mtb tire pressure calculator

utlizes Frank Berto's optimized tire pressure with a 15% drop to determine the best pressure for you to ride on. • Privacy Policy Curious to see what it would recommend for me, I punched in the numbers for my Why Cycles PR road bike.

Seems to me if I use the recommended pressuers (20% loweer than I run I will be squirming my way right into a pinch flat. I don’t run Scwalbe tires, so I left the casing option empty, and it gave a pretty accurate reading (within a few psi) for me. Total System Weight (Rider + Bike + Gear) lbs kg. Without a doubt, low pressure causes me to have flats. 3 Of course, in many of these optimizations, we are optimizing down with a 1-2 psi range most of the time, so it is possible that there is a <1psi delta due to casing, but it hides in the data both from a data set size and test resolution point of view. Huge Silca fan , had my pump for 38 years! 3 is the world’s largest cycling tech blog. Personal Preference – You need a place to start, but it seems that the best tire pressure is a personal thing… so use this Calculator to get a good starting point and then go with more pressure or less pressure till everything is perfect. They nail the average pretty well for all the calculations that I played with. We offer branding well beyond the standard banner, providing meaningful interaction and powerful connections to drive awareness and sales for your company. I run 18 psi front 20 rear.

Road/Tri Bike Tire Pressure Calculator.

For instance consider the following non-sense ( my Clydesdale opinion is in blue): I came across a lot of references and ended up plotting about five of them in excel and averaging the results. The most basic form is the LITE version which limits you to inputs for the total system weight (rider + bike + gear), and the measured tire width. I’d say the Pressure Prof is certainly a valid system for helping you find tire pressures that will work well for your specific needs – The only question that remains is whether you find its exact suggestions perfectly ideal, or if it simply puts you in the ballpark… and that’s something each rider will determine for themselves. We used a link that was through facebook. Average Speed. On the other hand, despite the system being based around Schwalbe products only (the website does state “we cannot perform calculations for tires from other manufacturers”) I found the numbers it suggested for me were in line with what I would consider typical. For reference, roughly half of the people using the calculator were entering their ‘average speed’ as being higher than the average speed of a ProTour race!

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which is a huge factor between brands/models. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Maybe that once on gravel. • Ask A Stupid Question Some others (continental tires) claim that the 25mm tire has less resistance than the 23mm (for the same operating pressure). Glad you liked it. Since there’s no single pressure that will work for every rider, Silca has taken that pressure knowledge and packaged it into an online tire pressure calculator that you can use, for free. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. if(!window.smartFormsItemsToLoad) I’m getting pretty low results from it on the road/gravel side and ludicrously low results on the MTB sizes, pressures that would see pinching and burping on even slightly uneven terrain and in my opinion too low even with DH casings and inserts. So we used the Strava speed data to develop these categories which mathematically assume a distribution of speed around a normal value that then uses some statistical modeling to judge pinch flat likelihood. window.smartFormsItemsToLoad=new Array(); Tyre pressure is a critical measurement for getting the most out of your mountain bike. var smartFormsAdditionalFields5=[]; LOL at the ridiculously over estimated average speeds people were entering! too many people use pressures that are below the minimum recommended pressure for a tyre. I like you read the article in Bicycle Quarterly and wondered how I could apply it to my bike.

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