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This, along with the Free Pass show, were the only two shows which re-adopted the at-home voting concept. Rocking a deep blue dress, lounging on the bed, and speaking in a voice that's both smart and sexy, you might not even notice that she's talking about erectile dysfunction. Star Search is an American television show that was produced by T.P.E./Rysher Entertainment from 1983 to 1995, hosted by Ed McMahon, and created by Al Masini.A relaunch was produced by 2929 Productions from 2003 to 2004. Upload or insert images from URL. She later joined the cast of ABC daytime soap opera Ryan's Hope as Diana Douglas, appearing in show from 1985 to 1987. Jon Hamm, star of TV's Mad Men, reveals the secrets of manliness in a postmodern world. "Why?" With only two minutes to make an impression, Steve Mittleman competed against Rosie O'Donnell, who had won on Star Search multiple times. As you … A nice suit to lose in. You can post now and register later. Barbara went on to win the nationally-televised Star Search Spokesmodel competition as Grand Champion. That performer would then go on to the next round of competition. Here's a portion of an episode of Star Search from early in season 2, featuring parts of the dance, TV spokesmodel, comedy, and female vocal competitions. Playing the nerdy-but-secretly-sexy "Girl from 4E," this Los Angeles native might be better known for playing the "wonderland" in John Mayer's steamy video for "Your Body is a Wonderland" (no surprise that she bears a slight resemblance to Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom Mayer wrote the song for). 1985 "She wanted it. Movies. She's barely a flash in this ad, but she makes a big impression. In later seasons, three-match winners were automatically retired. Performance categories included singing, dancing, modeling and stand-up comedy. The first time he was on Star Search, comedian Joe Yannetty went up against Drew Carey. Micaela Sundholm made it to the 1985 Star Search "TV Spokesmodel" category championship finals. In the climactic moment before the score from the home audience was revealed, Hall would often say, "Hit me with the digits!". In both the Dance and Junior Singer categories, not only did the free pass save the winner from being challenged in an ever-changing Winner's Circle, but they ended up winning their group finals (Junior Singer Mark Mejia and Dancer Jon Cruz). That Abarth scorpion tattoo is not real, but she is a bit of a bad girl, who told Ask Men that she makes out with her fellow models and owns "everything you can find in a sex shop." On the championship show, winners of Male Vocalist, Female Vocalist, Vocal Group, Comedy, and Dance, were awarded $100,000 but no record contract was guaranteed. Winners of Junior Vocalist, Junior Dance, Teen Vocalist, and Teen Dance win $10,000. While it is believed that Sam Harris holds the record for longest championship, at 14 weeks in Season 1, Harris was actually defeated by singer Beau Williams on Harris' 14th attempt.

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