right foot up left foot slide song

And you know we out here every day with it A daily briefing on what matters in the music industry, Red Velvet's Irene Apologizes After Verbally Attacking Fashion Editor | Billboard News, Aaliyah Book 'Baby Girl: Better Known As Aaliyah' Dropping Next Year | Billboard News, Leslie Odom Jr. I don't know what's wrong with me, I can't stop, woah, yeah :) Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Roger reveals the songwriting formula Clive Davis told him, and if "Eight Miles High" is really about drugs. I could dance like Michael Jackson If they movin' shaky, we'll just do this shit ourselves, woah i could dance like michael jackson (jackson)i could give you satisfaction ('faction)and you know we out here everyday with iti'ma show you how to get it[chorus]it go right foot up, left foot, slideleft foot up, right foot, slidebasically, i'm sayin', either way we 'bout to slide(who's bae? Nike crossbody, got a piece in it Drake Toosie Slide lyrics video! "Heart of Glass" was Blondie's first foray into disco, which turned off some fans. That's just how I think, it's either you or me With the catchy chorus lyrics, "Right foot up, left foot slide," fans are already predicting the song will be a Tik Tok hit that will inspire a #ToosieSlide dance challenge. ), Toosie slide, then I hit it double-time It's a Thriller in the trap where we from (Where we from) Even by Progressive Rock standards, they were one of the most intricate bands of the '70s. ), Two thousand shorties wanna tie the knot, ayy, yeah It's a Thriller in the trap where we from )[verse 2]toosie slide, then i hit it double timethen i hit a spin 'cause we spun their block a couple timesif it's not the right time, there'll always be another timei'm not even trippin', we'll just see 'em in the summertime, woah, yeahcan't describe the pressure i be puttin' on myself, yeahreally, i just can't afford to lose nobody else, yeahif they movin' shaky, we'll just do this sh*t ourselves, woahif i'm movin' shaky, chubbs'll do this sh*t himself, yeahsolo n*ggas, only yolo, for realheard a lot about ya but we don't know, for realnext time guarantee the truth'll get revealed[pre-chorus]black leather gloves, no sequins (yeah)buckles on the jacket, it's alyx sh*tnike crossbody, got a piece in itgot a dance, but it's really on some street sh*ti'ma show you how[chorus]it go right foot up, left foot, slideleft foot up, right foot, slidebasically, i'm sayin', either way we 'bout to slide, ayycan't let this one slide, ayy[post-chorus]don't you wanna dance with me?no? Two hundred shooters on my brother's block, woah, yeah

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