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They’re always looking after the residents in regular times and in pandemic times. Her legal background as an attorney has also been plus when dealing with legislation!” Facebook Instagram. Pooler Mayor Rebecca Benton said. Summary: Rebecca Benton's birthday is 11/03/1947 and is 72 years old.

Steve Larson received 352 votes. In Kemp’s announcement, gyms, hair salons, bowling alleys and tattoo parlors are among businesses that may re-open Friday — as long as owners follow strict social distancing and hygiene requirements. Contact information. Since this crisis began, Pooler Mayor Rebecca Benton has been derelict in her duties to reassure and comfort a confused, anxious and vulnerable citizenry. The development, which includes one two-story building and four three-story, mixed-use buildings, has come before council multiple times since 2018.

var addy_texte6be502d53c70f5e3610a74544db4ded = 'rbenton' + '@' + 'pooler-ga' + '.' + 'gov';document.getElementById('cloake6be502d53c70f5e3610a74544db4ded').innerHTML += ''+addy_texte6be502d53c70f5e3610a74544db4ded+'<\/a>'; City of Pooler, GA | 100 SW US HW 80, Pooler, GA 31322City Hall: (912) 748-7261Police Department: (912) 748-7333. Moreover, she is proud to work alongside a team of professionals who also have the city’s best interest in mind, going beyond the call of duty.

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On many social media pages related to the City of Pooler, GA, you may find the hashtag, #PoolerHasItAll.

There will be a backlog, and we're all getting a little antsy to be able to act normally, but I don't know how long we'll have to practice social distancing,” Benton said. It would be easy to have the thought, “Where will she be when it’s really really bad?” Well this is that time. Choose the plan that's right for you.

Since the United States was caught unawares to the magnitude of what has now been called a pandemic, Ms. Benton has not even once issued a video or radio statement – or even a newspaper statement. One thing that it doesn’t have is a mayor capable of exhibiting strong, effective, empathetic leadership in the face of a crisis that touches each citizen without regard to income, race, religion or political affiliation.Since this crisis began, Pooler Mayor Rebecca Benton has been derelict in her duties to reassure and comfort a confused, anxious and vulnerable citizenry. Benton said she hopes to address traffic through working with Georgia Department of Transportation, expanding Pooler recreational facilities and she said she hopes to continue to rule fairly and responsibly on new developments. “I’m very excited!” Pooler Mayor Rebecca Benton said. “This is like super easy.

We’re going to get through this,” Pooler Mayor Rebecca Benton compassionately yet confidently stated concerning the current Coronavirus Pandemic. Rebecca, a University of Georgia graduate, majored in political science; she taught for a few years prior to going back to school to fulfill her true passion—law. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. View the profiles of people named Rebecca Benton. Digital access or digital and print delivery. MAYOR REBECCA BENTON: A Heart for Her Community

Benton certainly has a heart for her community.

Ordinances (offenses) saved from repeal (in effect), LIQUOR (DISTILLED SPIRITS) BY THE DRINK EXCISE TAX RETURN FORM. “We have to get everything hammered out before the city reopens,” Benton said.

This is problematic because it sends a message that the town is under the leadership of an appointed (as in not elected) law enforcement agency and not its duly elected officials.

This is that point. An absentee ballot drop box has been placed at Pooler City Hall, a reversal of Pooler leadership’s initial denial of the Chatham County Board of Registrar’s request to place one on city property back in August. For Your Information: Clorox Bleach vs Popular Store Brand Bleach.

“A lifelong resident and advocate for the city of Pooler, Rebecca Benton’s interactions with me regarding the City have always been positive, forthright, and what I believed to be in the best interest of Pooler and its citizens.

"I just want to continue what Mayor Lamb has started, and I hope to represent all the people, even the ones who didn't vote for me," Benton said.

Pooler is a city-manager form of government under the leadership of City Manager Robbie Byrd; nonetheless, Mayor Benton knows that her position allows her to be an asset wherever needed.

We want to have tape marking off 6 feet in areas where there are lines.”.

Benton, a practicing attorney, has been on council since 2004, and served as Mayor Pro …

Pooler CIty Manager Robbie Byrd on Sept. 28 told Savannah Morning News he consulted with Benton and City Attorney Steven Scheer, and the three determined they were not willing to allow Pooler to take on the liability of the box nor the ballots inside the box, should either be damaged or tampered with while placed on city property.

It should deeply concern all of us in Pooler that the only reassuring, representative voice we have available to us during this time is Savannah Mayor Van Johnson. On Monday, April 20 Kemp made the decision to allow the reopening of some businesses in the state. The boxes, purchased by the League of Women Voters of Coastal Georgia, have been installed and are operational. McRae said when the BOR initially reached out to municipalities about prospective locations for the boxes in August, their goal was to have a box in each of the eight county commission districts.

A Unique City with Unique Issues Though Pooler is basically in Savannah’s backyard, it has its own unique issues to be handled in a way that best benefits the Pooler community.

© Gannett Co., Inc. 2020. The City of Pooler’s Namesake: CAPTAIN ROBERT WILLIAM POOLER, NEW 18-ACRE DEVELOPMENT WILL ENHANCE LOCAL COMMUNITY, FIELDS OF DREAMS ON HOLD Pandemic Delays Expansion of Pooler Athletic Facilities, How to Accept Uncertainty as we Face a New Normal. On Monday, April 20, Pooler’s City Council met via teleconference. By next Monday, movie theaters may resume selling tickets and restaurants limited to takeout orders can go back to limited dine-in service. “There's no point in getting on television and repeating what's already there.”, On March 24, Benton issued a press release explaining her position on the matter, keeping Pooler aligned with the Chatham County State of Emergency order to “to reduce any misinterpretations for City of Pooler establishments.". Choose the plan that's right for you.

Benton said she never suggested any additional restrictions beyond those made by the county because Pooler didn’t require any. “Savannah is a lot different from Pooler.

News 3 caught up with her as she was dropping off her absentee ballot. “I just don't know.”. Benton said she didn’t know when Dawgs and Dingoes would be returning, but it would be after City Hall re-opens to the public. © Gannett Co., Inc. 2020.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. And so is Tybee,” Benton said. I’m not their mother.

And many of the items that would usually be on the council agenda — new commercial and residential developments, changes in zoning, alcohol and business licenses — have been pushed back.

For the last two meetings, that has been their stand-in venue for the council chambers, but the atmosphere and the content of the meetings are drastically different. Story by Katrice Williams. Some of the only on-going communication that any of us in Pooler have been presented with has come primarily from the Pooler Police Department via their Facebook page.

Once we get through this, and I have strong faith that we will despite the mayor’s absence, I hope the residents of Pooler remember one thing – that they voted for someone born and raised in Pooler who has so little concern for her neighbors that she couldn’t be bothered to take 10 minutes to say to her neighbors, “I stand with you. City business has been somewhat restricted as well.

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The city uses GoToMeeting, and it can be difficult to keep the meeting running smoothly, Benton said. Its most recent iteration was denied by a 3-2 vote in December, and in January, the developers filed a lawsuit against the city. Pooler Councilman Aaron Higgins and Councilwoman Karen Williams have made good and earnest efforts to fill this vacuum of leadership, but their posts have largely been parrots of police department statements and press releases from the Governor, who in this crisis has been at least as feckless as our mayor. I've learned not to be scared, you just have to do what you have to do.”.

"This is the time to unite and be kind to one another," that release read. ”I'm gonna do what is needed for the residents of Pooler.

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