shannon (irish mythology)

The largest church on the island is called the Templemurray. [3], The name Sionainn alludes to Sionna, a goddess in Irish mythology whose name means 'possessor of wisdom'. Print. The island was a place of pilgrimage and religious learning with the remains of seven churches including a monastery. Lough Ree is the scene of many sightings of the Lough Ree monster. This is an example of how Ireland got its nickname of “the land of Saints and Scholars” as it became the refuge for pilgrims after the period of Christianity. Siân McQuillan is a student at Queen's University Belfast currently studying a masters degree in media and broadcast Production. As we cruise along the Shannon we visit medieval and ancient sites steeped in Irish Folklore and history. Throughout the years the river was a vital source of survival for many prehistoric people that lived along its shores. The Irish spelling of Shannon, Sionainn, alludes to Sionna, a goddess in Irish mythology whose name means “possessor of wisdom”. She has appeared in a number of films including American Pie, Scary Movie and Jack Frost. Shannon grew in popularity in the United States through Irish immigrants who used it due to their nostalgia for Ireland. The Irish spelling of Shannon, Sionainn, alludes to Sionna, a goddess in Irish mythology whose name means “possessor of wisdom”. There is also a variant of the name Shannon which is Shanna, an Anglicisation of Sionna. It is one of seven rivers which is said to flow from Connla’s Well, the well of wisdom in the Celtic Otherworld. Throughout your journey on the Shannon Princess, you will experience snippets of Irish folklore as we take you to some fascinating locations steeped in ancient history. The most common way to spell the name is Shannon. Grainne, was the most beautiful woman in Ireland, she was also the daughter of Cormac MacAirt, the High King of Ireland. Craggaunowen features an open air museum including reconstructions of ancient Irish architecture, dolmens, crannogs and currachs. The variant Shanna is an Anglicisation of Sionna. She is well known for her successful gymnastics career throughout the 1990s. Shannon Miller is a former American gymnast from Rolla, Missouri. We join the route of the Tain Trail along the charming lake shores of Lough Ree where we retrace the journey and the battles between Maeve and her armies and Cuchulainn. It is said these salmon get their wisdom from eating this fruit. We highlight the most inspiring experiences Ireland has to offer. The Tain Bo Culaine is a legendary tale of Queen Maeve of Connacht and the prized Bull of Cooley. Legends vary about the creation of the river, but they all recount the drowning of the Sionna, granddaughter of the great sea god Lir, usually at an undersea well. Shannon is one of the most popular Irish names throughout the rest of the world, probably due to the fact that its easy to spell and pronounce when compared to a lot of other Irish names. Namesake. Ireland Travel Guides contains affiliate links all throughout the site.

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