puppyspot return policy

By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. Make no mistake, the animals advertised on the site are exactly the same as you would get from a puppy mill, they just found a gimmick that allows them to slap a much higher price tag on them. Thomas Kinkade musical christmas tree ornament. Just heard back from PuppySpot that I cannot prove she came with them (Hello- scratching from day 1). He told me that he called the breeder and they told him it is likely she lost some weight during weaning and they would call back later that day to verify her weight. We have learned our lesson the hard way. Not sure if I will get my puppy or money back. They expect you to pay thousands of dollars for the dogs and they won’t disclose the breeder name. ❤️, I am extremely happy to have gotten my best friend for life from PuppySpot.com! That included $4, 549 for Collette, $799 for her health certificate and travel and $492.02 for taxes. We then contacted Puppy Spot with our concerns, namely that Eevee had genetic disorders synonymous with irresponsible breeding. They apologized for the misinformation as I was told I would be able to get he breeder's name as soon as I paid. I raise Toy Poodle and I used to use purebred Breeders also known as Puppy Spot to facilitate the sale of my puppies. I requested to talk with the breeder, but that has not happened. Originally the puppy we selected was advertised as a boy name Cody. If you actually do sell healthy animals, this appears to be the wrong place to market them. They told you what they would you but nothing in writing and I have found out since that they don’t comply. You did not actually avail yourself of our policy at all and we must address some of the false claims you’ve included in this review. They told me to send him back before they would give me a refund! Will contact my Lawyer. Completely fraudulent company! PuppySpot — Refusing to return all our money when the puppy we were going to purchase lost half of its weight and we cancelled our order based on health concerns. Two of there websites had my puppy listed at different ages. Due to the virus, transportation is more challenging and they had not received tentative arrival dates. T, hey are just a fancy Internet Puppy MILL.”. Once the pup leaves them, there is no such thing as Customer Service. Kudos to Lisa, Jeffrey, Sara and Mario for all of their help. I give them a negative million rating. He arrived in a crate from the breeders state of Texas to California. I thought they would be a good resource to find a reputable breeder, but they are NOT. This was Eevee’s second surgery in a 72-hour period, the incision spanned most of the length of her body. I received a call from Carmen Johnson right away. I replied that the breeder also told me the same weight and I did not purchase a pocket puppy. We did not ask to return her but requested they provide some sort of refund for the purposes of helping with Eevee’s growing medical bills.After longer than a month, numerous follow ups and after Puppy Spot’s own vets reviewed the medical records and agreed with us, we were made the following offer:50% store credit from Eevee’s original purchase price to be applied to the next purchase of a new puppy from their siteORMonetary compensation in the amount of $587.50 representing ¼ of Eevee’s purchase price.We were then told the offer is made as is and to just choose an option.This was a complete slap in the face! Only want your money. Great communication and It was so great to have my puppy delivered to my front door! Reply. My one really big question is what the h is the AKC thinking by endorsing such a site? Not only that, the puppy can’t be registered with any nationally accredited registration such as AKC, etc. My grandma lives alone and is not the best care taker for animals. Always consider adopting first, If you are breed specific there are rescue groups for every breed of dog. Kept $450 even though only 9 hours passed since the transaction.Bought a second puppy of a breed we were familiar with - they would not give us credit for the first puppy (eventually did give us a $250 credit). These are about $$$$s and nothing more. Share. She will likely still need medical attention her entire life! EARMITES! The total payment was $5, 840.02. Once the company got my money, you can’t get in touch with them. I am praying our puppy works out but the company is a disaster and don’t be fooled. . He arrived safely and was very healthy and adjusted to our home quickly. I recognized him bc he had a mustash over his noseSo happy with him though!

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