porsche 924 vw engine swap

The rear-mounted transaxle was also from Audi and was used in the 100 saloon of the time. After a few passes with a drill and a jigsaw (both for fabbing the adapter and cutting a necessary clearance hole in the hood), along with a few minutes spent MacGyvering a throttle linkage, the 924 ran well enough (terrible, by normal standards) to get back on track. If you feel a bit flush in the future you can stick a 3.0 S2 engine straight in. Hopefully they give the intake a nice coat of deck stain before the next race. At least the 2.0L shares bellhousing pattern with the later Audi 5-cylinders, so there's hope if you can sort out the rest of the swap parts, but I5's are thin on the ground anymore and there are other challenges involved with that swap. And the answer is: Very much so, yes. this / is / where / your / sweet / mods / go, Throw an Audi engineer down a hole with a ladder and he will fashion a shovel from it and tunnel his way out. Toggle Navigation. If you dont want to be blazing your own trail on figuring out an engine swap, Id suggest either going with a stock engine or one that is a popular swap in that car so there is plenty of info out there on what needs to be done and how. Same with the VW VR6. Im new to the whole Porsche/VW/Audi world. The F.A.C.E. the internet seems very torn between yes and no. I presume them to be exceedingly rare. Posted December 27, 2015 in 24 Hours of LeMons, Cars, News, The Greatest 24 Hours of LeMons Cars of All Time, Text: Eric Rood It would be an awesome project though, those motors are great. The 924 Engine is far from light as standard. Low-Buck Tech, You mentioned that building the stock motor would be the best and safest route. vwvortex.com is not in any way affiliated with Volkswagen AG. By Staff Writer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_discontinued_Volkswagen_Group_petrol_engines#EA831. I am not sure if this is true but if both statements are true then they are all the same bolt pattern. The current owner … The AMC Gremlin starting in 1977: https://ateupwithmotor.com/model-histories/amc-gremlin/. The transaxle, halfshafts, and clutch—a nightmarish thing to replace on the 924 and 944—were problematic at the beginning. It used the same cast parts as the Porsche 924 (both made by VW/Audi) but was assembled in an AMC plant in Indiana to different specifications than that of the Porsche engine; the AMC version was only offered with a 2-barrel carburetor while the Porsche unit had electronic fuel injection and a higher compression ratio. the internet seems very torn between yes and no. Racing car is no typical 924, however. I created a phenolic spacer out of red oak for my Lifan 200cc motor after creating a custom steel intake which left the carb an inch from the head with no insulation. Have you asked around on the AMC Forum? The issue really is if I buy the car at all, given the engine situation. Same with the VW VR6. I forgot to mention that the 20v engine will bolt straight in to a 2 litre 924, as the engine block share a common parentage (in a DKW engine, not a VW van engine! We serve as Reddit's central hub for vehicle-related discussion including industry news, reviews, projects, videos, DIY guides, art, advice, stories, and more. Can upgrade the CIS system, should i go mega squirt, or run carb's. I'd just start with a 944. I've got a 944 and my wife has a 924S and like the motors in them. Photos: Nick Pon, Eric Rood, Murilee Martin, Jeff Bloch, Rich von Sneidern, Finally, We Offer Subscriptions To The World’s Best (Worst) Magazine, © 2020 MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. Which ever route you take itll be far from cheap because so much will need doing/replacing/upgrading. Why not start with a 924S? That’s not even the crazy part. | Never miss an article. While the winner logged 497 laps at that race, the LeMons Supreme Court judges thought that F.A.C.E. I was also told by a "Volkswagen person" that a Audi 5 cylinder and VW GTI 4 cylinder were the same bolt pattern. Thsi engine was exclusivly mountet in the Audi 100´s up to 1989 ( As 2,0 115 HP ), the VW LT ( As 2,0 75 or 85 HP ) up to 1995. Photos: Eric Rood, Murilee Martin, Nick Pon, Rich von Sneidern, Posted January 5, 2017 in 24 Hours of LeMons, Cars, News, The Greatest New LeMons Cars of the 2016 Season, Text: Murilee Martin Porsche 924 Can you help? An inventory of their own trailer produced a perfect, lightweight, easily workable material for the adapter: wood. ). The Porsche 924 and the modern VW/Audi 2,0 16 V didn´t share the same engine block. If I find a 924 with no sunroof I may consider buying it to build into a rally car with a 16v motor for the SCCA ProRally series. I have an early 944 and can confirm the white ones are the fastest. My thought is that a 924 would a blast to drive with a warmed-over GTI 2.0 16v motor in it. Then I'd gut the car, try to get the weight down to 2300 lbs, put all the safety stuff in, put in Bilsteins, and get 200hp out of that 16v mill. © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. © 2020 Motorsport Marketing. Keep in mind this only solves the biggest problem in a 924 (the unique transaxle setup) but this helpful Dutch fellow still had to make his own: engine mounts, oil pan and pickup, header (he used a non-turbo 5cyl), and had to source quite a few odd parts from various Audis to make the bellhousing, flywheel, clutch setup fit together. Also the 5 Zylinder used that engine as base design. During BS Inspection, the conversation usually includes statements like “We don’t really care what class we end up in, we’re not trying to win” and “We think we’ve improved to about a 10 percent chance of finishing now that we’ve added carbon-fiber side mirrors.”. The kit doesn’t include the oil pan and intake which are still being developed. While the winner logged 497 laps at that race, the LeMons Supreme Court judges thought that F.A.C.E. https://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=2979430, 4000, 80, 90, RS2 B2, B3, B4, Coupe quattro & Cabriolet (B3 & B4 Small Chassis Vintage Audi), Portable MP3 and Satellite Radio OEM Integration, 2.0T FSI, TSI, and TFSI (EA113) Engine Forum, 2.0 TSI and TFSI (EA888 Gen 1 and Gen 2) Engine Forum, 2.0 TSI and TFSI (EA888 Gen 3) Engine Forum, A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5, Q5, SQ5 (B8) Classifieds, A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5, Q5, SQ5 (B8) Parts, A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5, Q5, SQ5 (B8) Cars, A6, S6, RS6, A7, S7, RS7 (C7) Classifieds, Small Chassis Audi (B1, B2, B3, B4) Classifieds, Small Chassis Audi (B1, B2, B3, B4) Parts, South America, Central America, and Mexico, Spring VW & Audi Show and Go @ Englishtown's Raceway Park. Quiz time; how similar is the 2 liter Audi engine block in the 924 to the 2 liter 16v block in a GTI? The VW 1.8T is not, and requires an adapter. It's a good thing dreams are free! But in Lemons, desperate times routinely call for desperate measures, and having your Porsche 924’s Bosch K-Jetronic injection go kaput in the middle of the race certainly qualifies as a desperate time. The audi 5 cyl turbo motors bolt up, the biggest issue is exhaust manifold clearance. I thought about doing the same with my old 924 (which i no longer own but is still in my yard...) but with an actual DCOE. Makes perfect sense to me. 6bGBfujRu3ZetTr8GSUMLaajY7rSiuxXHfIWKDy4UqiUb7yCQuCEa6Sh4iK5RlMt. For Sale: 1975 Porsche 914 with a Subaru EJ25. I found a diagram of one from an autozone repair manual, not a real pic. The original plan was for the new EA425 sports car to be available in both VW and Porsche versions. Toggle Navigation Homepage; Contact Us; Engine Swap Kits; Bellhousing Adapters; Engine Swap Shops; Search for... 914. You decide! And his setup may not be the same if you use a 924 bellhousing and cable clutch instead of a 931 bellhousing and hydraulic clutch. Show Printable Version; Email this Page… Subscribe to this Thread… s-rocc. What would be my options to build a fun daily/sleeper car. My Turbo is the same blue as Oli's S2, where does that put me in this game? During the car’s first five races, it completed a total of 100 laps. You could always call your insurance and say that some vandals tried to swap your car to rwd while you weren't looking. All Rights Reserved, The F.A.C.E. Engine Swap Depot. If you want an amount of complexity commensurate with the 100hp you're going to get out of it, a carb starts to make sense. In its 924 guise the engine produced a modest 125bhp. F.A.C.E.’s “Porschevy 924.3” bucks that swap trend, too: To this very day, the car retains the original transaxle setup. | Posted in Since engine swaps are common enough in the 924/944 family, that made enough sense. Fuel injection is undeniably a Good Thing in the car world. Keep it serviced & it's fine for track use. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG], I recall a similar thread once in which Obin Robinson stated that the 1.8T was too tall to fit in a 944. The team never seems bothered about being competitive. Engine Swap Depot. That said, the 924 was originally a VW project they were developing with Porsche, but the 70's oil crisis scared them and they sold it to Porsche and made the Scirocco instead, so the 924 has a LOT of VW parts in and under it and the 944 is an evolution of that, so there's lots of parts that can be swapped between them to make them better in many ways. Don't forget the 924 turbo. The Audi 5cyl 20V is in the same engine family as the early 924's 2.0L four and will bolt to the 924 or 931 bellhousing. I was told by a "Porsche person" that the 924/944 motor and Audi 5 cylinder had the same bellhousing bolt pattern. It's already a wide track car the S2 has ABS and power steering and the driving position in a 44 is SO much better then a 24. the 2.5 8V motor can take a heap of abuse - and goes on for ever! Works great. The 924 engine is from the Audi 100 line and was used previuos in the 100 S Coupe. Press J to jump to the feed. instead threw a, However, F.A.C.E. Content on vwvortex.com is generated by its users. Der 924 war das erste Auto von Porsche mit einem wassergekühlten Frontmotor und dem Transaxle-Antriebskonzept und war Ausdruck einer … Check back here on Roadkill for more car features and race coverage of the 24 Hours of LeMons. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The AMC cars that used the Audi 4 cyl engine along with the earlier Porsche 924's were called the AMC Spirit. The Porsche 924 and the modern VW/Audi 2,0 16 V didn´t share the same engine block. Pelican Parts Catalog for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI and More. 924S the 2.5 lump is bomb proof, lots of spare engines around if it does go bang. The first thing the Ohio-based team did was chuck out the 2.5-liter Porsche four-cylinder engine that came with their hooptie old sports car.

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