restoration hardware faucet repair

Do this before you start. I get the cartridge out and then pull this internal cartridge apart and lube it. 0000002270 00000 n 0000030505 00000 n Shop Repair and Replacement Parts for Delta Faucet, American Standard, Grohe, Kohler, Pfister and Moen. RH still sells through retail stores, which it calls "galleries", mostly on the coasts, and is, in fact, in the process of building more of its upscale stores. We at House of Antique Hardware remain open to receive and ship orders. Shipping is not free, and charges can be steep for a faucet. Kit. If you have one or can borrow one I recommend it. If it is difficult to move, you tightened the cartridge retainer too tight. �h��;ZB9j�u of paper. ... Hand Held Replacement Spray for Grohe 33 755 Single Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet from the Ladylux Cafe Series. addStandardCatalog("standard catalog"); Brasstech is a Masco company. showFaucetLink( "waterworks", "", ", a company that sells its own upscale faucets made by the French company, " ); Decorative hardware is no longer its core business. If you are using the plated copper lines and not the braided lines, you may need to cut them to length. You will also have to install the nuts and compression fittings. You will have the P traps to get around and possibly the garbage disposal. . //--> Where can I find replacement valve cartridges and instructions? Want to make your shower look and run like new. If you like your faucet, I recommend replacing the cartridge. 0000002867 00000 n Restoration Hardware's … It has now been recreated as just "RH", an upscale home decor retailer selling through its own website, through catalogs and through over 100 retail stores of various kinds. Depending on the type of faucet, you may need assistance to hold on to the faucet. showFaucetLink( "delta", "Delta Faucet", "," ); Recent recommendations regarding this business are as … Shipping on a $700.00 RH faucet would be $80.00, on a $10.00 order, $4.95, or nearly 50% of the purchase price. //--> Most shipping charges are based on weight and size, not price. Once the nuts are loose, gently remove the lines from the faucet. Add the cartridge cost to the cost of a trade professional and it is costly. Brasstech also handles the company's parts and technical service — a call to Restoration Hardware Technical Support (1-866-417-5207) actually puts you in touch with Brasstech support — a smart move since Restoration Hardware is spared the chore of keeping, cataloging and distributing faucet parts and its sales representatives don't have to learn about faucets. While it appears that Brasstech does the actual design, prototyping, and assembly of Restoration Hardware faucets, the two lines are distinctive with no overlap that we can find. Our most recent tests of RH's customer service produced marginally favorable results, and the Better Business Bureau, which formerly rated the company poorly, now rates RH A- on its scale of A+ to F for its handling of 79 customer complaints reported over the past three years. If a delay notice is received and the estimated ship date is acceptable, there is no action needed. Thus the braided line recommendation. Tired of replacing just parts here and there for your shower valves. Many of today’s faucets have a cartridge for the single handle kitchen faucet and some of those cartridges seem to cost as much as a new faucet. If you have had experience with Restoration Hardware faucets, good, bad or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below. Every brand of faucet is slightly different so the following instructions may not be your exact condition. 0000030311 00000 n Rates begin at $6.99 and will not exceed $19.99, regardless of order size. Be sure to support the shutoff with the pliers as you loose the nut. m'�Hd3I\$�6�AV~M�br+�+�˜8GBa$Ԙ?�̯,�|\�F�W)�肊>��xH $8)�U/�f�)��y#�Hb/V.�9��, Applies to ground service anywhere in the contiguous US. www/ Shop Kingston Brass Restoration Collection at Bathroom Hardware (15) Accessory (9) Bathroom Accessory (2) Shower Accessories (2) Faucet Accessories and Parts (1) Part (1) Product Type. It is a Peerless two-handle. . It also sells 0000016823 00000 n The company promises superior customer service: The actual customer experience with the company indicates that RH still has a way to go to reach its promised quality of after-sale customer service. showFaucetLink( "hudson reed", "", ", " ); The RH warranty is a limited lifetime warranty to the original buyer that guarantees the faucet cartridge against leaking and defects in the manufacturing process. Why Restoration Hardware feels it is necessary to misrepresent the origin of its faucets, we don't know. //--> Faucet Repair. As of the date of this report, its owns 85 galleries, 28 outlet stores and has inherited 15 retail sites operated by the recently acquired Waterworks company in the U.S. and U.K. showFaucetLink( "globeunion", "Globe Union Industrial Corp., Ltd.", "" ); 75 25 Add the cartridge cost to the cost of a trade professional and it is costly. ����pK���+��S#���Js� ��r(��D�I�T������U�xEX~*,?�O��+C�e|�2���?�*_y�#����\Y����!\G����߱���|� g��Kk܅���7�ً�>=�Íq��Sܟ����YԜ�a�w�7 d���/�Q� ! Have the rags ready to collect any water. If you open the faucet handle(s) it will allow the remainder of the water to drain out of the lines. He joined Restoration Hardware in 2001 when it was near bankruptcy and is widely credited with turning it into one of the nation's most successful high-end furniture retailers.

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