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collector convention regarding the value today and perceived £1.23 postage. Burnt Umber Brown, it should be noted, may at that time have been relegated to desk pens; I have never seen a brown pocket Snorkel. Ending Sunday at 11:02PM GMT 5d 23h. Refine. This early sac protector has a machined flange on which the spring rests. Page 1 of 2 - Sheaffer Snorkel Repair - posted in Repair Q&A: Hi All, I recently repaired a Snorkel (a Special) and thought it would be good idea to share my experience with everybody. Six Scarce and Desirable Snorkel Colors, Ranked by Rarity and Value, The Four of these models are Non White Dot, and grow progressively more In late pens, the sac section is retained by four V-shaped crimps placed between the guide rails. View cart for details. Furthermore, although I have no primary source for this statement, anecdotal evidence from several knowledgeable collectors suggests that Mandarin Orange and Peacock Blue, both new colors, did not have self-colored sections. In response to changing popular tastes, Sheaffer replaced these colors with Aqua (also called Pastel Blue) and Pastel Green, and added Pastel Grey. You can see the diagonal slits at the sides of the tube’s tip, and you can see the end of the secondary feed that runs the length of the Snorkel tube. Nibs marked Palladium Silver have a higher silver content than nibs not so marked, which can contain as much as 95% palladium. The White Dot on early plastic-capped Touchdown TM pens is flush with the surface of the cap. As described earlier, first-year pens have Snorkel tubes made of 14K gold, while all others have stainless steel Snorkel tubes. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Something went wrong. Anatomy of a Fountain Pen III: Sheaffer’s Snorkel, Polished SS, grouped vertical lines (straight, wavy, straight), Polished Stainless Steel (caps for Sentinel, Clipper, Sovereign) (15), 14K Gold Filled: Triumph, Crest; 14K Gold: Masterpiece, U.S.A. (Y), 9K Gold Barleycorn: Masterpiece, U.K. (Z). Sheaffer Snorkel Fountain Pen Repair Kits. unavailable as far as I know. £45.99. relative rarity of these colors. everything to follow. The sac section in these pens, as in the second-generation version, is not dimpled. The first style, apparently adapted directly from the Snorkel’s Touchdown TM predecessor and fitted only to early Snorkels with “TRIUMPH” point nibs and gold Snorkel tubes, is a narrow one, of which frac(1,16);" (1.6 mm) is exposed. PdAg and solid 14k nibs are Actual production numbers are Refine your search for sheaffer snorkel parts. color, but it does have a black gripping section) trumps nearly ), Some modern repairers seal the connector ring to the section and the section to the barrel on the principle that every joint should be sealed to maintain airtightness, but this is poor practice because sealing these joints makes repair more difficult for future workers without improving the performance of the pen. Â, The following abbreviations appear in the nib and model tables: GF for gold filled, SS for stainless steel, 2T for two-tone gold (with plated tines), and PdAg for palladium silver. Â, According to Sheaffer expert Roger Wooten, the earliest advertisement showing self-colored sections appeared in November 1957. Â. The Signature model sold for US $35.00 in 1958, with a matching pencil for US $10.00. In 1952, Sheaffer’s Snorkel TM appeared on the market, superseding the very successful Touchdown TM line. On later production (and on all metal caps), the White Dot is a separate part inserted into a hole in the cap, and it protrudes above the cap surface like the head of a tiny thumbtack. (Sheaffer retired the TM trademark, meaning “Thin Model,” shortly after introducing the Snorkel.) Shown here, from top to bottom, are a Triumph (GF cap and barrel), a Sentinel, a Clipper, a Valiant, and a Sovereign (with a 3-tine music nib). Most pens have Snorkel tubes made of stainless steel (silver or grey colored metal), but Snorkel tubes were made of solid 14K gold for approximately the first year of production.noteNum(); The Snorkel tube for a “TRIUMPH” point is cut diagonally across its end and oriented so that the open surface aligns with the under surface of the feed. Thus, today's collector The following illustration shows a “TRIUMPH” point with its Snorkel tube extended. Our Snorkel Repair Kit consists of: three #14 sacs; three point holder gaskets; three of the correct size O-rings; Most O-rings that you find that are billed as "for Snorkels" are off the shelf 1x7 O-rings. Some Snorkel nibs are etched with a letter and a number (for example, B4, as shown here) to indicate their grade and type, according to the following tables: Not shown in the left-hand table above are two special cases: For flexible nibs, the letter F is prepended (e.g., FX5 for a flexible extra-fine 14K “TRIUMPH” flexible nib). Retaining Black, Burnt Umber Brown, and Burgundy, Sheaffer stylists discarded the dark blue and green. In first-year pens, the sac protector is stamped with dimpled plateaus between the guide rails. and metal caps are available for both. Thus, self-colored sections appear mostly on pens made in the new colors (e.g., the Periwinkle Valiant shown in this article); but Primary-colored pens with self-colored sections, although uncommon, are not unknown. The system works remarkably well, and Snorkels are considered very reliable pens. Original New Parts For Sheaffer Snorkel 8 Seals O Ring +3kits +1sac. These three styles are of some use in dating a Snorkel, but there is no clear documentation on the timing of the transition between the second and third styles. (Highlight added. SHEAFFER SNORKEL STATESMAN Fountain Pen [1950s] [FULLY RESTORED] £58.27. Entire contents of this Web site (except as noted) Copy­right ©, [  Reference Info Index | Glossopedia  ]. Among these pens, early production specimens have the broad rail, while later pens have four narrow rails. Snorkels were offered in a remarkably broad range of colors, plus solid gold and gold filled — but not every model was offered in every color. If the Snorkel tube is 14K gold, the pen was made in the first year of production (1952-1953); this feature, as noted earlier, is accompanied by the narrower nib connector ring (only on “TRIUMPH” points). Although Sheaffer did not date-code its pens, there is information here that will help you to narrow the span of years during which the pen might have been made. There are also “transitional” pens having sac protectors with the broad rail but sac sections with four narrow rails. in just one model. For oblique stubs, the letter R is appended for right-foot (“reverse”) oblique, L for left-foot (e.g., S4R for a right-foot oblique PdAg stub). The second style, which appears on later “TRIUMPH” point models and on all open-nib models, has an exposed length of frac(5,32);" (4.0 mm) and mates with a correspondingly shorter gripping section; all pens with this connector ring have Snorkel tubes made of stainless steel. Snorkel pens appear with two different imprints. If the pen is in a color other than black and has a black gripping section, it was made in the years 1952-1956. 12 watching. head with the Parker "51" and- so hearsay has it- outsold that great The material used for the Snorkel’s plastic parts was a relatively new plastic called Bakelite C-11. Seventh Color and with attention paid to complete-color vs half-color Six Scarce and Desirable Snorkel Colors, with Demonstrator treated as a Note also that the sac protectors and sac sections in these pens have one broad guide rail and three narrow ones. All Listings - Current page Auction Buy It Now Classified ads. development) all the metal capped versions to follow and all but one of To review, 8 models feature either plastic caps with gold filled trim, or white metal caps. This was not the original Bakelite, a thermosetting phenolic plastic, but rather a styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) copolymer developed by Union Carbide, which at that time owned the Bakelite Corporation. All If you have additions or corrections to this page, please consider sharing them with us to improve the accuracy of our information. 11 bids. Plastic In recent years its value has risen, perhaps disproportionately to that of other Snorks. The White The sac section is molded with corresponding depressed areas and guide rails. Note that not all of these models were necessarily in Sheaffer’s catalog for the entire time during which Sheaffer made the Snorkel; for example, a set of catalog sheets that I have does not list the Masterpiece, Autograph, Signature, or Saratoga. The Sheaffer Snorkel Demonstrator essentially is a clear plastic Valiant (white dot, gold two-tone Triumph nib). 13 Models of Snorkel challenge today's collector. Some consider Demonstrator a fourteenth color, available Daniel Kirchheimer provided certain primary-source information; and Roger Wooten provided certain obscure information and lent pens for photography. The second style, which appears on later “TRIUMPH” point models and on all open-nib models, has an exposed length of frac(5,32);" and mates with a correspondingly shorter gripping section; all pens with this connector ring have Snorkel tubes made of stainless steel. The index of color distribution across models was developed primarily from information collected by the late Sam Marshall. Snorkels were offered in a broad range of colors. During the middle of the 1950s, while the Snorkel was still enjoying its heyday, popular tastes continued to change. Sheaffer Snorkel PFM Repair Kit. An interesting conundrum is why some Snorkels had self-colored sections while others had black sections. Colors produced were black, burgundy and pastel green. All have two-tone gold Triumph (conical) nib. Restore your Sheaffer Snorkel the right way with the right parts. This alignment automatically places the slits in the tube‘s end properly. Beyond this, it's difficult to date the pen more than to say it was made in the years 1952-1959. Externally, the design of the Snorkel is virtually identical to that of the TouchdownnoteNum();, elongated a small amount to accommodate the additional Snorkel filling mechanism (U.S. Patent No 2,769,427).noteNum(); The pen uses a tube like a Schnorchel, but in reverse; the pen’s tube allows the pen to draw in ink without being immersed in the bottle. Heritage Collection. Ranked by Rarity and Value, Non White Dot Models with Plastic Cap or with White Metal Cap, White Dot Models with Plastic Cap or with White Metal Cap, Colors considered common and/or of low collector cachet, Color considered of intermediate prevalence and/or collector cachet, Colors considered scarce and/or of increased collector cachet, Today's View of Model/Color  Cachet and Value.

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