lightfield slugs ballistics chart

I fired some in my son’s rifled barrel Winchester 1200 with excellent results. The cupped base also expands on firing producing a seal with the bore. Keep the shotgun steady, lean into the butt, and keep the support hand pressing the shotgun to the rear.

My preference is the “Black Magic” 3 inch, I also have in my ammo the “Rottwieler” a 2 3/4 inch round, and the “Magnum Classic” the round used by Alaska State Troopers and Fish & game for rogue dangerous animals. The cast rifling has little or no effect in spinning the projectile as it passes through the air. I WOULD look at a study done with both of these ammo groups side by side. = "block"; My longest kill was 187 yards with a 3.5 IDS. Hybred EXP shotgun ammunition is designed for maximum expansion on game. The sabot slug locked to the barrel and gives good accuracy. display: none !important; It should be noted, however, that as the slug is not lubricated, leading of the rifled portion of the barrel becomes a great problem necessitating regular cleaning to maintain any degree of accuracy. Privacy Policy The original Brenneke slug was a solid lead projectile with fins cast onto the outside, much like a modern rifled Foster slug (see Figure 2.10). Great article but for lack of one thing. There is also a 3-inch shell available with the Hybred slug. Ammunition at Wholesale Hunter Wholesale Hunter is your one-stop shop for ammunition. We sell ammunition by the box and bulk ammo in case quantities.

Another early design was the Foster slug (see Figure 2.11).

Cylinder choke is the one recommended for best use. | Just About Everything® Lightfield Ammo Grab Bag “Get then while they last”! Since it is a symmetrical projectile, it will not significantly deviate from its intended path if it begins to spin due to air pressure. Other types of specialized, single missile, shotgun ammunition include the breaching or Hatton cartridge and tear-gas rounds.

The smaller projectile held within sabots will have a much flatter trajectory, and will travel at much higher velocities than the more traditional foster or rifled slug. Lightfield offers a Lite load that will jolt a 1 ¼-ounce slug to 1300 fps versus the usual 1600 fps. Penetration figures for normal shot are for comparison purposes (Table 2.4). If you are looking for maximum performance, check … The soft lead slug and attached sabot travel to the target together, the sabot providing stability for the projectile and enhancing accuracy.

Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. Being elongated, it is also preferable for the missile to be spin stabilized to prevent it from tumbling. Foster slugs may also have rifling, which consists of 11 or 12 fins either cast or swaged on the outside of the slug. Foster slugs are also made with rifling-type grooves cast into the outside of the missile. Designed specifically for rifled barrels.Notes: Customer Q&A are not compatible with your browser.

Another advantage of the sabot type of shotgun slug is that no lead comes into contact with the barrel, thus preventing lead fouling. I have used Lighfield slugs for years taking many deer including bucks over 250 lbs. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. As with all shotgun slugs, it is possible to fire Foster slugs through a Shotgun Slug,1 that is rifled, Barrel. While the autoloading action makes for a lighter kick than the pump, this is still an awesome loading at both ends. Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here... Share your latest AR build or photos from the range with #RangeDayFriday for a chance to win a new firearm! The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! We also carry some more exotic mixtures for the most discerning shotgunners.

Not one picture of the slug itself!!! If the slug begins to tumble in flight, drag will tend to push the slug back into straight flight. Note: This information comes from the manufacturer and is for informational purposes only. Gotta love Lightfield. Upon impact, the slug expands dramatically and with devastating effect.

's blog. Check the performance of the many variations on the 12 gauge slug and you will agree Lightfield is first in its class. Lightfield offers slugs that run a wide gamut of performance. It is generally accepted by those involved in the wound ballistics field that a minimum penetration of 12 in.

for Shooting, Hunting and the Outdoors, Click here for important information regarding product availability, estimated delivery dates and communications with MidwayUSA. They kick like a mule in my mossberg 835 with a slug barrel but man do they have some serious knock down power.

The only ammunition available for hunters in the early 20th century was the one used by armed forces. I have had the opportunity to shoot Lightfield slugs for the last several years. I have no experience with Lightfield, but I am a huge fan of Brenneke’s Green Lightning Heavy Field Short Magnum product. This fact is found at the Lightfield website.

I have tested these loads extensively. The aim was to kill game without causing unnecessary wounds or suffering. Contrary to popular belief, these fins impart little or no spin to the slug as it travels through the air.

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