scooter tyre pressure chart

0000062471 00000 n 0000336104 00000 n 0000024845 00000 n Copyright © 2020 Kal Tire | All right reserved | Kal Tire, PO Box 1240 Vernon, BC V1T 6N6 | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions, This site uses cookies. You’ll find the manufacturer’s optimum or recommended tire pressure for your car on a sticker in the door jamb, or in your owner’s manual.

Learn more about our free wheel warranty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 0000032629 00000 n Just pull up and we’ll check your tire pressure and top up your tires if needed for free. 0000019403 00000 n 0000315633 00000 n 0000043395 00000 n 0000272524 00000 n 0000212258 00000 n 0000269527 00000 n 0000216176 00000 n 1560 67 1626 0 obj <>stream 0000311715 00000 n 0000134511 00000 n

0000051546 00000 n Reply; Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. You’ll find the manufacturer’s optimum or recommended tire pressure for your car on a sticker in the door jamb, or in your owner’s manual. startxref 0000003454 00000 n for track usage and tire pressures. Press. Tire pressure when cold (never try to adjust the pressure while the tire is hot) must therefore be checked regularly (every month), especially before a long trip.. Braking distance is related to the tire pressure. A Bonnier Corporation Company. For specific Bridgestone tires when used on the track, you may use the information in this chart as a reference. 0000001672 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� Some models even place the stickers on the trunk lid, in the console or on the fuel door. 0000044236 00000 n Somewhere on the sidewall of your tire, just below the big, bold letters of the manufacturer, for example, you might have noticed the words ‘Max. Comment. the vehicle’s maximum load and the various attributes for both the front and rear axis. 0000090088 00000 n TIRE PRESSURE. 0000031961 00000 n That number indicates the minimum amount of air pressure needed to support your vehicle’s maximum load-carrying capacity. 0000062744 00000 n 0000202728 00000 n Learn more about our free wheel warranty. 4 TRACK & ROAD PAGE 7-11 ANGEL ST PIRELLI TYRE RANGE DIABLO WET SPORT TOURING CUSTOM URBAN DIABLO ROSSO … 0000005039 00000 n 0000004000 00000 n Ok Thanks. Learn More. 0000174819 00000 n xref Tire pressure has a significant influence on the safety and fuel economy of the vehicle. April 3, 2018.

0000207493 00000 n 0000001959 00000 n The width codes below are for motorcycle tires with an aspect ratio of 80 or greater. Please note that the values in this chart are the RIM width not the Tire … 0000024774 00000 n 0000243923 00000 n Some models even place the stickers on the trunk lid, in the console or on the fuel door. Latest. 0000024657 00000 n 0000275521 00000 n

0000005092 00000 n We mention ‘cold’ pressure because that means you’re filling up your tires at the ideal time—when they’re cold. 0000024943 00000 n However, when it comes to the right tire pressure, the maximum is not the optimum. 0000032600 00000 n When your tires are inflated to the recommended PSI, you enjoy their optimum life and performance. Recommended pressure is usually between 30 and 35 PSI. 0000139522 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n By Kevin Cameron.

At Kal Tire, we hear from a lot of drivers who ask if they should be inflating their tires according to the maximum PSI (pounds per square inch) listed on the sidewall. Click 0000033096 00000 n Usually, your tire’s maximum tire pressure is somewhere between 30 and 32 PSI.

<<81F3EFE06CD88741A681686E3FC2B397>]/Prev 364894/XRefStm 1959>> Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. trailer 0000051286 00000 n Schedule your tire change appointment online. 35 PSI On TGA Sonet Other Mobility Scooters may Vary. 0000024542 00000 n 0000248607 00000 n

2020 KTM 890 Duke R vs. 2020 Triumph Street Triple RS Comparison, 2021 Cake Kalk OR Race and Kalk INK Race First Look, Franco Morbidelli Channels Ayrton Senna in MotoGP Race, Yamaha Unveils Completely Redesigned 2021 MT-09. here 0000184089 00000 n Motorcycle Lessons Beyond the Classroom, Part 2. Cycle World may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. 0000009358 00000 n

Tyre pressure. Our stores are open. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. All rights reserved. 0000180065 00000 n 0000305883 00000 n �����c��=30�20oc(abe���� !��)���v�#��B�"�\�}~0�200nӐcxɤ&���q��Y�/L�F��3��˄��R��$�$����$� ��o�KH_H�_�)�{�~�tcnwnw~C�[JH�bd`UT�~�pQa� +��� L�&� 0000090480 00000 n

1560 0 obj <> endobj 0000004430 00000 n So, what’s the right tire pressure for your vehicle? Learn how your comment data is processed. 0000021709 00000 n A few good rules of thumb are: every time you fill up for gas, every 10 degree change in temperature, or every 30 days. Plus, we can even retorque your wheels while we’re at it so you know you’ll have a smooth ride.

Read our response to COVID-19. The tire Width Code is just a letter to substitute for the width of the rim. 0000063419 00000 n May 4, 2018 / …

(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Tire Pressures. We’ll match any eligible passenger or light truck tire price. Recommended pressure is usually between 30 and 35 PSI.

How Much Power Does the 2020 KTM 200 Duke Make? When’s the best time to check your tire pressure? A code of U means this tire will fit on a rim that is between 2.75 and 3.50 inches wide. 0 If you want to make sure your tires are inflated to the right pressure before you head out for a drive, stop by your nearest Kal Tire location. h���1 ðm�-�9j�ٚ%�/�x�C. 0000015447 00000 n 0000239239 00000 n 0000023956 00000 n 0000051997 00000 n

Book now. 0000013669 00000 n 35 PSI.’ That number tells you the maximum cold pressure needed for your tire to carry its maximum load. 0000011707 00000 n 0000143689 00000 n 0000279435 00000 n would anyone know the tyre pressure fot mobility scooter thank you. Why correct tyre pressure is important The amount of pressure recommended for your car is based on specific technical data related to the vehicle, e.g. BMW Motorcycle and Scooter Tire Pressure Charts N/A = Not available, please refer to your owners manual. For smooth, safe rides and long-lasting tires, it’s important to find the right tire pressure for your vehicle. More Bikes. Reply; Ernest Stein February 21, 2017 at 9:15 am | Permalink. Never, ever take that round, black rubber for granted. Bikes. 0000043657 00000 n 0000252504 00000 n %%EOF

0000032238 00000 n Name * Email * Website. 0000017631 00000 n 0000002330 00000 n Any less, and you’ll see poor fuel economy and handling as well as premature wear from too much flexing and tire overloading.

0000002170 00000 n • Motorcycle tires intended for track usage (“race tires”) have temperatures and pressures at which they function best, which vary according to the circumstances. 0000169573 00000 n

Copyright © 2020 Cycle World. Comparative Chart 209 Load Capacity Charts 210 Load index and speed index 211 Technical guide/instruction 212 Storage instruction 214 The Motorcycle Tyre 215 Tyre Marking 216 Footnotes last page Follow Pirelli Moto on: FITMENT / TECHNICAL DATA CONTENTS 1/2013. 0000308799 00000 n 0000024429 00000 n Are Mobility Scooters Allowed In Buildings. 0000129500 00000 n Learn More. endstream endobj 1625 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[20 1540]/Length 57/Size 1560/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream 0000003309 00000 n 0000063340 00000 n Never, ever take that round, black rubber for granted. to find out more. First thing in the morning or after sitting for a few hours in the shade is best. h�b``�g``�����*�ˀ

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