ron williams pastor

I visited the home on at least 3 occasions and found a loving, learned and considerate organization. My observations come from times in which it was my privilege to be with this ministry in a series of services. They were married at Skull Creek in 1984, in the hope that something good would overshadow the past sorrow of that place. My soup is threatening to come back up. “I think we Aboriginal fellas know more about what the Bible is actually talking about in the spiritual dimension. I am a pastor of a Baptist church. And that is not possible in a normal home situation. We made some precious memories with them that will forever be priceless. They needed to be protected from themselves. Hephzibah House and staff- we love you and pray for you daily!I am writing this letter to commend the Hephzibah House ministry. Please let me get a hold of this scum that beat babies. Aira is a panellist for Young Writers and indulges in reading, bushwalking, volunteering at a nature reserve and learning to play clarinet. My pets? Thank you for the excellent way in which you have helped the young ladies whom we have recommended to Hephzibah House. Ron Williams talked of the “sin of socializing” even with other Christian teens.

We have always been impressed by the dedication of the ladies who work directly with these girls. If their lives are to be rescued from an apparent disaster, they must be turned from the direction they are going. There is a presence of genuine Christian love and care for others among the staff and family residing at Hephzibah House. Ron’s role within the church was to coordinate the indigenous world view in ministry, which was a challenge.

We must repent of what we have done. I see both the big plan and the details required to get there. Having carefully observed the HHM for 30 years. Oh, this is all part of some deity’s Perfect Plan? Then they wanted to talk to the girls. Ron Williams, his wife, his children, his ministry all hold a very special place in our hearts.

We have found no improprieties.

It appeared that genuine change was beginning to occur in her life in a very positive way. I thank God for allowing Ron Williams to cross my path, for being able to say he is my friend; to be able to know that whatever need I have Ron would help me. She will be the person you molded her to be and Dad will glow.

I also see this change in children.

Cobie Herrin – Deacon. Crows were always seen as watching and calling out in warning and his life seems to have fulfilled that name. I will challenge, encourage and inspire anyone I collaborate with. Sadly, not every young lady allowed the Lord to transform their inner man and thereby their lives. They are ready to laugh, joke, counsel, cheer up, direct, command, and help at a moment's notice. I have huge bulges, varicose veins, fat pockets. Every person on my list has helped me grow or heal or laugh or love or learn or smile. Through laugh out loud stories, inspiring advice, and wisdom from the word of God, Dr. Williams coaches you to find your purpose in life. For more information about Bruce, please read the About page. Your superb professional counseling, the secure home atmosphere, and the joyous, positive attitude and emphasis have brought help to their distressed lives. Ronnie Williams was an Aboriginal pastor and elder with a passion for mentoring young men. She came back to us a different person. His frank, open way and refreshing, truthful talk opened our eyes to see our own wrong thinking.
The judge took the girl’s side completely regardless of anything her father had to say. However, the effects of her degenerate behavior continue to plague her to this day.I can honestly say that for the 20 years I have known "Suzy" the 18 months she spent at Hephzibah House was the time in her life that she did the best. As pastor to this young lady, I had weekly contact by phone and developed a strong and precious bond with her that continues. I have had the privilege of visiting the Hephzibah House on two different occasions and on of the first thoughts that came to my mind is…Refuge. Edit or delete it, then start writing! A woman to admire and to learn from.

etc.” Dear lady, you are then gross in a bathing suit! Sheriff Dukes has an open invitation anytime he wants, they don’t need a warrant, and same to Winona Lake police. They returned changed and happy girls. I feel for any girl or woman who has ever been under the purview of this place – and SHAME on any parents who sent their children there! This is not theoretical, contrived or offhand.

I don’t believe their families would have sent them to Hephzibah House if they weren’t desperately in need of help.I have never known Hephzibah House to be abusive to the girls in their home, physically, mentally, socially, or Spiritually.
We are grateful that Hephzibah House is willing to step into the gap here.

in my estimate, HHM combines genuine Christian compassion and concern with careful restraints that are humane and wise. If he does not desire to speak out then do not speak out either but pray the Lord protect your child. I’m ferociously curious and thoughtful, and can’t help but see what’s happening between the lines. I am going to use myself as the prime example. Some of these are now working against this fine organization of people who give of themselves in their behalf. I pray that God will exalt Himself and His name through your testimony and that God will greatly bless and use you for. Interestingly, Hephzibah House is not mentioned as a “ministry” on the church’s website. Thank you for your sacrifice and stand that others may reap the benefit. There was constant tension and strife. What follows is an excerpt from the pamphlet: One of the hottest issues today among women is the pants issue and other areas of clothing. Through the years they were never able to gain godly control in their home. Full stop, no excuses, no exceptions. They deserve no ear by the public. As a pastor counseling with a family with a teenage girl that I could not help, I made a recommendation that she get help through the ministry at Hephzibah House. . You may say, “Well I am too old to make any difference. After their wedding, Ron spent 6 months at the Bimbadeen Bible College in Cootamundra, filling in as Principal in 1984. There will always be failures in situations of rebellion. I have a treasured scrapbook filled with pleasant memories of all the times God has answered prayer through friends and family.

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