshen and thy strength will become as a youth’s. Drift with the sound to the place of thy longing.

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