star trek model paint guide

replica of the starship Voyager. Come join the discussion about die cast, models, slot cars, radio control vehicles, classifieds, swaps, and more! There are no grid lines on or between the red lines. With a dearth of imagination, I labeled them as light, medium, and dark gray. Product Features. Welcome to the science fiction section. I wouldn’t bet the farm on it, but after inspecting the edges of the illuminated upper dome pixel-by-pixel in some of our better color photos, I suspect that the upper saucer dome, atop of the bridge, received the same green tint. Some were slightly darker than others, and two of them seemed to have more yellow than the others. The email will only be created once you click on the "Send Email" button. Want to know what colors are on the 3-meter (11-foot) Star Trek starship Enterprise studio model? So what was the answer to the color-shifting rings? I used a simlilar mix with Tamiya greys blues and whites, dont mean to blow my own horn of anything but heres what mine turned out like. I selected Sherwin-Williams’ “Fireweed” SW 6328 as my best estimate of the 1964 color. Kim Smith notes that it’s possible that the medium gray lacquer, too, had darkened over the years, which means that the entire original paint scheme would have been lighter than what I’ve selected; however, we’ll never precisely know the shades of the original colors, unless somebody invents the time machine I mentioned at the beginning of this article. The revised decal sheet for the 1:350 Polar Lights kit went to press in 2016, just as I was deriving the “factory fresh” colors for the kit. That is, the medium gray areas on the decals are lighter than the hull color. To create paint chips, I painted multiple samples of each color onto 4” x 4” pieces of mat board, and ended up with over two card tables’ worth of paint chips. I use Testor Model Master enamels. I was never sure what color the rings were. And because colors need to scale with changes in size (smaller pieces need to be lighter than larger ones to achieve the same final look), the final choices for any application on a model will also depend on that model’s size. Red is what John Goodson calls a “fugitive color”: that is, it’s always on the run and doesn’t like to stick around. Don’t miss our fast-paced webcasts designed to engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in 30 minutes. Here you will find plastic model kits, photo-etch detailing accessories and decals. To more closely match the 2016 version of the domes, add a few irregularly-shaped dark gray blotches, along with some redder areas, made from some warm red paint added to your “Harvest Brown” mix. Note: Requires thinning to a very transparent wash. Spaceships are cool. after paint and decals are completely dry. Image: National Air and Space Museum, Dave Wilson works on matching the color of the Enterprise model. A guy liked it so much when I had on display at my LHS he offered me $300.00 for it. Some want to use the darker colors that were on the studio model, while others want their models painted nearly white, the same as the Enterprise appeared on their TVs in the 1960s. Photon torpedoes are cool. Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Emissary, A Beginner's Guide to Interstellar Politics, 10 Star Trek Stories Inspired by Horror Movie Classics, Enterprise studio model on our project page and see how we plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of. Microscopic color samples revealed the number of paint layers in different parts of the model and guided the Museum’s decisions about where to conduct sanding tests. Kit is molded in correct base color; however, if you desire to paint your model, Enterprise-D is a base color of Light Gray KEY TO NUMBERING KEY TO PAINT COLOR 000 000 000 First Layer Decal Application Second Layer Decal Application After all, the bubble over the hangar bay had a green glow, as did the lower saucer dome. Please ensure your details are valid and try again. There are also thin vertical stripes (5mm apart) running along the entire section in which the botanical garden windows are, which I will paint a pale grey - probably the same grey as the lines that run around the saucer edge (possibly Light Ghost Grey FS36375). I also wanted to recreate the Production version weathering colors, plus some colors that were unique to the Pilot versions. What I have done in this guide is to give the proper hue for each color, and to balance their values (i.e., lightness/darkness) relative to one another. Medium Gray accent color; LAB: L 66.89  A -0.55  B 3.99, Approximate match: Pratt and Lambert “Half-tone” #2298, Note: No adjustments needed (“Calibrated Colors IV” color deck). Various tinted shellacs were applied to the model during its filming life.

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