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An API for reading the system's total number of logical processors available to the user agent, up to an optional thread limit per origin. Allows access to see the battery level of the device's battery. Creates a Blob object representing a file containing the image in the canvas, and invokes a callback with a handle to that object. Step 3: Jump to Startup tab and click Open Task Manager. Unhandled exceptions trigger the 'window.onerror' callback (or 'self.onerror' inside Workers) for centralized handling. A two-dimensional grid-based layout system, optimized for user interface design. That being said, the Block and Allow options on the edge://settings/content/cookies page may be used to allow or deny specific domains access to storage such as cookies and other browser storage mechanisms. An HTML element for representing dates and times. Returns the serialized URL of the response (with the exclude fragment flag set) or returns the empty string if the URL is null. Here are detailed steps for you. Based on experience with WOFF 1.0, which is widely deployed, this specification was developed to provide improved compression and thus lower use of network bandwidth, while still allowing fast decompression even on mobile devices. The all property is a shorthand that resets all CSS properties except direction and unicode-bidi, Method of allowing calculated values for length units, i.e. An addendum to HTML5 forms extending the abilities of configuring HTTP requests through HTML markup.

Step 5: Go back to the window of System Configuration again, and click Apply and OK. Developed by Microsoft, it is trusted and relied by most Windows 10 users.

Support for Virtual Reality applications on the web using head-mounted displays. The :scope pseudo-class represents any element that is in the contextual reference element set. Increases interoperability with the web by relaxing domain and licensing metadata restrictions for EOT, WOFF, and TrueType fonts. Note: This is not an exhaustive list of features. It generalizes the viewport meta tag to CSS, while being much simpler to understand and without the quirks that exists with the meta tag. JavaScript bindings for cryptographic operations. Allows multiple instances of fonts to be defined by interpolating glyph outlines along different axis. The tab-size property sets the size used to render tab characters in situations where white space is preserved. To avoid maintaining this list moving forwards, Microsoft is currently working on the Storage Access API in the Chromium codebase. Microdata is used to nest semantics within existing content on web pages.

Allows representation of an indefinite number of arguments as an array. It's like the element has been replaced by its children and pseudo-elements. To fix it, you can perform a clean boot. Amanda has been working as English editor for the MiniTool team since she was graduated from university. A form element for a key pair generator control. Real-time communication in the browser. Microsoft Edge not working can be a rather annoying problem for Windows users. Lets a web application register shortcuts for common tasks. Provides a method to draw arcs on a 2D canvas drawing surface. An API for displaying simple notifications to the user. Media Capture API can be used to capture Canvas content as MediaStream to be recorded or transmitted to remote peers. Allows properties to be added to existing objects without the possibility of interference with the existing properties, unintended visibility, or with other uncoordinated additions by any other code. Covering console.assert, console.log,, console.warn, console.error, console.debug, console.dir, console.dirxml. In Windows Update section, click Check for updates. Screen Capture API allows a user's display or parts thereof be used as the source of a media stream.

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